The light strips that were constantly flashing above her head made Luo Qiqi dizzy. In a blur, she felt her whole body go numb, the past and the past appearing in front of her eyes like the rapid progress of a movie.

Only at the end of these scenes did she remember that after successfully interviewing a multinational company and going to work on her first day full of fighting spirit, she was hit by a heavy object that mysteriously fell from the office building. She didn't even know what it was that hit her, and fainted.

Thinking about it, she had already been sent to the hospital. The white light bar that she had just seen should be the light pipe on the ceiling of the hospital corridor.

If she had the strength, Luo Qiqi really wanted to applaud himself. At this time, she was actually still psychoanalyzed where he was?

"Luo Qi Qi, female, age 23, orphan origin, unmarried."

Following the appearance of a gentle voice, Luo Qiqi felt a white light appear before her eyes. When she finally adapted to the surrounding light, she slowly opened her eyes and saw herself sitting upright in a spacious meeting room.

He lowered his head and looked at his chest. There was even a nameplate pinned to his chest that read 'Interviewer: Luo 770'.

Without waiting for Luo Qiqi to figure out what was going on, the interviewer sitting across from her with a warm expression and a smile on his face opened his mouth.

"Luo Qiqi, we received your resume, and we felt that all of your conditions met our company's requirements, so we gave you a chance to retake the exam."

Second round of examinations? Hadn't she already interviewed for the operations of a multinational IT company? Why did such a company pop up out of the blue? And wasn't she supposed to be in the hospital? Why did it appear here?

Even if he hadn't believed in these supernatural things since he was a little kid, the current situation still made Luo Qiqi's heart thump uncontrollably.

Although she wasn't confident, she was used to hiding her emotions, so she didn't show any signs of panic. Instead, she quickly adjusted her state of mind and calmly said:

"I think you may have made a mistake. I did not participate in your company's primary examination. Moreover, I have found a satisfactory job. I am very grateful for your affirmation, but please allow me to withdraw from this second examination."

The interviewer who thought he would be angry nodded his head in satisfaction upon hearing Luo Qiqi's rejection. He lowered his head, picked up a pen, and placed a tick on a form.

"That's right, calm and collected in the face of situations. Although your EQ isn't high, you still have a firm disposition."

Hearing such an evaluation, Luo Qiqi only pursed his lips, but did not refute.

Her EQ and IQ were not high, and even her appearance was not good either. She could only be said to be the most ordinary orphan in the world.

But now that she was able to graduate from a famous university and successfully enter the company she liked to work at the job she liked, she had suffered through a lot and managed to hold on step by step. So, no matter how others evaluated her, it was still someone else's problem.

The interviewer's sharp gaze swept across Luo Qiqi's face, a look of satisfaction appearing in his eyes. Not bad, not belittling himself or overestimating himself. To be able to accurately evaluate himself, knowing his own limitations, that was very good.

"I'm Yuan Ling's HR representative. I'm sure Ms. Luo Qiqi still remembers that name."

Yuanling! Upon hearing this name, Luo Qiqi immediately recalled that she had indeed sent a resume to this company, and she had a deep impression of this company.

The reason why she was so impressed was that the company had a strange name. The sound was very similar to the 'vengeful spirit', and the other reason was that this company, which had announced the nature of its services, had a very high salary.

At one point, she thought it was a service company in a particular industry. After all, it was unusual for a service worker to offer a higher salary than the director of a foreign company.

After thinking about it, she decided to send him a resume, thinking that if he found something was wrong, he might as well not go to work. Besides, with her clean clothing and ordinary appearance, if it really was that sort of business, he probably wouldn't want her.

On the other hand, if this company was a normal service company, then with her salary, her desire to buy a house in this city would be realized in less than three years.

After entering her resume, she didn't take this matter to heart. When she received her favorite company's office, she naturally forgot about this strange company.

However, she had unexpectedly participated in the second round without any preparation. Moreover, she didn't have any impression of her appearance here. Everything that had happened was too strange.

"Yuanling, I remember. It's just that I've already found a job, so your good intentions ?"

Without waiting for Luo Qiqi to finish speaking, the interviewer waved his left hand and a wall on the left side of the meeting room became a screen. The scene on the screen made Luo Qiqi break out in a cold sweat.

She saw her own pale face appear on the screen under the light of the invisible lamp. In the image, she had an oxygen tube in her nose, her hair had been completely shaved, a long knife had been opened in her head, and she was surrounded by doctors in dark green surgical suits and masks and wielding shining scalpels over her head. Her legs and abdomen were also bleeding profusely, and the doctors were busy helping her stop the bleeding and stitch the wound.

"You see, right? This is the current state of your fleshly body. If you refuse this second round of examination, your fleshly body will die."

"What about my soul?" Although she was an orphan, she did not dislike the world at all. After going through so many hardships, it was finally time for her to have a good life. She did not want this to end.

