Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C13 President Love and Grace
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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C13 President Love and Grace
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C13 President Love and Grace

Su Mo, who stayed on the ground for the whole day, felt that he was going to be crippled soon. However, when he moved, his whole body really hurt.

"Does it still hurt?"

Su Mo nodded with tears in his eyes like a kitten. Qin Mo kissed his forehead and then called Tao Yi.

Tao Yi, who just drank a cup of water, immediately vomited and sprayed at the female secretary who was passing by: "Sorry, sorry."

Tao Yi did not have the time to attend to the female secretary, so he quickly got up and went to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

Five minutes later, a dark cloud hung over Tao Yi's head. He swore that he would never go to the pharmacy again.

When Tao Yi brought the adult products to Qin Mo's residence, he still had a pained expression on his face: "Director Qin, I …" May I ask what is the matter?

However, when the words were about to reach his mouth, Tao Yi still shut up. Qin Mo's cold eyes were too 'kind'.

After leaving Qin Mo's residence as if they were escaping, Tao Yi still had a stupefied expression on his face.

After taking the medicine, Qin Mo forcefully lifted the quilt and applied it on Su Mo's wound. Su Mo, on the other hand, was lying on the bed in shame, indicating that he was Alexander.

When night came, Qin Mo hugged Su Mo to sleep, just quietly hugging him.

Because the later parts of "Flowers of Smoke" needed some time to do, within this period, Qin Mo gave Su Mo some good resources.

The guests had been through some of the big directors' TV shows and had also taken in some advertisements. They had really been counting money until their hands went soft.

At Qin Mo's residence, Su Mo gritted his teeth and said, "This money was taken away by the company. You are all evil merchants."

Qin Mo raised his head from the computer screen and glanced at Su Mo: "Do you want to, get the profiteer to spit it out?"

Su Mo Kuang nodded, "Yes."

Qin Mo smiled and stood up, blocking Su Mo's path between him and the sofa, "Alright, then it's as you wish."

Qin Mo then kissed Su Mo's lips.

An hour later, Su Mo begged for mercy: "I was wrong, I was wrong, I won't say anymore that you are a cunning businessman."

Qin Mo kissed his forehead and put him on the sofa: "It's going to be broadcast soon. This movie will have an impact on the Wind and Cloud Award in two months."

Su Mo smacked his lips: "No way, I'm a newcomer."

"Don't you have confidence in your own strength?"

Su Mo stared at Qin Mo: "As long as you are here, anything is possible. Only now do you know, money can make a difference. Do I belong to the big family? "

Lee Wanwan, who was filming "The Forest of Shifting Seas" abroad, got off a few scenes. She heaved a sigh of relief and got into the assistant's car to check the contents of her phone.

"Go, release all of these things."

A few hours later, Lee Wanwan pressed Qin Mo's doorbell.

Qin Mo frowned. He opened the door and was immediately hugged by Lee Wanwan.

"Mo, I'm back."

When Su Mo heard the commotion, he also came to take a look. However, he saw Lee Wanwan wrapped around Qin Mo like a dodder, making him unhappy.

Qin Mo frowned and pulled down Lee Wanwan. He was a bit strong and he hurt her, but Lee Wanwan still had a smile on her face, "Mo, what gift did I bring to you? Eh, isn't he that waiter? Why are you here? "

"Lee Wanwan, what's the matter?"

Lee Wanwan was stunned when she heard Qin Mo's cold voice, "Mo, I haven't seen you for a long time."

"It seems like you haven't reflected enough abroad. Do I need to report to you about my matter?"

Lee Wanwan bit her lips as tears welled up in her eyes. "Mo, what's wrong with you? Why are you being so cold to me?"

"Alright, you just returned home. You should go back and rest first."

Qin Mo then shut Lee Wanwan out with a cold expression.

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