Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C3 Ceo Suddenly Encountering the Hero's Attack
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Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C3 Ceo Suddenly Encountering the Hero's Attack
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C3 Ceo Suddenly Encountering the Hero's Attack

Although the original owner's identity was only that of a CEO, but the reason why his mind was twisted was because his childhood was ruined, so Shen Wangchuan wasn't lying.

Just when he thought Yan Minghe was going to get to the bottom of this, he saw Yan Minghe retract his gaze and said: "I can pretend that nothing happened today, but we shouldn't meet again in the future."

After Yan Minghe said that, he stood up and walked towards the door. The moment he opened the door, one of his hands was grabbed by Shen Wangchuan.

"Minghe, I really like you. I hope you can give me a chance."

"I already said, let's not meet again in the future." Yan Minghe shook off his hand and said forcefully.

To him, Shen Wangchuan's identity was like the difference between heaven and earth. Even if they were to be together in the future, it would be hard to guarantee that Shen Wangchuan would not just play around.

If love is a gamble, he didn't dare to gamble.

What's more, he kept recalling the words that someone had told him from time to time. It was all Shen Wangchuan's doing.

His childhood, which had suffered so much damage, made him not dare to easily believe in such a person.

"Why? Is it because I'm sick?" Shen Wangchuan's eyes were slightly red. The words he said directly hit Yan Minghe's heart.


"Then why?" Shen Wangchuan continued to ask.

"Because …" Before Yan Minghe could finish his sentence, he was pulled back by someone else and fell to the ground.

Following that, a man wrapped his arm around his waist and asked in concern, "Are you alright?"

Yan Minghe looked up and met the man's phoenix eyes. There was even a teardrop mark under the corner of his eye.

She was incomparably beautiful, and there was even a trace of gentleness in the sunlight. With just a glance, she looked like a celestial being.

Yan Minghe was stunned.

Shen Wangchuan did not expect that the main character would appear so quickly to attack Wang Yun Chen. However, for his own mission, he still snatched Yan Minghe from Wang Yuncheng's arms at the fastest speed possible.

By the time Yan Minghe reacted, he had already fallen into Shen Wangchuan's embrace. He subconsciously struggled, but no matter what, he could not get away. In the end, he could only glare at him angrily.

For Shen Wangchuan, the greatest threat at the moment was Wang Yuncheng.

"Mister, what did you mean just now?" Shen Wangchuan stared at Wang Yuncheng with an unfriendly gaze.

He had to remind Wang Yuncheng that Yan Minghe was now one of his men in order to avoid trouble in the future.

"It's not interesting. If you see injustice, then help out." Wang Yuncheng raised an eyebrow and casually said, "I'm just afraid that a beauty would suffer. If Mister's relationship with this beauty breaks down, how about giving me a chance?"

Originally, Yan Minghe had a good impression of this beauty with long looks. However, after he said those frivolous words, that good impression of his lost all at once.

"Nothing." Shen Wangchuan's cold eyes carried a hint of warning as he said coldly, "This is my man. If anyone dares to have any ideas about him, I will definitely make them suffer!"

Yan Minghe's heart was suddenly filled with excitement when he heard that. No one had ever seen him in such an important light.

Wang YunChen looked at Yan Minghe with a faint smile and ignored Shen Wangchuan's words. He nonchalantly handed Yan Minghe a name card and said, "My name is Wang Yuncheng, this is my name card."

Shen Wangchuan squinted his eyes, stood in front of Yan Minghe and stretched out his left hand. "I'm Shen Wangchuan. It's a pleasure to meet you."

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