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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C5 Ceo Qin How about the Wall
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C5 Ceo Qin How about the Wall

Twenty minutes later, Linda glared at Yang Mo: "Yang Mo, what's wrong with you? "Why do you say you made the steak into a heart?"

Su Mo shrugged his shoulders, "Sister Linda, look. First, you can tell others that it wasn't from a female fan, so Director Qin's female fans can finally be at ease. Secondly, it could also reassure Lee Wanwan's male fans. After all, it wasn't given to her by her by her male fans. Third, I can express my gratitude to Director Qin, but my cooking skills are not good, so the steak is shaped like a heart. Fourth, what a great opportunity, to be able to promote the new drama "Falling Smoke Flower" and "The Forest of Shift". It's free of charge, how great is that! "

In the minute that Su Mo explained, the heart-shaped steak was on the hot search again. In the minute that Su Mo explained, the heart-shaped steak was on the hot search again.

Linda slightly narrowed her eyes: "Yang Mo, you just entered the entertainment industry, so you don't know the rules here. Sometimes, don't think you're smart. This is only a coincidence, there's no next time."

Su Mo agreed with a fawning expression. He complimented Linda on how beautiful she was today. Sure enough, praising her, saying that she was obedient and a bit sweeter on the mouth was enough to get her through a lot of crises.

The script of "Flowers of Smoke" was finished and Su Mo was considered to be on the company's charter. However, Yang Mo was too poor before. If Su Mo and Yang Mo were on the same page, then he could have used Su Mo's own money to survive.

Su Mo was thinking about how he could earn a little bit of money to survive this month's crisis before his salary was paid.

Just as he walked into a rehearsal room, he heard a girl crying inside.

"Director Qin, I really like you. Why are you so cruel?"

When Su Mo heard the two words, Director Qin, he immediately rushed over excitedly. Leaning on the door, he secretly overheard the conversation inside.

Qin Mo was cold: "There are a lot of people who like me in this world, do I have to agree to dating them?"

"No, I don't want you to go, even if it's just for a short day, no, an hour. Can you be my boyfriend for an hour?"

Su Mo coughed and opened the door, "Oh, sorry to bother you two."

Vivian immediately blushed and let go of Qin Mo, but she still didn't give up and looked at Qin Mo in confusion.

Su Mo clicked his tongue twice and pulled Qin Mo's hand with one hand. "Sorry, from now on, Mo is my boyfriend."

Vivian opened her mouth wide, looking at the two of them in a daze. Qin Mo wanted to struggle free, but Su Mo pinched his hand.

233: [Guide progress 5%.]

Su Mo was surprised: "What is the progress of the guide?"

233: [The progress of the guide is the progress of the guide.]

Su Mo: "..."

Vivian burst into tears of rage and ran out, covering her mouth.

Qin Mo pressed Su Mo against the wall and firmly hit the wall. Su Mo chuckled, "Director Qin, have you thought it through? You want to be my boyfriend? "

Qin Mo's face darkened, "Yang Mo, you don't want to stay here anymore?"

Su Mo immediately raised his hand and surrendered, "Director Qin, I have no other intentions. Today, I have helped you, otherwise, who knows how many girls would have pestered you. I'll help you drive away these troublesome women, and you don't have to be so hesitant about speaking vicious words. I'm a man, you can beat me to your heart's content and crush me. "

Just as Qin Mo was about to speak, Su Mo's stomach growled, and he felt a bit awkward: "Director Qin, look, I've been having noodles for the past two days and haven't eaten a proper meal. I woke up late today and didn't have breakfast, so I'm going to faint from hunger."

Qin Mo let go of Su Mo. "Think of a solution yourself."

Su Mo stepped forward and held Qin Mo's hand, "Don't, I'm a pauper now, you can't be hungry for your employees."

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