Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C5 Forced Marriage the King of the Southwest
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Quick Transmigrate to Have a Boyfriend/C5 Forced Marriage the King of the Southwest
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C5 Forced Marriage the King of the Southwest

Jiang Yong began to look down on him: "Can I give him some difficult missions?"

System Lianlian suddenly waved his wings and appeared in front of Jiang Yong. Jiang Yong's first reaction was: not good.

The result was exactly as he thought, and the system said, "Lianlian is really too outstanding when in the range of the Host, thus the sub-mission level is increased by one. Host, please prepare yourself."

"Don't …" Jiang Yong shook his head.

The system said, "Host, please hold the male lead on the bed and rest."

Jiang Yong looked at the male lead who was still in his arms and complained to himself: The System is a werewolf!

"Your Highness."

The man's face twitched. "Why are you calling for This King?" The Princess's embrace was too warm for him to move away.

"Are you tired?" Jiang Yong felt that he was a brainless person. It was broad daylight, do you think he could be tired?

The prince was also perplexed.

Jiang Yong added: "How about, I carry you to rest?" He was embarrassed to say it himself.

"Heh …" The man chuckled and then lowered his head, a little embarrassed. He said gently, "Princess, I'm not fully recovered yet. I can't stand you messing around with me."

Jiang Yong, who used to flirt with girls, could always blush because of the male lead's words. He quickly waved his hand and explained: "I'm just worried about whether the prince is tired or not. I didn't think too much about it."

The man's eyes curved into a scowl, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. "This King knows."

Jiang Yong: Can you hide the meaning behind your smile? It doesn't look like you know what I'm talking about.

"Then I'll carry it." Jiang Yong bent his waist and picked up Guan Jiawei's knee.

When they arrived at the bed, the male host's voice whispered into Jiang Yong's ear, "Don't ask This King about this in the future. If you want to hug him, hug him."

Jiang Yong paused for a moment. The pause was very subtle. His mental state collapsed: Could the male lead's brain circuit be a little more normal?

The moment he put down the male lead, Jiang Yong was wrapped around his neck. One moment he wasn't paying attention, and Jiang Yong was also taken down. He rubbed his nose against the man's ear and his mouth against the man's face.

"Mm …"

The male lead's ears were sensitive and he shouted.

It was a very charming and gentle sound. It was the same sound as if he was doing that.

As soon as the voice was heard, the air suddenly became quiet. The two of them simultaneously maintained their silence.

Not long after, Jiang Yong felt that this wasn't good. Just as he was about to say something to cover up this inexplicable start in the atmosphere.

System: "Shut up and finish him."

Jiang Yong stared with his eyes wide open, "You don't f * cking mind the big business, right? What can I do? What can I do to a man that I forcefully tied up?"

When his hands got hot, Jiang Yong looked down and saw Guan Jiawei holding his hand and putting it on his waist.

The System really didn't mind, "Is it soft?"

Jiang Yong scratched his head instinctively and nodded: "It is indeed soft."

No, no, no matter how soft he was, he was still a man. Jiang Yong retracted his hand and pushed the male lead away.

Guan Jiawei's body trembled as he breathed. His eyes reddened as he looked at Jiang Yong and said in a wronged voice, "Princess."

"I thought that the weather today was pretty good. It seems that the prince isn't too tired, so let's go out and take a stroll. I haven't left the mansion yet." Jiang Yong silently retreated a few steps.

System: "What a pussy, you're still not eating even when the meat is almost in front of your mouth."

Jiang Yong: "Be quiet."

"This King's physique is not suitable to accompany the wangfei out." The male lead lay on his side and patted the empty spot next to him. "How about … the wangfei and your lordship lie down and rest?"

Jiang Yong shook his head. He was going to lie down and probably won't be able to rest. Regardless of whether the male lead was enchanting or not, Ye Zichen didn't know whether he could stop him or not. He couldn't reject the System's interest in becoming a demon.

The male lead really did sit up with a helpless expression and said with a little bit of a pamper, "Then I'll go out with my wangfei."

Jiang Yong was surprised: In that case, he can go out and watch a beauty tease a girl?

He had heard that the beauties in the ancient times were extremely exquisite, and Liu Xiya, whom he had met not long ago, was his.

The System retorted, "As long as it's a woman, it's your treat."

Jiang Yong pouted, "Don't make me sound like a casual person."

System: "You are not a casual person."

Jiang Yong: "That's more like it."

System: "You are just a random scumbag, you still can't call yourself human."

Jiang Yong: "..."

"What is the princess thinking? Why is she so engrossed in her thoughts?" Unknowingly, Guan Jiawei had already approached him.

The sudden appearance of a delicate face made Jiang Yong absent-minded. He was deeply moved: "Tell me, this man is mainly a woman. How beautiful is he?"

Suddenly, the corner of Jiang Yong's mouth was kissed by Guan Jiawei, who was standing on tiptoe. As if kissing the corner of his mouth without feeling satisfied, Guan Jiawei even lightly licked his lips …

Jiang Yong was shocked. He quickly reacted and wiped his mouth. He was both angry and embarrassed as he said, "You, you!"

"If wangfei stares at This King like that, doesn't she want This King to show some reaction?" Guan Jiawei smiled innocently.

"This prince has already responded to wangfei, but why is she still looking so angry? Could it be that wangfei thinks it's too little?"

Jiang Yong touched his forehead and sighed. He said, "Your Royal Highness, promise me not to think anymore."

Guan Jiawei's laughter was clear. When he passed by Jiang Yong and walked out of the room, he said, "This King refuses."

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