Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C19 Ceo Life and Death Are up to Fate
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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C19 Ceo Life and Death Are up to Fate
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C19 Ceo Life and Death Are up to Fate

The raindrops wet the road.

The two stayed for a while, before Qin Mo pulled Su Mo and returned.

On the way, Su Mo was a bit anxious, so he found a toilet and went in. However, when he was about to go out, he was knocked out.

Qin Mo waited to the left and the right. He didn't see Su Mo, so he got off the car and went in to check.

Qin Mo made a call, but his phone was always turned off.

When Su Mo woke up, he found himself at the seaside with two men and a woman.

"Lee Wanwan?"

Su Mo was shocked.

Lee Wanwan turned around. The sea breeze was blowing against her red dress, making it as hot as a poppy.

"Yang Mo, do you know where we are?"

Su Mo looked over. There was a seaside room in the distance, but he couldn't tell where it was.

Lee Wanwan's eyes were filled with tears, "This is the first time I met Mo. He is such a perfect man, he should have a bright life, and you are the stain of his life, so I must get rid of you."

Su Mo was speechless. He then sighed, "Lee Wanwan, what age is this? How long has it been since the last feudal society."

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

After getting slapped on the face by Lee Wanwan, Su Mo was tied up and had no way to move, so he could only sigh.

Su Mo: "[233] Am I going to die?" I was drowning, I didn't expect to be thrown into the ocean.]

Number 233: [Qin Mo is on his way.]

Su Mo was delighted: "That's great."

Lee Wanwan stared at Su Mo in anger, "What are you laughing at? Did you think that Mo will come to save you? "I'm telling you, it won't happen. He won't come, and I'm going to kill you now."

Lee Wanwan gestured to the two men, who nodded and dragged Su Mo away.

"Lee Wanwan —"

Qin Mo's voice came over. The few of them looked over and saw a car charging over quickly.

Lee Wanwan smiled. "Mo, experience the pain of losing your beloved."

"Bang ~ ~ ~"

Su Mo was thrown into the sea, Qin Mo quickly ran over and jumped down with him.

"Qin Mo —!"

Lee Wanwan was shocked.

In the sea, it was very cold.

Su Mo felt like he was about to lose his breath. The large mouthful of air he took before he fell was almost gone, but his body was still falling.

Under the weak light above, a figure rushed over quickly and pulled Su Mo up.

Qin Mo saw Su Mo's discomfort, kissed him on the lips, and breathed for him.

Number 233: [Comprehension: 90%]

When Su Mo was finally brought up to the surface of the sea, he was already weak all over and was dragged back to the shore by Qin Mo.

"Yang Mo, you have to wake up. You have to wake up."

Qin Mo gave Su Mo first aid. However, even though he had pressed down his chest many times and breathed artificially many times, Su Mo still did not open his eyes. He still did not spit out the water in his mouth.

In the hospital, Qin Mo looked at the word "first aid" and stood anxiously in front of the door.

A few hours later, the door opened. Qin Mo leaned forward and the doctor sighed: "Director Qin, sorry, drowning is a small problem, the problem is that he has a tumor in his brain."

Boom — —

Qin Mo only felt that the heavens were joking, he grabbed the doctor: "No, no, how is that possible! Why don't you just take it out? There was no sign at all. "

The doctor sighed, "I am helpless. It has seriously affected his body. That is to say, even if he is revived, he is still a vegetable."

Qin Mo was stunned.

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