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C18 Ceo Continuing Strategy

Rather than letting those rumors hurt you from time to time, it would be better for us to take the initiative. I've already investigated it, although people have different levels of acceptance towards gay, but the younger generation, especially the Corrupt Girls, have become stronger and stronger.

Su Mo smacked his lips again and was immediately touched. He ran over and kissed Qin Mo. Qin Mo immediately put down the work he was doing and pushed him onto the table. The two of them spent another hour brewing the sauce.

233: Luckily the world is more tolerant than Su Mo's world #

Recently, Su Mo was puzzled. He had been brewed in Qin Mo's sauce for a long time, but he still hadn't seen the strategy increase.

Su Mo sat on the balcony gloomily. [233], are you sure you aren't mistaken?

Number 233: [Not sure, maybe you can sprinkle some sugar and do something that will move him.]

Su Mo nodded.

Today, Su Mo ran into the kitchen and busied himself for three hours. After cooking a table full of dishes, Su Mo finally felt relieved.

Ever since Su Mo and Qin Mo had been living together, Qin Mo had always gotten off work on time and from time to time, he would brew with Wu Junjie sauce.

Qin Mo was stunned when he saw Su Mo proudly open the door for the day. When he saw the dark food on the table, he rubbed his temples.

Su Mo picked up his chopsticks, picked up a pair of chopsticks, and gave them to Qin Mo. Qin Mo poured out all the food with a disdainful expression. He then pulled Su Mo and taught him how to cook.

Seeing Su Mo cut the potato shreds in different sizes, Qin Mo sighed, went around his back and hugged him. Then he held his hand and taught him how to cut potato shreds.

Su Mo's eyes lit up: "Mo, you're too awesome."

"Cooking is a skill, so you have to learn more. However, I don't think you need to cook too much. You just need me to cook."

Su Mo chuckled, "You're raising me to the point that I'm about to become a cripple."

"Then are you willing to be crippled by me?"

Su Mo swallowed his saliva and nodded: "As long as I'm with you, everything else is fine."

Qin Mo was stunned for a moment. He immediately kissed Su Mo's lips and pushed him onto the table. Then, he spent two hours brewing in the sauce.

Early the next morning, Su Mo saw that Qin Mo's expression was not looking too good. He was stunned for a moment before asking, "Mo, what's wrong?"

Qin Mo turned around, kissed Su Mo's forehead and hugged him: "Come with me to the cemetery today."

Su Mo blinked and asked carefully, "Whose anniversary is it today?"

"My mother."

Su Mo hugged Qin Mo tightly. "In the future, I will accompany you."

The weather was a bit gloomy today. As Su Mo sat in the car, he felt that Qin Mo was under a lot of pressure, so he didn't know how to comfort him.

The cemetery was very big. Qin Mo walked over familiarly and saw a beautiful picture. It was very young and in the present, it was even more beautiful than a first-rate celebrity.

Qin Mo squatted down and caressed the tombstone: "Mom, I'm here to see you. With... "Your daughter-in-law …"

Su Mo: "..."

A daughter-in-law? It seemed that way, except that he couldn't have children.

Su Mo bowed towards the tombstone, "Aunty, I'm here to see you too. I will take good care of Mo. I won't make you worry."

Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief. If Qin Mo's mother was still alive, she would probably split the two of them. At that time, it would be even more difficult to take over the strategy.

233: [Profiles progress 80%]

Su Mo was stunned for a moment, then looked at Qin Mo. At this moment, Qin Mo's handsome and resolute face turned to the side, and his tightly pursed lips looked like a child who had just lost its mother.

Su Mo hugged him and gave him a silent comfort.

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