Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C9 Ceo This Is a Big Misunderstanding
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Quick Transmigration: Life of Games/C9 Ceo This Is a Big Misunderstanding
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C9 Ceo This Is a Big Misunderstanding

After the filming finished, Su Mo's lackeys came to Qin Mo's side and handed over a bottle of water, "Director Qin, drink some water."

Qin Mo glanced at him and took the water, "Have you recovered?"

Su Mo nodded his head like a dog: "I'm fine, I'm fine. But, I was fine last night. I seemed to have fallen asleep. Did I do anything to you?"

Qin Mo stopped and looked up. "What do you want?"

Yesterday, Su Mo hugged him and called him Mama, so he had to comfort him. Su Mo hugged him and called him Mama, so he had to comfort him.

Su Mo swallowed his saliva and looked at him carefully: "Then, last night, I, I didn't do anything too excessive right?"

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, "What do you think?"

Su Mo's heart skipped a beat: [233. Sure, do you still want to compensate me for my reputation?]

Number 233: [Don't you think this strategy is faster?]

Su Mo's body trembled and pulled Qin Mo's hand, "Sorry Director Qin, I was in the wrong last night. I used too much strength. I promise you, you won't tell anyone."

Qin Mo's face was cold. Last night, Su Mo had indeed pulled on his arm forcefully, causing him to be in pain. But now, there were even scratches on his arm.

Qin Mo frowned: "Oh? What won't get out? "

Su Mo continued to swallow his saliva: "That's right, that's right, I ruined your reputation last night, last night."

Su Mo clenched his teeth and said, "If I die, then so be it." In any case, apologizing first was still better than wiping Su Mo's neck with Qin Mo. If the strategy failed, then there would definitely be punishment.

Qin Mo raised his arm, exposing the scratches on it. Hearing Su Mo's words, he squeezed the bottle tightly and water flowed out. Qin Mo stared at him coldly: "You, tell me … What … What!"

Not far away, a cellphone recorded all of this.

Su Mo saw his reaction and smacked his head: "Aiya, so I was wrong. I didn't wear any clothes when I woke up today, and you didn't wear any either. I thought I had the same one with you."

Qin Mo couldn't take it anymore and directly pulled him up. In a quiet corner, he slammed the corner of Qin Mo's mouth shut.

"Yang Mo, you want to say that you took my 'that'?"

Su Mo was surprised, "Isn't it?"

Qin Mo ground his teeth. This kid was really good. He took off his pajamas last night and was still pretending to be confused.

"You think you can take my other one?"

Su Mo laughed and realized that he misunderstood. He quickly begged for mercy: "I misunderstood, as long as I'm fine, then it's okay. But, Mo, are you willing to accept me? I am serious! "

Qin Mo was surprised for a moment. Looking at Su Mo's innocent and expectant eyes, he frowned: "What is on Tian Tian's mind?"

233: [Compilation Progress 35%]

Wu Tie was overjoyed. It seemed that Qin Mo still had his own in his heart. However, due to the traditional wisdom, he was too embarrassed to admit it.

Without a second word, Su Mo directly kissed Qin Mo's lips and was pushed to the ground, "Yang Mo, pay attention to your identity!"

Then, Qin Mo left in anger.

233: [Profiles progress 40%]

Su Mo got up from the ground and muttered: "What, so he doesn't hate my kiss."

All of this was recorded in a phone.

Qin Mo left the crew in the afternoon and returned to the company.

Su Mo continued filming until midnight before returning to his room.

Qin Mo still did not show up even after the filming ended.

Su Mo had just returned from the crew, so he turned on the lights in his room. When he saw a person in the room, he was shocked.

"Yang Yueer, why are you here?"

Yang Yueer stood up from the sofa. "Su Mo, not bad. You actually hooked up with Director Qin."

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