Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C9 President's Essay the So-called Soul Coherence
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Quick Transmigration Strategy: Host’s In Love Again/C9 President's Essay the So-called Soul Coherence
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C9 President's Essay the So-called Soul Coherence

The original owner was afraid of Han Duoduo's' complaint ', while Shen Wangchuan was afraid of her' corruption '.

Thus, he had already made up his mind to not get used to Han Duoduo's bad temper.

Originally, he thought that Han Duoduo would definitely make a ruckus after hearing what he said. He didn't expect that she would be so calm as she asked Shen Wangchuan, "Cousin, do you really want me to leave?"

Shen Wangchuan was shocked, "Let's go."

"Cousin, I can leave, but you have to fulfill a small request of mine." Han Duoduo smiled slyly as she looked back and forth between Shen Wangchuan and Yan Minghe.

"What request?"

"I'd like some pictures of you together."


"You can do it on the spot."

Shen Wangchuan angrily said, "Your Brother Minghe will not agree."

The moment he said that, Yan Minghe couldn't stand the pleading eyes of the little girl, "I'm willing."

Pah! Shen Wangchuan was slapped in the face by Yan Minghe on the spot.

Han Duoduo laughed so hard that her eyes almost became slits.

Seeing that Shen Wangchuan was still reluctant, he quickly urged: "Cousin, stand with Brother Wu Steeler so I can take your photos. I'll leave right after I finish."

From Shen Wangchuan's point of view, since Yan Minghe had already agreed, he wouldn't be a man if he continued to hesitate, so he could only reluctantly agree.

However, he still had to remind Han Duoduo. After all, his identity wasn't ordinary. Some of the photos were easily exposed by people he knew, causing unnecessary trouble.

What's more, Yan Minghe was still a student at school. To him, if this kind of photo was spread out, it would definitely be full of harm and not gain any benefit.

"It's fine to take pictures, but the pictures must be kept secret. They must not be leaked out."

Cousin, of course I know this. I'm not a child, and the reason why I want your photos is because I want to collect them. Han Duoduo vowed solemnly.

To Shen Wangchuan, he was a passerby in this world anyway. Since Lili made such a serious promise, he had no doubt about it.

Thus, under Han Duoduo's urging, he stood with Yan Minghe.

The two of them were about the same height, and standing together, they seemed to be abnormally harmonious.

Even Han Duoduo couldn't help but exclaim, "A handsome and handsome man, a handsome and handsome man; such a perfect match!"

Shen Wangchuan was afraid that Yan Minghe would get angry, so he glared at Han Duoduo and warned her in a clear tone, "Stop talking nonsense. Are you still taking pictures? If you don't, then I'll forgive you."

"Of course, of course. How could I miss such a good opportunity?" After saying that, Han Duoduo took out a small, exquisite camera the size of a palm from her backpack.

Kacha. Kacha.

Shen Wangchuan felt that it was enough and asked, "Are you done?"

"I keep having the feeling that the two of you stand here with less of a spirit understanding." Han Duoduo looked at the photo in the camera, then looked at them with dissatisfaction.

"You little girl, what else do you know?" Shen Wangchuan couldn't help but mock him. He didn't know why, but once he saw that the devilish brat wasn't happy anymore, he felt like gloating in his heart.

"Of course." Han Duoduo walked in front of them and pulled Shen Wangchuan's arm, "Just like that. Cousin, come closer, then face to face. Come closer."

According to Han Duoduo's request, Shen Wangchuan and Wu Tie were so close that the tip of their noses almost touched. However, Han Duoduo was still unsatisfied and said that the angle was not good enough.

He then moved around them constantly, looking for a suitable angle.

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