Raven/C2 Weird smell coming from there
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Raven/C2 Weird smell coming from there
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C2 Weird smell coming from there

Mia woke up pretty late than usual with her body aching badly. She had no one to blame except her stupidity for over stressing herself the past three days just for a nonsense presentation which her parents never came for. Her mates had their parents with them and they took so much photos unlike her who seemed like an orphan.

Ever since she got transferred to Meadowlark academy, her parents had never set foot in there. No wonder, the other kids bullied her with that.

They made sure to see she cried in front of everyone before they could end it with her. She was a piece of trash too. Sometimes, she wondered why Valentino had walked up to her on that ugly day.

24 months prior.....

Mia was all alone sitting quietly near the dump. Earlier she was seated in class reading newspapers when the queen bee of the academy 'Carly' banged her boots on her desk.

Distracted by the sound, she looked up from the newspaper and sighed in worry.

There was a lot coming; she sensed. She tried to ignore the savage girl even with how frightened and fast her heart might have been beating.

Next, her hair was pulled and she was dragged all the way from class to where the trash cans were. It then occurred to her why this bitch had pulled her over here.

Carly had gotten into trouble upon bullying an innocent Cherry, a first year student who was oblivious as to how savage Carly was.

Cherry was said to have been pushed from the school roof top and ended up getting seriously injured, her legs broken and her head smashed at the side.

The girl was presently in comatose but injustice was done. Carly was supposed to be punished only for her beast of a father, the friend to the owner of the academy to restrict the supposed punishment on her daughter; jail terms precisely.

Just to avoid a lot of ugly news or preconceived opinion about what Carly's father has done, she was punished with cleaning services.

Mia looked at the trash cans that was upside down and dirts all over the floor. She felt the smell unbearable and used her handkerchief to cover her nose.

The smell was so bad. "Clean it up" Carly ordered knowing fully well that Mia would do it. The girl was this easily threatened.

Mia picked up the trash can but a hand stopped her. it was Valentino the new guy in school. He looked like a nerd but he was from a reputable family.

He offered to do it instead and everyone laughed in mockery. "A nerd and a bitch. Ain't they compatible?" Someone said amidst the small crowd that was now in view to watch Carly showcase her savage side.

Mia loved how Valentino helped her but wondered why he was so kind to her. Irrespective of that, their friendship kindled greatly.

Amidst her reminiscing, she perceived something weird. She used her palms to cover her nose. Her cat Winnie would have perceived it beforehand but where was she?

Nanny Penelope walked in with berries in her hand. She loves to have berries in the morning before meals and normally she makes ready the breakfast, unlike today that Mia woke up so early than usual.

She coughed and that got Mia facing her in a swift.

"The kitchen smells weird and I think the weird smell is coming from there" Mia pointed and advanced further towards the cupboard. She pulled the lower drawer that was partly broken and the smell grew worse.

Nanny Penelope lightly pushed her aside and dipped her two hands into the cupboard pulling out a creature. Mia looked clearly and screamed.

Winnie laid face up in Nanny Penelope's hands and she was lifeless and oozing a corpse smell. Mia fell back and began to shed tears.

Winnie was like a family to her apart from the nanny and her crazy parents but one of her family was gone. What could have caused this disaster to occur.

"Winnie" She poked the dead cat expecting a miracle to happen quickly. She looked at nanny Penelope and saw she was crying too.

Her hand was shaking and she looked like she was keeping something from her. The dead cat fell from her hands immediately with Mia almost upset she had hurt the cat more.

"What's wrong with you nanny pen?" She asked but got a shook of head in return. The woman moved back a bit causing Mia to become scared already.

"It's my fault she died. In fact you weren't supposed to see her corpse." Nanny Penelope wailed

"What happened? I don't understand you" Mia groaned.

"The night creatures attacked last night but before the attack, I had slipped in some sleeping pills in the juice I gave you. I was worried you would never get some sleep while thinking of how your parents had failed you"

"So that's why I slept off too early? Winnie was by my side trying to console me before I slept off. I could have stayed up with her. Who killed my Winnie?"

"Night creatures I said. You don't know them actually. In fact, before your parents traveled down to this place with you for a fresh start, a lot had happened. Those creatures whom we were told were the vampires, zombies and werewolves usually had their meal over here."

"Nanny please stop spitting nonsense. That can only happen in the movies." Mia disagreed starring at the strands of fur in her hand. Those were Winnie's furs.

"Oh dear, I knew you would never believe such but trust me I heard their ugly sounds yesternight but I was too scared to climb out of bed to check on Winnie. I heard her cry and even when she left your room I knew then that she had seen those creatures. She probably used the rat hole later on and got poisoned."

"And I presumed she had ran back in and the only place she felt warm was the cupboard. A vampire had poisoned her I thought so but for you not to see so much blood, I had it cleaned, even the cat too. I wanted to dispose it but you woke up too soon"

"Nanny why? you could have left me to drown in my own pain. Probably then, I would have stayed up with Winnie"

"I was a mother too and I could not have watched you suffer like that. I'm so sorry I failed to protect your Cat"

Nanny was right. A mother can not watch a child so much hurt and neglect that. Nanny was a mother of twins before but they were both killed by unknown men when she had taken them out to buy clothes.

That's the story nanny had told her and it makes her pity the woman so much. She was like a mother to her just like ma'am Rosalyn was.

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