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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C20 Ceo Qin Mo You Have to be Alright
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C20 Ceo Qin Mo You Have to be Alright

Su Mo glanced at Yang Mo's body and was a little puzzled: "233, what's wrong with me?"

Number 233: [Soul out of body]

Su Mo was stunned: "Really? What about this body? "

Number 233: [Plant man, you won't wake up, but you haven't died yet, so this doesn't count as a failure. Wait and see.]

Su Mo flew around the hospital like a feather. Other than himself, he didn't see any other souls. Perhaps he was the only one that existed in the hospital.

Qin Mo had aged quite a bit. His beard had not been shaved for a few days, and it was full of stubble, making him look a bit sloppy.

Qin Mo held Su Mo's hand with one hand and said hoarsely, "Su Mo, how about you wake up? I'm willing to use my life in exchange for you."

Su Mo was touched, but at the same time, he felt sorry for him: "233, don't you think I'm being too disloyal? I obviously provoked him first, and now I'm like this."

Seeing that Su Mo's body had not woken up, Qin Mo was enraged: "Hurry up and wake up. If you don't wake up, I won't want you anymore. I won't cook for you anymore, I won't give you more resources, and you'll never be able to become the movie emperor."

However, Su Mo still didn't wake up.

For three days and three nights in a row, Qin Mo spoke countless words, hoping to wake him up. However, Su Mo still had not woken up.

When Tao Yi saw Qin Mo like this, she was completely shocked. Was this still that bright and beautiful Director Qin?

However, looking at the person lying on the bed, Tao Yi didn't know how to console him.

When the sunlight shone down, Qin Mo spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted. Tao Yi quickly called for a doctor.

Su Mo was shocked.

Number 233: [This is a good opportunity. Go take a look in his dreams.]

Su Mo was stunned, "There's such a good thing?"

Number 233: [You are a soul right now, go try it out.]

As Su Mo spoke, he concentrated and gave Qin Mo a dream to comfort and encourage him.

"Mo, aren't I still alive? If you fall down, who's going to pay for my medical fees? Without any medical fees, I can sleep in the corridor, do you have the heart to do that? "

Qin Mo's eyelids twitched.

Su Mo continued, "Mo, don't worry. I will wake up, but you must persevere for our beautiful future. "Besides, I haven't really gone abroad to play before. If you run out of money, then wouldn't my wish be dashed?"

He kissed Su Mo's hand, "Yang Mo, you're right. I won't let you sleep in the corridor. I will work hard to earn money and also let you see the most beautiful scenery in the world."

233: [Profiling progress 100%]

Su Mo finally let out a sigh of relief, "Number 233, I've spent three hours trying to persuade him. However, I'm afraid Qin Mo will have to drag the vegetable Yang Mo to travel around the world."

Number 233: [That's still better than Yang Mo dying.] Alright, are you ready to move on to the next plane?]

Su Mo nodded, and he looked forward to the next plane.

As for Lee Wanwan, she was avenged by the crazy Qin Mo and did not care that she was a great beauty.

"Huff, huff ~ ~ ~"

The wind was howling.

Su Mo felt like he was going to freeze to death. He wrapped his clothes tightly around himself and looked outside. It was snowing heavily, and there was a vast expanse of whiteness everywhere.

Su Mo quickly found a cave and said with a sigh, "233, where are we?"

233: [Cultivation world, Heaven's Expanse Mountain]

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