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C1 Calming Sweets

"Mia Carson" the fat cleaner stopped Mia on her way back to the classroom. A groan escaped her lips as she walked back the few steps to see why she was called.

"Yes ma'am Rosalyn" Mia responded with her nails digging deep into her right palms. Something was off with her and ma'am Rosalyn knew what it was.

Just a little inquiry would prove her right.

The woman beckoned on her to sit beside her on the pavement while Mia reluctantly obeyed. She had wanted to refuse the woman's need to talk with her but they've always done this each passing day. The woman was like a mom to her and irrespective of her status, Mia still let her come around her.

Other students detest seeing the cleaner being nice or kind towards them as they hated associating with people of low standards. They are the wealthy types and could crush anyone with money and power.

"Are you dejected because they never showed up as promised?" Ma'am Rosalyn asked and she looked at her. This woman might have noticed too.

"you mean my family?" Mia asked and got a nod in return. She sniffed and began to cry while she got a soft pat on her back. Ma'am Rosalyn tried consoling her while she wondered why she was this hurt.

Mia quickly wiped her tears to avoid the students walking by not to get the wrong impression about what was amiss. Hell no! they wouldn't. They probably have sensed it with the way she had left the school hall abruptly.

Her parents were supposed to show up to show up for her presentation since it was the beginning of her final year in school. She winced and looked around. The students were walking on without looking to her side.

Ma'am Rosalyn dipped her left hand into her breast pocket and brought out some sweets.

"Have this" She urged. "once you have a taste of these, you will feel a lot calmed. It's ice and sweet to the tongue" She added.

Mia received it and mumbled a 'thank you'. She unwrapped the sweet and when it rested on her tongue afterwards, she moaned and suddenly thought it had some healing powers. She slapped her senses back and laughed at her exaggeration.

The ice feel of the sweet had made her think such nonsense.

She felt the chill of the weather suddenly get severe but she never minded it. At least her family would never care if she dies.

Sitting there with ma'am Rosalyn actually made her at ease. Why had she not thought of this remedy earlier? Her previous thoughts flashed through. she had wanted to go sulking in the class where she would be bullied and trampled on.

She's been such a weakling and an easily frightened type of person. Her best friend Valentino ran past them but suddenly ran back to make sure he had seen clearly.

He has been looking for Mia ever since she left the event going on in the school hall.

"Damn! So you watched me run past this...why did you not yell my name? I have been looking everywhere for you?"

"Even in the toilets?" Mia jokingly asked and stood to her feet. "I was not even aware you walked by or ran past us neither did I see your shadow. You call me your best friend and you do not know I hang out with ma'am Rosalyn" She added and stood akimbo.

He suddenly realized his mistake and made a cute puppy face at her. She melted and punched him playfully on the shoulder.

"Ma'am, thanks for the company. I need to go home now" Mia said as the woman's lips formed and 'O'

"it's 4:50 already. Go home safely and you too Vale" She bade them good bye.

Mia left but Valentino stopped and whispered something to the woman before running after Mia.

The girl was fast at walking. He got tired and halted to catch his breath.

"A whole Valentino is so lazy" Mia said from the distance. He quickly got to his feet and ran up towards her.

They got to the garage and it was still packed up with cars. Maybe the students weren't ready to leave yet. Valentino kept on trying to find his car. His car was mixed up with three other blue cars of the same model with his.

He found his and helped Mia with the car door. She got in and he did same. Mia tried to buckle her seatbelt but he had beaten her to it.

"What are my hands used for?" She murmured thinking he would not hear. He snorted and drove out if the garage. They were now on the tarred bridge road with the ride so quiet and boring.

He played a kpop song to avoid getting mixed into the silence. Mia on the other hand kept herself busy with a pamphlet.

He dropped Mia at her home and alighted to help with the door which she sensibly knew he would go after. Alighting on her own, she stood still glaring at the entrance door like it was the cause of her plight.

"Go in already" Valentino persuaded but she stood there like a rock unmoved by nothing but her thoughts clouded with hurt and pain. Her parents never made it the last to keep on failing her but had it endlessly continued. She took a step and another till she got to the door and flipped out her phone from her purse.

After a short call, the door was flung wide open. Her nanny stood there with their home cat Winnie just to welcome her. Her nanny helped her with the school bag and her school materials for the presentation she had regretted ever preparing for.

Mia turned and bade her best friend goodbye before walking further into the house. Her parents were not home yet. She fell flat faced on her huge bed and almost knocked down the cat that had jumped into her bed also.


it kept on disturbing her till she fell asleep. She knew she was mean for not cuddling the pet. It had meowed in worry that she was dejected and frustrated but she only thought it to be an evade of privacy.

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