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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C4 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of Southwest China
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C4 Forced Marriage the Wild Wolf of Southwest China

System: "Host, please complete the mission in time. Otherwise, the system will automatically activate and punish him. "

Jiang Yong thought, "I'm not going, so what if I want to?"

The corner of Liu Xiya's clothes was held back by Jiang Yong, he half-opened his mouth, blinked his eyes, and acted cute, "Sister, the prince might not be interested in the topic between us women, so he left. Let's go on, go on, okay? "

Liu Xiya was about to refuse, but Jiang Yong's face suddenly turned pale as if he couldn't even breathe.

"Jiang Wangfei, are you alright?" Liu Xiya gently pushed Jiang Yong's hand away.

Jiang Yong waved his hand with great effort and breathed heavily.

System: "Host, please do not ignore the sub-mission given by Lianlian, otherwise, it would be impossible to receive such a simple punishment the next time you come into contact with air."

Jiang Yong gritted his teeth and cursed in his heart: F * ck!

"Then what? Big sister, let's meet another day, it's definitely going to happen." Jiang Yong lifted his small skirt and quickly headed out of the pavilion, towards the direction in which the prince had just left.

"Relying on the love of the prince, what are you pulling at?" Lin'er muttered.

Liu Xiya ignored her and continued looking at the direction Jiang Yong left in, seemingly deep in thought.


"Hello, is the prince in?" Jiang Yong was standing outside the room, knocking lightly on the door. He paused for a while, but got no response.

He frowned, seemingly deep in thought. Then he said: "Lianlian, just look at him ignoring me, how can I coax him? Humans need to have a way out before they can develop further. "If he doesn't pay attention to me, then I …"

Before Jiang Yong could finish his sentence, he felt an inexplicable force from behind and kicked him into the room.

Jiang Yong, who was forced to open the door, couldn't help but want to curse, "Face, tell me if you can be a bit gentler."

The System ignored him.

What came into his face was the faint fragrance of flowers. This smell returned Jiang Yong's attention to him. He slowly walked in and continued: "Prince, are you there?"

Walking into the room, Jiang Yong was shocked by the scene in front of him, and he subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Through the screen, he could vaguely make out a figure with beautiful lines on its back. A hazy mist was being emitted from his body, slowly rising up.

When he was wearing the clothes on the screen in one hand, Jiang Yong finally turned his head. He licked his lips and explained, "My prince, I'm sorry. I kept on calling out to you, but you didn't respond to me, so I came in. "I didn't know you were bathing. If you did …"

"What would you do if you knew?" The man's lazy tone really didn't sound like the Guan Jiawei that Jiang Yong had seen this morning.

Jiang Yong felt a little warmth behind him. When the man was pressed against his back, he instantly became hot and his heart couldn't help but tremble.

"Speak …" Guan Jiawei's tone was still very soft.

Jiang Yong's body tensed up. He calmed himself down and said, "I probably won't come in so recklessly."

"I knew your words would be like this."

The air was quiet for a while.

"Does it smell good?" Guan Jiawei rested his chin on Jiang Yong's shoulder.

Maybe it was because he had just finished the shower, but the man's tone was very hot. Jiang Yong was confused: "What?"

His attention was completely focused on the boiling hot breath beside his ear. How could he understand what the male owner was asking him about?

"Am I not more fragrant than my concubine?" Guan Jiawei frowned.

From behind Jiang Yong, he slowly walked in front of Jiang Yong and stood on his tiptoes. He said, "Then come closer and smell it."

Jiang Yong suddenly took a few steps back. Just now, the male lead was too close to him, making him feel like the male lead was kissing him.

Guan Jiawei was especially dissatisfied with Jiang Yong's reaction. His face turned cold: "I didn't want to come in. Then you can leave."

He wanted to go out, but the System forbade it. Jiang Yong was inwardly mad!

System: "Who are you calling a dog?"

Jiang Yong smiled and felt awkward.

System: "Hurry." "Scratch, sniff, sniff. She's just like a woman."

Jiang Yong twitched his mouth in annoyance: "Isn't it just coaxing the male lead? Fine, let me see how manly I am."

He walked up and gently hugged Guan Jiawei from the male lead's side. Although he retracted his hands when he first touched the male lead, Jiang Yong still held Guan Jiawei tightly with a hard heart.

Guan Jiawei slightly resisted and twisted his waist. Finding that he couldn't get rid of Jiang Yong's control, he slowly raised his head. Her tone was slightly impatient, but it was still very gentle. "Esteemed wangfei, what is the meaning of this?"

"Prince …"


"I was wrong. Please forgive me." Jiang Yong's nose was filled with a faint fragrance. He had an illusion that this smell was a lot better than the fragrance of the flowers mixed with rouge on the female lead.

The male lead was stunned for a moment. He changed the way he pushed Jiang Yong away into grabbing his clothes and replied dejectedly: "Mhm."

"So, the prince isn't angry?" Although he didn't know why he had come to coax the male lead after taking advantage of the female lead.

Guan Jiawei slowly put his arm around Jiang Yong and did not reply. However, his heart was in turmoil because of Jiang Yong's words.

Jiang Yong no longer felt pain in his head, and the air became especially fresh.

It's that simple?

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