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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C19 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 19
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C19 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of the Southwest 19

The sweet time passed by very quickly. It was time for Jiang Yong to return home, but this day, the Prince, who was supposed to accompany him back to his parents' home, had something on his mind and couldn't accompany him. Jiang Yong was so angry that he got on the palanquin without saying a word to the male lead.

Generally speaking, Jiang Yong was spoiled by the male lead and actually dared to show King of Southwest his face, and it wasn't just once or twice.

Jiang Yong, who was sitting in the palanquin with his legs crossed, squinted his eyes and thought of a serious problem, "Lianlian, tell me, I am a man, why would I marry King of Southwest as a wedding maid?

"The plot cannot be leaked out."

"…" Jiang Yong rolled his eyes, "Then I'll go back. I don't know anyone and I don't know if my gender is male or female. Am I going to die?"

The System flew around Jiang Yong's head, "The Jiang Family people know that you are a man, there is no need to worry."

"Then why did I marry her? Is it because I'm not afraid of death?" Jiang Yong asked this question again, he was really curious.

"I can only tell you that the direct daughter of the Jiang Family has already broken through the cinnabar wall. You also have a sister who is bullied by the people of the Jiang Family on a daily basis. "So …"

"Therefore, if King of Southwest wants someone, they can only treat the original owner's sister as a servant girl, but …" The one who married off was the original owner, because he didn't want his elder sister to be wronged? "

Not expecting the host to be so intelligent, the System replied, "I don't know, I don't know anything."

Jiang Yong touched his chin, "What's the original name of this book?"

"A concubine: King of Southwest's peerless concubine."

Jiang Yong clicked his tongue, "That's great. If it weren't for your interference, the original owner's sister would definitely have become King of Southwest's first wife. She could have returned to the Jiang manor to celebrate her victory."

The System seemed to shake its head, "Not all stories can be fulfilled."

Not only would Jiang Ting, Jiang Yong's sister, not become the main wife, but the end result was that she was treated as a spy by the male lead. The way she died was extremely cruel.

The System disappeared again, so Jiang Yong could only let his imagination run wild. The more he thought about it, the more convinced he became that he was the brainless one.

While he was deep in thought, the sedan stopped. The moment someone lifted him up, Jiang Yong immediately sat back down.

No matter what, he was still a wangfei. Although he was a wangfei, he had to give face to the male lead and not let others discover his vulgar appearance.

"Madam, we've arrived at the Jiang Residence."

Jiang Yong nodded and walked out of the sedan. Seeing how empty the Jiang manor was, he didn't want to go up. No one came to welcome him, not even him, not even his family. As a dignified princess, she had to knock on the door even when she returned home.

When he reached the door, Jiang Yong reached out his hand and the door opened. The person who opened the door was a cute and exquisite girl. She looked quite similar to Jiang Yong.

"Three... "Brother?" The woman was stunned as she sized up Jiang Yong, who was dressed in a woman's outfit, and did not dare to recognize him.

Jiang Yong raised his eyebrows: So this is his sister? It looked really cute.

Lianlian, "..."

"Host, I'm warning you guys that you're related by blood."

Jiang Yong turned a deaf ear and went forward to hug the petite Jiang Ting. He kept rubbing Jiang Ting Xiang's neck and clearly said in a spoiled tone, "Big sister, I can finally come back to see you."

Tears welled up in Jiang Ting's eyes. She patted Jiang Yong's back and said, "Let elder sister see if she has lost weight or not. She doesn't feel wronged."

Jiang Yong walked in circles in front of Jiang Ting.

"Alright, I won't feel dizzy even if I take so many turns. Hearing that Big Sis said that you will be back today, I have prepared a lot of food for you. " Jiang Ting's small hand could no longer hold Jiang Yong's hand.

She was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said: "It seems like King of Southwest did not treat you unfairly. Then I am relieved."

She was deeply in love with that merchant in the west of the city.

However, the heavens did not help her. The merchants were getting busier and busier, so they were unable to deal with her. He even went out to do business for a while and then completely disappeared.

Jiang Yong held Jiang Ting's hand backwards, and said with a gentle tone, "Sis, King of Southwest is very good to me, it's my turn to protect you."

In his mind, he constantly recalled the scene when he was bullied by other people in the manor when he was young, how the little Jiang Ting had protected him and fed him his only steamed bun when he was hungry.

Jiang Yong began to understand why he had developed such feelings for King of Southwest. Why wasn't King of Southwest like his sister, protecting him when others were bullying him, regardless of whether he was right or wrong?

With reddened eyes, Jiang Ting replied, "Alright."

In a relatively decent room, Jiang Yong ate the dishes his sister cooked for him in satisfaction, and chatted with his sister from time to time.

"Say, King of Southwest knows you're a man, then …"

"Him? After knowing that I'm a man, he treats me like a brother." As Jiang Yong ate, he remembered that he ignored the male lead this morning. The male lead had a wronged look and couldn't help but laugh.

Knowing that her brother was doing well, Jiang Ting heaved a sigh of relief. The chopsticks gently hit Jiang Yong's hand that was holding the steamed bun, "You're already a side concubine, and you still don't know the rules."

Jiang Yong covered his hands and smiled. The male lead never seemed to mind that he was impolite.

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