Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C14 Ceo Yang Yue'er's Plan
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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C14 Ceo Yang Yue'er's Plan
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C14 Ceo Yang Yue'er's Plan

Su Mo was a little surprised: "Mo, isn't this a little bad?"

Qin Mo came forward and kissed Su Mo. "She is still too arrogant. We must eliminate this root cause. Otherwise, she would think that I have feelings for her."

Hearing that, Su Mo's heart felt warm. He, a man, was touched by another man.

Lee Wanwan left the villa and got into the car. Her eyes were full of coldness: "Qin Mo, since you are heartless, then don't blame me for being unjust."

Lee Wanwan then picked up her cell phone, notified her people and made an appointment with Yang Yueer.

Within the coffee shop, the two girls sat together.

Lee Wanwan passed the photo to Yang Yueer: "I still have the same words, I want Qin Mo, Yang Mo for you."

Yang Yueer shook her head, "No, I can't be a love rival with Director Qin. Until now, I still feel that the whole world is full of evil intentions. The powerful Director Qin is actually gay, stealing away my fresh meat."

"So, you intend to give up just like that?"

"Lee Wanwan, I know you're a big star with a lot of resources, but I'm not the same as you."

Lee Wanwan snorted and took out a file. "When my people were investigating, they found something interesting. Do you want to take a look?"

Opening the folder, Yang Yueer was shocked. She looked at Lee Wanwan angrily, "You're going too far!"

"Director Qin can make it so that you won't be able to live, but I can also do that, so we'll each take what we need. If we succeed, maybe you can get your little fresh meat. If we don't, it won't hurt you at all."

Yang Yueer frowned. "Then why don't you do it?"

Lee Wanwan chuckled. "Could it be that you want other women to do it?"

Yang Yueer compromised, "I understand."

In the office of the president of the Qin Corporation.

Su Mo sat on the sofa and played games. As he walked by, his sister revealed a sweet smile. Su Mo also responded with a sweet smile.

Qin Mo, who was sitting behind the chair, couldn't stand it anymore. He pulled Su Mo and went into the bedroom at the side, pressing Su Mo onto the bed.

"You keep making faces at other women in front of me, don't you remember your identity?"

Looking at Qin Mo, who was like a storm, Su Mo could only laugh, "Of course not, it's not like I like women."

Number 233 retorted: "You can't walk when you see a beauty, and you even say you don't like women."

Su Mo: "Don't expose me."

However, Qin Mo didn't let Su Mo go. The two of them had a round of fermented with soy sauce.

Su Mo was exhausted. He poked Qin Mo's chest with his finger and said, "Why? You were the one who used all your strength, but I was the one who was exhausted?"

Qin Mo chuckled. "When we get back today, I'll take you to work out."

Su Mo was scared, "No, I was half dead tired when you took me to the gym last time. Besides, you even made a stew with my soy sauce. I had to rest for two days before getting out of bed."

Speaking of fitness, Qin Mo was in a great mood.

233: [Profiling progress 63%]

In the afternoon, Su Mo volunteered to buy vegetables and cook a feast for Qin Mo, which Qin Mo acquiesced to.

Who knew that Su Mo would be blocked by Yang Yueer the moment he left the building.

Su Mo ran away as if he saw a cat. When he arrived at the garage, he heaved a sigh of relief. "Oh my god, she's so scared. Why hasn't she given up yet?"

"Azure Sky waiting for Misty Rain …"

The phone's ringtone sounded. Su Mo picked up the phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar number. He ignored it and directly pressed mute to make it stop.

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