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C2 Ceo I Hit You Because I'm Sick

"Shen Wangchuan, I really didn't expect that you would actually be a crowned bird/beast villain!" Yan Minghe glared furiously at Shen Wangchuan. The right side of his face, which he covered with one hand, was still faintly hurting.

However, the physical pain was less than a thousandth of the pain in his heart.

He had realized since he was a teenager that he liked men, but he had never been able to see the right thing.

The first time he saw Shen Wangchuan during that part-time job at the bar, he had already fallen. The man was tall and handsome, with a handsome face and elegant demeanor. His whole body exuded a unique charm.

During the process of the two coming into contact, his heart couldn't help but pound incessantly.

Just when he thought that he could continue his development, he found out Shen Wangchuan's true identity. At the same time, he also found out that Shen Wangchuan was the one who planned everything from their meeting until their mutual understanding.

He questioned Shen Wangchuan over the phone, and Shen Wangchuan invited him to this luxurious hotel, saying that he would explain everything to him.

What awaited him was instead a slap from Shen Wangchuan that almost made his eyes pop out, and a crazy move that wanted to destroy his innocence.

Facing the condemnation of Yan Minghe, Shen Wangchuan was stunned for a moment. He rubbed his temples as he silently cursed the system.

Damn the System, this gave him a terrible mess.

"Minghe, it's all a misunderstanding between us." Shen Wangchuan quickly took action in his mind and spoke to Yan Minghe with a wronged expression.

Yan Minghe stared at Shen Wangchuan for a long time. This man had always been indifferent, as if he was indifferent to everything.

In his memory, Shen Wangchuan never showed such an aggrieved expression to him.


Yan Minghe had some doubts in his heart. Although he didn't believe Shen Wangchuan's misunderstanding, but seeing that he no longer had that previous arrogant and terrifying look, he was willing to listen to his explanation.

"What misunderstanding?" Yan Minghe asked coldly.

Following that, he used his slender and fair hands to button up the collar of his shirt. At the same time, he straightened his wrinkled shirt.

"I'm sick." Shen Wangchuan lowered his head and said sincerely.

He was an actor to begin with, so he did not care about acting at all.

"What?" He raised his head and looked at Shen Wangchuan in surprise. Then, as if he had thought of something, the corner of his mouth curled up and revealed a self-deprecating smile, "To deceive me, you even found such a clumsy excuse. Shen Wangchuan, you really are going all out!"

"I'm really not lying to you." Shen Wangchuan hurriedly explained, "If you don't believe me, I can show you the medical certificate."

Saying that, he took out his phone and pressed the send button.

Shen Wangchuan and the original owner naturally did not have any medical records to prove that this was all a masterpiece of the system.

Yan Minghe looked at his phone with a weird expression. With just a glance, his pupils constricted.

"Minghe, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have hit you. Is your face still hurting? Can I take you to the hospital?" Shen Wangchuan said softly, the gentleness in his eyes almost overflowing.

Since the task given by the system was to date the protagonist, Yan Minghe, then naturally, it meant that he was in love with her.

"When did you start?" Yan Minghe's hand, which was holding the phone, trembled.

Shen Wangchuan sighed and said leisurely, "Actually, my childhood was full of misfortune."

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