Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C8 The Kid Just Can't Let It Go Says the Ceo
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Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C8 The Kid Just Can't Let It Go Says the Ceo
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C8 The Kid Just Can't Let It Go Says the Ceo

"Little big brother's name is so nice." Han Duoduo praised. This made Yan Minghe smile in response, "The name Han Duoduo sounds good."

Han Duoduo leaned close to Yan Minghe and whispered in his ear, "Oh yeah, I want to ask little brother, what's your relationship with my cousin?"

"Friendship." Yan Minghe blurted out without thinking.

Shen Wangchuan was a bit depressed in his heart. He didn't expect that he had already gained 10 points of love value. It turned out that in Yan Minghe's heart, he was just friends.

It seemed that he had to continue working hard in the future.

"You're lying, little big brother, the way you look at your cousin can't fool me." Han Duoduo gave a sly smile and said mysteriously, "If my guess is correct, you must have fallen for my cousin."

Before Yan Minghe could open his mouth, Shen Wangchuan lightly rebuked, "Nonsense!"

Han Duoduo rolled her eyes and retorted, "I'm not messing around. I'm just speaking the truth. If Cousin doesn't believe me, I can help you verify it."

"I believe you're a ghost." Shen Wangchuan snorted at this.

"How about we make a bet?" It was as if Han Duoduo had fallen in love with Shen Wangchuan and was pressing on him step by step.

Shen Wangchuan said with a chuckle, "Kids, what are you betting on? Hurry up and go back."

"I don't." Han Duoduo said stubbornly, "My eyes have always been accurate. I can tell that the two of you like each other. It's just that you're too embarrassed to say it out loud for some reason."

Shen Wangchuan looked at Yan Minghe and deliberately asked, "Is that so?"

Yan Minghe shook his head.

"You saw it right? It's not like what you said. If you have nowhere to place your brain cells, then go and write a short story." Shen Wangchuan said sincerely to Han Duoduo.

"Writing a novel, that's a good idea. "I have already decided, I will make you two the protagonists in my book on the spot, and then …" Han Duoduo pondered for a while before a thought struck her brain. She continued, "Then the name of the book will be called, my cousin's sweet daily life with his boyfriend."

Shen Wangchuan wanted to support his forehead, but he couldn't be bothered to lower himself to her level. He immediately ordered her to leave, "Let's go. Go back to where you came from."

"It's raining so heavily outside. Cousin, are you going to let a little girl like me out in the rain?" Han Duoduo sat on the sofa with her arms wrapped around her pillow as she looked at Shen Wangchuan and said pitifully.

"Then why didn't you get drenched when you came? If I'm not wrong, there should be a driver waiting for you downstairs. "Don't pretend to be weak and pitiful. To tell you the truth, it's useless to me at all."

In order to prevent Han Duoduo from playing any more tricks, Shen Wangchuan could only lay his cards on the table with Han Duoduo.

"Cousin, do you dislike me this much?" The corner of Han Duoduo's eyes were slightly red, making Yan Minghe want to speak up for her.

Shen Wangchuan sensed Yan Minghe's intention and quickly made a gesture to stop him.

Yan Minghe thought that this was someone else's family matter, so he didn't want to interfere, so he swallowed back the words that were stuck in his throat.

"Yes, I just don't like you." Shen Wangchuan crossed his arms and said seriously.

Han Duoduo: "Aren't you afraid that I'll go in front of grandpa and say that you treat me badly, and then get grandpa to say that to you?"

"Then go, I don't care." Shen Wangchuan shrugged and said disapprovingly.

The devilish brat just couldn't let it go!

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