Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C1 Ceo Congratulations on Binding System
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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C1 Ceo Congratulations on Binding System
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C1 Ceo Congratulations on Binding System

In the hospital ward.

When Su Mo woke up, he saw the white ceiling and heard the sound of the machine.

Wasn't he playing a game? Suddenly, there was a power failure, and when he woke up, it would be the hospital?

"You're awake."

Su Mo turned around and saw a pretty nurse checking his body.

"Ding, Binding System has ended. Host, please begin your journey."

Su Mo was puzzled: "What are you doing? Who are you?"

[Ding, I am the System's No.233. The storyline has been transmitted.]

Su Mo was about to continue asking when his head suddenly hurt and his face twisted.

Target: Qin Mo.

Identity: Master of the entertainment circle, cold and domineering.

Body used by the profiler: Yang Mo.

Identity: Intern, about to apply for Qin Mo's film and television company.

Mission: Take over the male lead and have him fall in love with you.

The short story: Qin Mo loved a woman, was hurt by the woman, closed the inner world, no longer believes in love.

Su Mo said in frustration, "I refuse."

# 233: [Projector has no right to refuse. If you strongly reject, the soul will be destroyed. The different planes will not be able to receive it. In other words, you will be reduced to ashes, unable to even be reincarnated.]

Su Mo was a little angry. He got excited and passed out.

When Su Mo was about to leave the hospital, a young man in a suit came. He looked like a capable urban elite.

Tao Yi handed a pile of documents to Su Mo and had him sign it to solve the problem that Su Mo might bring in the future.

When Su Mo heard that the person who bumped into him was Qin Mo, his mouth split into a smile. The world was too small, so he immediately asked to enter Qin Mo's film and television company.

Three days later, the entertainment company owned by the Qin Group was conducting an interview.

Su Mo rushed over to the company while panting heavily. Coincidentally, the elevator had broken down. At that moment, a few people walked in beside him. They entered an elevator and Su Mo followed them in without saying a word.

The assistant on the side froze for a second, then looked at Qin Mo. His face was very gloomy, then the assistant said, "Sorry sir, this is the CEO level. No one is allowed in."

Su Mo was shocked. What? CEO? Then, is this guy in front of me Qin Mo?

"I'm sorry, but I'm stuck in a traffic jam. The interview is about to begin, can you please …"

"No way!"

Su Mo was annoyed when he heard it, "The CEO is amazing, how can the CEO have a special position? Then let's just waste it like this? "

"There's one minute left for the interview."

Qin Mo's cold words made Su Mo shudder, especially when he said those words that looked as if he wanted to eat him up.

Su Mo gritted his teeth and left unwillingly.

Seeing the elevator door close, he kicked the door. Coincidentally, the elevator stopped with a click, but Su Mo didn't know it at all, so he climbed up the stairs.

Su Mo arrived at the interview venue sweating profusely and saw that the door was about to close. He was very lucky to be able to get in at the last moment.

"The interview will begin. Number one."

It wasn't until Su Mo that he stood up nervously. Suddenly, the door opened with a "ka ka" sound. The person waiting to be interviewed let out a burst of surprise.

Su Mo turned around and saw Qin Mo still sitting in the interview seat with a sullen face.

Su Mo nearly tore him into eight pieces in his heart.

Number 233: [Host, this is your guide target. If you tear it up, you won't be able to live.]

Su Mo felt a burst of anger.

Qin Mo threw a notebook over: "Try this."

Su Mo picked up the book, "Director Qin, this is a female performance."

Qin Mo, who still had a cold expression, raised his eyelids: "You have a problem with that?"

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