Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C10 Ceo I Was Completely Misunderstood by That Rascal
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Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C10 Ceo I Was Completely Misunderstood by That Rascal
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C10 Ceo I Was Completely Misunderstood by That Rascal

"Are you ready?" Shen Wangchuan's patience was about to run out from this naughty kid. Just as he was about to get angry, he heard Han Duoduo shout, "Wait!"

After that, Han Duoduo went around to the back of Yan Minghe and gave him a push on his back. Unable to defend himself in time, Wu Tie fell towards Shen Wangchuan's direction.

Shen Wangchuan subconsciously reached out his hand to catch Yan Minghe, but he failed. Shen Wangchuan became a cushion of flesh and made a close contact with the ground.

When his back came into contact with the hard floor, he felt a gentle touch on his lips.

Shen Wangchuan's head was emptied immediately. He looked at Yan Minghe with wide eyes, and Yan Minghe also looked at him in shock.

Kacha! The sound of the shutter instantly rang out.

Then, Shen Wangchuan heard the system's voice.

"Congratulations, you have completed the mission — — Let the protagonist, Yan Minghe, kiss you within five hours. "You have gained 10 Love Value points. Adding the original Love Value points, the Host has gained a total of 20 Love Value points."

"Next, we will continue to post a small mission for the host — To come into contact intimately with the protagonist, Yan Minghe, within half a month."

Shen Wangchuan was even more shocked when he heard the quest given by the system later on than when Yan Minghe kissed him.

To be in close contact with him, wasn't this asking him to do something indescribable with Yan Minghe?

Although he was bisexual in the previous world, he had never tried doing that with a boy.

But after tasting Yan Minghe's soft lips, she looked at his flushed cheeks that had been touched by their kiss. Shen Wangchuan suddenly felt that it wasn't that hard to accept that it was Yan Minghe.

Although he did not believe in love, but it did not seem to affect his relationship.

While Shen Wangchuan was still lost in his thoughts, Han Duoduo, who had fulfilled her wish, was about to fly away happily.

She really didn't expect that she would be able to take such a photo that was filled with the tacit understanding of souls.

Although the kiss was merely a simple touch of water, that gaze, that face, tsk tsk, was truly indescribably perfect.

This trip was truly worth it.

In the end, Yan Minghe was the first to react. He parted their lips and quickly got up from the ground.

Shen Wangchuan looked at Han Duoduo who was holding the photo and smiling with narrowed eyes. The corner of his mouth slightly twitched. He didn't know whether to be happy or angry.

The system lamented, "A God's Assistant Attack. Without this God's Assistant Attack, I'm sure you would have already completed the Host's quest."

Shen Wangchuan thought bitterly. Without this naughty kid, he could have also completed the mission!

Han Duoduozhu laughed at the photos for a long time before putting the camera back into her backpack in satisfaction.

His cousin was still lying on his back on the ground, staring at her with a complicated expression.

A lot of strange ideas appeared in Han Duoduo's mind.

Ye Zichen hit the door with both of his hands, then retreated towards the door with a guilty conscience.

"Cousin, do you want to continue kissing? Since you want to continue, then I won't be your third wheel here."

After Han Duoduo finished her sentence, she had already arrived at the door. Before Shen Wangchuan could say anything, he backed out and slammed the door shut.

At this moment, Shen Wangchuan could no longer remain calm. He quickly got up from the ground and quickly rushed to the door before opening it. He looked outside and saw that the devilish brat had already run away.

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