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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C3 Ceo My Heart-shaped Steak
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C3 Ceo My Heart-shaped Steak

Su Mo brought the menu closer, "What do you two want to eat?"

Qin Mo raised his head and saw Su Mo. He frowned slightly as if he was unhappy. Lee Wanwan still maintained her elegant smile and said, "Two steaks with 50% cooked one serving, and 70% cooked one serving."

Su Mo nodded and smiled: "Ok, your steak will be here shortly."

Su Mo left the stage very politely with a smile on his face. He saw the indifference towards Lee Wanwan in Qin Mo's eyes.

"Come, come, little sisters. Director Qin and the superstar Lee Wanwan are here today. Who can buy them a drink?"

In the kitchen, Su Mo walked in. When he saw the two steaks, he could only ask Number 233: [How familiar are Qin Mo's dishes?]

Number 233: [70% familiar]

With a curve of his lips, Su Mo arranged the steak into a heart-shaped shape. Su Mo laughed in his heart, "Haha, Qin Mo, you should have a deep impression of me now, right?"

So the host is a black #

Pushing out of the car, Su Mo carried the steak onto the table and handed it to Lee Wanwan first. It was a very normal steak. He then opened Qin Mo's steak. Then, Su Mo was satisfied to see Qin Mo frown.

Lee Wanwan was stunned. "Waiter, did you send it the wrong way?"

It must have been done by a waitress, hmph!

Su Mo chuckled, "I did it."

Lee Wanwan: "…"

Qin Mo: "..."

The surrounding attendants: "..."

Su Mo continued, "Dearest, here's your steak. Enjoy it slowly."

With that, Su Mo left.

Lee Wanwan gritted her teeth so hard that she was about to shatter them into pieces, but she remained calm on the surface. "Mo, that waiter must be joking. Don't mind him, why don't we go somewhere else?"

That heart-shaped steak is really too much of an eyesore!

Qin Mo picked up his knife and fork and elegantly cut a piece: "He is right."

Lee Wanwan's mouth was wide open so much so that an egg could almost fit inside. Her eyes were filled with shock. "Mo, you, you …"

Qin Mo didn't even look at her: "The steak is not bad."

Lee Wanwan ate a tasteless meal, while Qin Mo ate a tasty one.

Yang Yueer watched the entire scene with disbelief in her eyes. So, their handsome and rich Director Qin was actually a gay!

Yang Yueer looked at the photo that was already taken and snorted, "Yang Mo, you can only be mine. If I can't get you, I'll destroy you. "

After the two of them finished eating, Su Mo immediately handed Qin Mo and Lee Wanwan a small bag each, "This is a gift from our restaurant to you. It's the kind intentions of the waiters."

Because the wine in the restaurant was too expensive, the waiters couldn't afford it and had to ask for something else instead.

Wu Shuang Mi, Mi, said to Qin Mo: "There's one of my portion. If you can tell which one is mine, I will reward you."

Qin Mo curled his lips coldly, "Yang Mo, enough is enough."

Su Mo shrugged: "It's just a small gift, not to mention it's not mine alone, you have the right to refuse or throw it away."

Lee Wanwan stood at the side feeling upset in her heart, "Yang Mo right? What kind of person is Director Qin? If he were to accept all of the gifts given to him, wouldn't Director Qin have nothing else to do? "

Su Mo glanced at Lee Wanwan. "It's all thanks to the fans. Besides, I already said that it's yours. You can throw it away, but don't let the fans see it."

The two left one after the other. Su Mo chuckled as his eyes sparkled.

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