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C18 Ceo Why Don't You like Me

While Yan Minghe was frightened, his other hand secretly reached into his pocket and found his phone. Then, he sent a location to Shen Wangchuan.

For some reason, the only person he could think of to help him was Shen Wangchuan's face.

Han Chi grabbed his arm and got into a car on the side of the road without a care.

The car door was closed. Han Chi threw Yan Minghe onto the seat.

Yan Minghe wanted to open the car door, but he didn't move.

"It's useless. I have already prepared a foolproof plan and you won't be able to escape from me no matter what. Today, I want you to become my person! " Wu Tie glared at Yan Minghe with bloodshot eyes.

It was as if she wanted to tear him apart on the spot.

Yan Minghe wanted to retreat, but because of the window behind him, he had nowhere to retreat to.

"Han Chi, you can't do this to me!" Yan Minghe shouted in fear, "Otherwise, I will never forgive you!"

He didn't know if the soundproofing effect of the car was too good, but the people outside couldn't hear his voice.

"If you don't forgive me, then hate me. Changing the method to make me stay in your heart is not bad."

Han Chi leaned towards Yan Minghe as he finished his sentence. Yan Minghe was frightened and at the same time, he felt despair.

"Minghe, you don't know how much I like you. I liked you from the first time I saw you three years ago. At that time, I thought you didn't like men, but because I was afraid that you would hate me, I kept this thought buried deep in my heart. "

"But a while ago, you told me that you liked my cousin Shen Wangchuan." At this point, Han Chi laughed nervously.

"What's so good about him? Why do you all like him? What's so bad about me!" Then, he grabbed Yan Minghe's collar and shouted crazily, "Hey, tell me, what's wrong with me? Why don't you like me? Why!"

Yan Minghe was so afraid that he was speechless as he looked at the crazy Han Chi.

He even felt that the person in front of him was not the Han Chi he knew. He was unfamiliar, terrifying, and insane, as if he was an Asura that came from hell.

Seeing that Yan Minghe didn't say anything, Han Chi slowly calmed down. When he spoke again, his tone was the same as usual.

Just the words caused the color of Yan Minghe's face to fade away.

Han Chi said, "I know it's your first time. The first time should be very painful. "In order to prevent you from hurting yourself, I've prepared something good for you."

Then, he took out a thumb-sized bottle and poured out a white pill the size of a fingernail.

Yan Minghe shook his head with all his might. Hearing Han Chi's words, Yan Minghe could probably guess what kind of pill that white pill was.

At the same time, his heart sank into the cold pond.

He heard a soundless cry in his heart, a cry for someone to come and save him.

However, it was indeed Han Chi who pinched his chin and forced him to swallow the white pill.

Yan Minghe started to cough violently. He wanted to spit out that piece of medicine, but Han Chi shamelessly gave him half a bottle of water.

"Minghe, it won't hurt." Han Chi murmured as he caressed Yan Minghe's face.

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