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C4 Ceo Rose Gift

Seated in the front passenger seat, Lee Wanwan glanced at the small bag in the back seat. She was unhappy, but she still smiled. "Mo, how about I throw that bag away?"

Qin Mo frowned, "Wan Wan, since when did you start to decide on my own?"

Lee Wanwan was shocked. "I-I …"

Qin Mo looked straight at the road, "Lee Wanwan, you are a smart woman, don't think about things you shouldn't have. A new movie from the company," The Forest of the Seas ", has been released recently.

Lee Wanwan bit her lips as tears welled up in her eyes.

When Su Mo returned home at night, he was extremely tired. After taking a shower, he immediately fell asleep.

Taking a shower, browsing through some project contracts, Qin Mo glanced at the bag on the sofa, frowned, and then opened the bag. Inside the bag was only a gift box, opened it, and revealed a bunch of roses.

Qin Mo pinched the bridge of his nose and put down the box. However, a card fell out. He picked it up and looked at it.

"My dear, I am serious. I have taken a fancy to you, and will definitely try to take you down!"

Qin Mo clenched his fingers and threw the rose and the card into the trash can. He picked up his phone and was about to tell Tao Yi to stop Yang Mo from acting, but he didn't say anything when the words reached his mouth.

As soon as the dawn light from the east was revealed, a burst of urgent ringing sounds came from his phone. Qin Mo picked up his phone in a daze and picked up the call. At that moment, Tao Yi's voice sounded urgently —

"Director Qin, it's bad. People are saying that you're gay online."

Qin Mo frowned. He opened his phone to check the message. It was sent 10 minutes ago, but because Qin Mo and Lee Wanwan were too famous, it was quickly searched.

The Qin Group quickly contacted the public relations department to deal with these matters. These were merely photos of catching the wind and catching the shadows. Furthermore, Qin Mo had dinner with Lee Wanwan, so the matter was quickly settled.

However, Lee Wanwan seemed unwilling to give up. She used this matter to get a hold of her heat.

In the open or in the dark, he said that Lee Wanwan was going to shoot "The Forest of Shifting Sea" and Director Qin seemed reluctant to part with his girlfriend. As for that heart-shaped steak, it was given to her by her fans, but Director Qin was jealous and ate the steak himself.

All of a sudden, Qin Mo and Lee Wanwan were tied up.

Airport VIP waiting room.

Lee Wanwan put down her cell phone. With a smug look in her eyes, she said, "Mo, I will slowly walk into your heart."

Su Mo slept until he woke up naturally. He turned on his phone and saw dozens of calls and text messages. He was stunned. He went to check the news and smiled while rubbing his chin: "233, look, isn't this smart? You'll get twice the results with half the effort."

Number 233: [Host, don't be too complacent. The guide hasn't started yet. Continue working hard.]

Su Mo was stunned: "This hasn't started? This guy is really hard to beat. "

After a simple washing up, Su Mo didn't even have time to eat breakfast before he was called away by the manager, Linda.

After a long and tiring journey to the company, he saw Linda's face filled with anger: "Yang Mo, our company's artists are not allowed to go to work. "Also, hurry up and go online to clarify that the steak is a gift from a female fan."

Su Mo was stunned for a moment and then chuckled: "Yes."

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