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C6 Ceo Qin You're so Nice

Qin Mo snorted coldly, shook off Su Mo's hand and left.

Su Mo shrugged.

233: [Profiles progress 10%]

Su Mo was stunned, then immediately put his hands on his waist: "So he had me in his heart."

Returning to the office, Qin Mo looked at his own hands. His hands seemed to still be warm. For some reason, he had always hated coming into contact with other people. Yet, he did not reject Su Mo.

After the two of them left the rehearsal room, Vivian walked out from the side, took out her cell phone, and called Doggie.

Su Mo's thick skin was wrapped around Tao Yi as he said, "Tao Yi, I don't have any money to eat anymore. Lend me some money, I'll charge it to Qin Mo."

Tao Yi widened his eyes: "Su Mo, don't talk nonsense. What if someone misunderstood you?"

Su Mo chuckled, "Director Qin has agreed. Hurry up and lend me some money. I'm starving in the next few days. Oh right, when does' Falling Smoke Flower 'start?"

"Didn't Linda give you an itinerary? You can go and find her, and then you can go and find an agent for your entire trip. "

Su Mo was overjoyed to hear the sound of money being paid on his phone. He went up and kissed Tao Yi, "Thanks. Don't forget to write it down in Qin Mo's account." After that, Su Mo quickly left the company to have a meal nearby.

As for the money, how could he possibly ask Qin Mo for it? It wasn't much though, only two hundred yuan. It was enough for that brat to eat for a few days.

Two hundred yuan was gone in a day. Su Mo had no choice but to come back to work bitterly the next day.

As soon as he arrived at the company, he saw Qin Mo coming to work. Su Mo chuckled and then stuck it on, "Qin Mo, good morning."

Qin Mo glanced at him and got on the elevator. Su Mo also followed him. Qin Mo said with a cold expression, "Get off."

Su Mo suddenly covered his stomach and whined, "Qin Mo, it hurts."

Qin Mo was shocked and quickly checked his condition. When he saw Su Mo's pale face, he immediately picked him up. He didn't care about anyone working in the company along the way and took him to the car to the hospital.

The appendicitis surgery was very quick, of course Qin Mo had paid for it.

When Su Mo woke up, Qin Mo had been standing outside the operation room for several hours and staying beside his bed for a few more hours.

Su Mo cracked his lips into a smile, "Qin Mo, I didn't expect that you would care so much about me."

Qin Mo's hand that was dealing with the documents stopped and he put down the pen. He looked at Su Mo and said, "You still have the strength to tease me. It seems like the pain isn't too bad."

Su Mo chuckled and looked at Qin Mo: "Mo, I'm a little thirsty. Can I trouble you to pour me a glass of water?"

Qin Mo took the documents and left. Not long after, a pretty nurse came in. When the nurse saw Su Mo's handsome and sunny appearance, she felt shy.

The script was about the matters of the Immortal World. Originally, there were two brothers, but one of the two men broke up due to a woman. As for this woman, she was created by one of the men to be given to the other man, but this woman was too pretty, so that man didn't want to give it to her.

Su Mo sighed. Only the Immortal World can happen. If it was modern times, how could this happen!

After filming several scenes in a day, Liu Tie was half dead from exhaustion. However, when he saw Qin Mo sitting backstage, he passed a bottle of water to him with a smile: "Director Qin, drink some water."

Qin Mo raised his eyes and looked at the bottle. Su Mo was surprised when he received the bottle and said, "Wrong, this bottle is mine."

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