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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C20 Forced Marriage the Greed of the King of the Southwest
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C20 Forced Marriage the Greed of the King of the Southwest

"Bam!" The door was kicked open.

A woman with a big belly walked in. When she saw the gorgeous clothes on Jiang Yong, she frowned: "You're a side concubine right? So what if you have status? You don't even greet your mother when you return home."

The direct daughter of Jiang Family, Jiang Hengyue.

When Jiang Ting bowed, Jiang Yong slowly stood up. With a lazy and indolent gaze, he looked at Jiang Hengyue and said, "Compared to me, a dignified direct descendant of Jiang Family is even more impolite."


Jiang Yong seemed to be speaking slowly, but in reality, he did not give Jiang Hengyue the opportunity to interrupt, "Big Sis, your days have been good."

He stared at Jiang Hengyue's stomach. Everyone present actually understood what he was saying.

Jiang Hengyue was so angry that her stomach was trembling, "What nonsense are you spouting? Do you believe that I'll use a pair of pincers to shatter your mouth!?"

"Tell me the truth." Jiang Yong said.

Jiang Ting pulled Jiang Yong's hand, but Jiang Yong instead patted her hand. His eyes were full of pride, as if he was saying: Sister, don't panic. I'm here.

"Big Sis, although I'm staying in King of Southwest's mansion and the news is rather closed, but I haven't heard the news of you getting married." If he wasn't fat, why would his stomach grow so big? "Could it be …"

"It can't be anything!" Jiang Hengyue's fingernails were bright red. She pinched the center of her palm, making it look like her palm was bleeding.

"Isn't that obvious, not following the path of a woman …" Jiang Yong didn't know any ancient rules. He was a modern man, so it was normal for him to be irritable.

Even Jiang Ting was stunned, let alone Jiang Hengyue and the rest of Jiang Family. The others widened their eyes. In the past, these two siblings wouldn't dare to go against their eldest miss.

"You, you, you! Do you believe me! "

Pointing those bright red nails at him made Jiang Yong extremely unhappy. He went up and slapped the woman's hand away, then his eyes darkened: "Big sis, now is not the time for you to show off your power."

"You actually dare to attack someone who doesn't know the rules?" Jiang Hengyue said aggressively, "I'm surprised that you, a man with the status of a husband, didn't die after marrying into King of Southwest Manor."

She looked at Jiang Yong's figure with malicious intent and sneered: "As expected, what kind of mother teaches what kind of child, they are all the same thing that only know how to show off. "Even if it's men, they probably won't be able to stop that enchanting charm."

Jiang Ting's eyes instantly turned red. She wanted to go up and argue, but was stopped by Jiang Yong.

"My mother passed away a long time ago. If I'm as terrible as you say, it must be because of you, someone who specializes in destroying his family." Jiang Yong said calmly. He was so angry that he would rather die than pay for it.

Jiang Hengyue gritted her teeth, "Men, bring me my whip."

Behind him, Jiang Ting's body started to tremble uncontrollably. Jiang Yong could sense that they were usually like this towards his sister.

"Indeed, a secondary wife is different. Your temper is giving me face." As your big sister, if I don't teach you some manners, you might have forgotten. "


The moment the whip was swung over, Jiang Ting rushed in front of Jiang Yong. However, she did not feel the familiar pain and slowly opened her eyes in confusion. In front of his eyes, Jiang Yong's hand was tightly gripping the rope. The degree of exertion made the bloody wound on his palm especially obvious.

"Yong." Jiang Ting's hands trembled as she carefully touched it. Her tears fell. "Does it hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt." Jiang Yong even smiled at Jiang Ting, as if he was a scoundrel.

Then, with a serious frown, he exerted himself. Jiang Hengyue, who was holding onto the other end of the rope, immediately fell forward.

He could have supported her, but Jiang Hengyue pushed the person supporting her away. Jiang Yong was curious as to why she would not let him off so easily. He looked up and saw that she was done for.

This old man whose appearance was comparable to hers was definitely …

"Son of a bitch!" Kneel down! "

Jiang Yong kneeled down instinctively. He thought to himself, 'Judging from how skilled he is at kneeling, he should be the original owner's dad.'

"Father, he didn't do it on purpose." Jiang Hengyue clutched her stomach with a pained expression on her face.

"You too, you still have the nerve to walk out the door like that, your family has lost all face for you." What sort of sin had he created in his life? The children he had were all abnormal.

The eldest young mistress was so unruly that she didn't even know who the father of the child was. The second sister was so submissive that she didn't even dare to marry anyone, yet she still hid this from the two of them and the third son.

As for Sans …

Tutor Jiang looked at Jiang Yong. Jiang Yong was clearly his son, but he still couldn't understand. Was this child stupid or stupid? He was a man, yet he was still going to get married.

Forget it, since I'm married, it's too late. At most, King of Southwest would come and look for someone, he said it was just a child's play. In the end, King of Southwest didn't even come to look for someone. What was he doing?

It was one thing if they didn't come looking for him, but this farce would be over if they didn't see Jiang Yong for the rest of their lives. The result was that yesterday, he received a letter from King of Southwest Manor saying that Jiang Lengfei wanted to return home.

Tutor Jiang: I really rolled my eyes on the spot. I want to die.

Jiang Hengyue was helped to her feet. Hearing her father's words, her vision turned black and she fainted.

As for Jiang Yong, he was sent to kneel at the ancestral hall by Tutor Jiang.

Jiang Ting originally wanted to follow Jiang Yong, but after being glared at by Tutor Jiang, she could only raise her hand and watch her younger brother's back.

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