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C7 Ceo You Have to be Responsible for Me

Qin Mo put a mouthful of water in his mouth. He didn't know if he should swallow it or not, so he had a gloomy expression on his face.

Su Mo laughed: "I lied to you."

Qin Mo swallowed his saliva and threw the water to Su Mo. "Boring."

Su Mo continued to sit on the side with a smile as he told some interesting stories.

"Yang Mo, the next scene will be your Weiya performance."

Su Mo sighed and glanced at the three to four meter high hill. This was a scene of a cliff, and because the two men loved each other and fought each other, it ended in a war. Su Mo's main character was stabbed by his good brother and fell into the abyss.

Su Mo was trembling with fear. Although it was only three to four meters tall, it was still too high for him. Those who were afraid of being too tall could not get injured.

The coercion quickly wrapped around his body. Su Mo closed his eyes and sighed. He tried it, but he still didn't dare to go down.

Qin Mo walked up to Su Mo and asked, "Are you afraid?"

Su Mo took a deep breath and nodded: "That is 4 meters tall. Even if I don't die, I will be crippled. How about you go down for me?"

Qin Mo frowned and exerted a little strength in his hand. Su Mo screamed and fell down.

The rope snapped and Su Mo fell to the ground with a scream. Luckily, the rope was only a meter high when it broke, so at most, he only cracked a little.

The entire film crew was shocked as they quickly checked the various instruments.

One of them took the phone and reported on the situation.

Inside the villa, Yang Yueer was furious, "Look at what you have done! Look for another chance, or don't even think about getting the money from me. "

That person nodded. After all, he hadn't succeeded, so he could only look for another opportunity.

Qin Mo walked over and looked at the bandages on Su Mo's arm. He walked over to Weiya and took a closer look. The cut was very neat and was made by human hands.

Although Su Mo was a little afraid, he was still happy. He could follow Qin Mo openly now. He must use this guilty conscience of his to his heart's content.

Number 233: [Host is really smart, 20% progress]

Su Mo was surprised for a moment and felt elated. He completely forgot about the nervousness and fear from before.

At night, in a five-star hotel, Su Mo found Qin Mo's room from the staff. He chuckled, carried a pile of dishes and knocked on the door.

As soon as Qin Mo took a shower, he wrapped himself in a towel and opened the door. Su Mo's eyes immediately widened. Wow, this man's figure is too good. Chocolate abs, eight pieces of muscle, and that faintly discernible mermaid wire.

"Does it look good?"

The magnetic voice entered Su Mo's ears, causing him to subconsciously nod: "Yes."

233: [Guidebook progress 25%]

Su Mo instantly reacted, looking at Qin Mo, he giggled, "Mo, your figure is really good, I really want to touch it."

Qin Mo looked down and saw the bandage on his arm. He frowned, "Why don't you take a good rest?"

Only then did Su Mo react, he immediately picked up the lunchbox: "You are a workaholic, you must forget to eat." Su Mo reacted then, hurriedly picked up the lunchbox: "You are a workaholic, you must forget to eat.

Qin Mo, who was about to refuse, froze for a moment and then let Su Mo into the room.

Su Mo swept his eyes over the room, tsk, Qin Mo's room was tidied up really well, there was not even the slightest area of disorder.

Opening the box, a burst of fragrance of fragrant rice wafted into his nose. Su Mo chuckled as he looked at Qin Mo. "Here, try it."

Qin Mo looked at Su Mo's arm with an unhappy expression: "Don't do such things in the future, heal yourself first."

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