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C10 Ceo Hero Rescue

Su Mo quickly took a step back and opened the door with one hand. "Why is the Lady Boss here?"

"Lady Boss, what are you doing?" If there's anything you need, just let me know. "

Yang Yueer stepped forward while Su Mo took a step back. Yang Yueer said with a smile, "Why are you so scared of me now? You're a man. "

Su Mo smiled awkwardly: "Lady Boss, how did you get in here in the middle of the night? "This is a private invasion."

Yang Yueer sneered, "What, Yang Mo, you forgot about it so quickly? This house of yours is mine. "

Wu Tie's hand trembled. It seemed that he was done for. He had to find Director Qin this time. However, this seemed to be a good opportunity.

Su Mo chuckled, "Then I'll pack my stuff and leave now. I won't disturb you anymore."

Seeing Su Mo's attitude, Yang Yueer's face was filled with anger. She took out her cell phone and opened the video: "Yang Mo, I'm certain of you. If you dare to have any relationship with Director Qin, I'll let you see!"

Su Mo walked two steps forward and looked at the video. His scalp tingled. He didn't expect that the scene of Qin Mo kissing Qin Mo was filmed completely by someone.

Su Mo steeled his heart: "Lady Boss, what are you trying to do?"

Yang Yueer closed the door and blocked Yang Luo's path, "I told you, I only want you. You can't have anyone else, otherwise, I will only be able to destroy you. You are just a new person. If I want to destroy you, it will be a piece of cake! "

Su Mo, who was blocked to the point where he had no other choice, suddenly felt that women were too scary. Men are still the best.

"Lady Boss, don't forget. Not only me, but Director Qin as well. Are you going to offend Director Qin?"

"As long as it's handled using technology. The current PS technology is amazing. Moreover, you have already caused Director Qin some trouble, haven't you?"

Su Mo took a deep breath and decided to first stabilize her. He then chuckled: "Then, Lady Boss, whatever you say, it's what it is. However, it's too late today. I just came back, I'm very tired."

"Perfect. Take a bath, then sleep with me tonight."

Su Mo: "... "Then, Lady Boss, you take a bath first, while I take a bath."

"Let's bathe together."


Lady Boss, you are so awesome!]

Su Mo coughed: "Don't, boss, this is my first time, so I don't have much experience. So you still have to leave me some privacy, go wash first. Anyways, I'm threatened by you right now, I can't run away."

Seeing that Su Mo was being so honest, Yang Yueer nodded and agreed, "Very good, I already have a backup copy of these things. You have to delete the video in my phone, I'll expose them immediately."

Su Mo immediately nodded: "Not running, not running."

When Yang Yueer went in to take a bath, Su Mo immediately sent a message to Qin Mo explaining the situation in full detail.

Qin Mo, who had just showered in the study room, frowned when he saw the news on his phone. He immediately took his car keys and left, calling Tao Yi while driving to investigate Yang Yueer and asking him to find Yang Yueer's weakness within half an hour.

The car sped away. When Qin Mo knocked on the door, he saw two people eating in the room.

Su Mo was so excited that hot tears filled his eyes. He pulled Qin Mo and hugged him, "Mo, you're finally here."

Yang Yueer was startled as she did not expect Qin Mo to come.

Qin Mo patted Su Mo's back to comfort him. Then he stared at Yang Yueer with his hawk-like eyes. "Miss Yang, you've gone a little too far."

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