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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C17 President Relations Are Public
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C17 President Relations Are Public

Su Mo's heart ached a little, but when he thought about how outrageous Yang Yueer had been to him, he felt relieved.

Qin Mo lowered his head and looked at the crying Yang Yueer. His eyes were cold as he said, "Yang Yueer, I have already given you a chance."

Yang Yueer held onto Qin Mo's pants tightly: "It's really Lee Wanwan, it has nothing to do with me. She was the one who threatened me. I really have given up. "

Qin Mo seemed to be too lazy to waste words with her and signaled his bodyguard to bring Yang Yueer away.

Yang Yueer whined and begged Qin Mo to let her go, but unfortunately, Qin Mo remained unmoved.

Su Mo stepped forward and kissed Qin Mo's lips, "Mo, if there's any danger in the future, I will inform you in advance."

Qin Mo pulled him down and deepened the kiss: "There won't be a next time."

Su Mo was confused: "What?"

Qin Mo pressed him down on the floor: "You can't be with anyone but me, including women. Otherwise, I will make it so that you won't be able to get out of bed for a month. "

Just as he finished his sentence, Qin Mo's body sank as his lips were sealed by Su Mo's lips. He then swallowed all of Su Mo's groans.

Two hours later, Qin Mo picked up the weak and sore Su Mo and gently put him on the bed. He kissed his face with an expression that said he was afraid Su Mo would suddenly disappear and they would never be able to find him again.

Qin Mo took the medicine and applied it to his wound, trying his best to protect him.

Every time Qin Mo saw the strawberry mark on Su Mo's body, he would smile.

"Flowers of Smoke" was broadcast. As soon as it started, it attracted a lot of attention. People were all licking the screen for Su Mo's golden age beauty.

Su Mo had added 10 million fans to his Weibo in a single day.

Su Mo, who was holding the phone, was shocked. He posted a photo of himself and immediately received a million comments.

However, with the increase in popularity, the rumor that Su Mo was gay was once again unearthed.

Seated in the coffee shop, Lee Wanwan looked at the news on her phone and bit her lips. "Mo, I'm sorry. You forced my hand."

Because of Yang Yueer's incident, Qin Mo had talked to Lee Wanwan and warned her. Unfortunately, Lee Wanwan already hated him with her love and was a Scarlet Demon.

A one minute short video instantly exploded on the internet. Within a day, it had over a hundred million views.

Because the main characters were the rumored diamond king, Director Qin, and Yang Mo, the latest fresh meat.

With the accident, the company, the elevator door, the heart-shaped steak, and Su Mo in the hospital. The crew was very fond of each other and lived together, until recently when Su Mo's resources increased, Qin Mo brought Su Mo into the hotel.

The past and present lives that the two of them knew were dug up by others.

However, the comments were caught in a tempo. The rotten girls swarmed over, and there were instantly many people showing the same number of people as these two on the internet.

The heat was brought up once again, causing Su Mo to be unable to pick up resources.

Lee Wanwan's residence. Bang, bang, bang —

The sound of things falling could be heard everywhere. Lee Wanwan sat on the sofa angrily. Her phone had already been smashed into pieces.

"Yang Mo, Qin Mo, this is all because of you."

Su Mo, who was at Qin Mo's residence, happily hugged his phone and kept refreshing his phone. He was amazed by the number of views displayed.

"Mo, tell me, who is it exactly? To actually be so familiar with us, it's really too good."

Qin Mo's gaze shifted from the computer screen to Su Mo: "Me."

Su Mo chuckled. He was shocked as he stared at Qin Mo in shock, "Mo, are you joking?"

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