"Soul!? "Hehe, you realized the root of the problem so quickly. It's such a pity that you didn't join our company." The interviewer chuckled, then continued:

"Your soul is simply queuing up to enter the Underworld. As for whether you'll be reincarnated as a human, a pig or a dog, or stay in the Underworld and become a spirit soul, that will depend on your luck."

"Who the hell are you? What is this company?" This matter was too strange. From the moment she was thrown into the hospital by a falling object for no reason, to the moment when she was sitting in the meeting room and having the strange interview, everything seemed very strange.

"I'm Yuan Ling's HR, and I'm in charge of hiring people." The interviewer once again repeated the acceptance that he had made right from the start with a good temper. Seeing the doubtful look in Luo QIqi's eyes, the interviewer couldn't help but smile as he extended a piece of white paper in front of her.

"Maybe you can take some time to read the company's profile first and then consider joining the company and becoming our employee."

Luo Qiqi doubtfully received the white paper. As she looked at the originally empty paper, black words quickly appeared.

Resentment Service Company: A company that specializes in helping resentful spirits get what they want. As long as resentful spirits are willing to sacrifice their souls, then no matter what wishes they have, they will do their best to fulfill them. After this is done, the vengeful spirits will give a satisfactory score, and if they are not satisfied, they can apply for a second service until the vengeful spirits are satisfied.

"The Specter Service?" This strange introduction, coupled with the scene he had just seen, made Luo Qiqi understand something. In other words, her current form was a soul form. What about the Heavens! How could she have met with such a situation? Although she believed in the matters of the soul, and did not believe it, she really did not expect that one day, she would become a strand of soul without a physical entity.

Luo Qiqi took in a deep breath. Although she knew that her soul could not absorb air by doing this, this was the only way for her to calm down.

If this was not a dream, then she had better recognize reality and strive for the greatest benefit.

"What will you give me if I promise? If I don't agree, what will you do to me? "

Promise, you are an employee of our company and will enjoy the full set of benefits our company provides to our employees. Not only can you be promoted by your own efforts, but as long as you become a partner of our company, you will also have the right to dispose of your body. During your term of office, we will freeze the world you live in.

Hearing such tempting and generous terms, Luo Qiqi did not go mad with joy. Her miserable life had told her that there was no such thing as a free lunch. Since the conditions were so tempting, it was likely that the process would be very difficult.

Moreover, at this moment, she had a very big question in her heart.

"Sealing my world!? Are you sure that your company has such a great power, that your company can transcend the cycle of heavens? "

"Hahaha, looks like Ms. Luo Qi Qi looks down on our company, this universe has countless worlds, the planet you live on is like a speck of dust in the universe, it exists or disappears doesn't matter, the countless galaxies under our company's control, not to mention it is just a small world, it's only using one world as the price, if you can get an outstanding employee, it's also a worthwhile transaction."

"If all of you were as powerful as you say, why would you need to collect the souls of vengeful spirits and directly destroy a world? Wouldn't you be able to obtain countless souls?" What she had heard today had greatly exceeded the scope of her knowledge. To receive and digest this information, she would need time.

"Thinking? Not bad, you're indeed the person I picked. It doesn't matter if you don't understand. What I'm afraid of is pretending to understand if you don't understand." Only after the interviewer gave a clear assessment of the situation did he directly answer Luo Qiqi's question.

"The soul has to be sacrificed voluntarily before it can be taken over by the company, unleashing its proper function, forcefully destroying the soul body will only be floating in the universe, becoming trash in the universe. The accumulation of trash over a long period of time will only cause trouble."

Luo Qiqi could not help but furrow his brows when he heard her disregarding people. She was originally a human as well. Could it be that the original her was just like an ant to this person?

As if he had seen through Luo Qiqi's thoughts, the interviewer chuckled and said gently, "You don't need to be so arrogant. If you had lived like me for the past ten million years, there naturally wouldn't be so much injustice. The survival of the strong is of no use, no matter where you put it."

"Why did you choose me? There are a lot of people stronger than me."

Faced with this question, the interviewer calmly looked at her for a long time, as if he wanted to know if she was sincere in asking this question. After seeing the serious expression on her face, she then said, "You're suitable. We don't want the strongest person, as long as it's the most suitable."

"Why do you think I'm suitable?" She still had a lot of questions that she wanted answers to. Even if she was forced to accept this seemingly ridiculous job because of the current situation, she still hoped that before she started her work, she would have enough understanding of this job. At the very least, she needed to know what kind of advantages she had in this job.

"Intuition!" The interviewer didn't seem to want to easily fulfill Luo Qiqi's wish. After tossing out the infuriating word, he disappeared from the meeting room.

Luo Qiqi helplessly sat back down and looked around the empty meeting room. She watched helplessly as the meeting room rapidly turned into an office. She felt as if she was in a very absurd dream.

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