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C3 Luca Tartal

The day was not so much bright though but Mia had totally put the incident of yesterday behind her. Yesterday, she also got a call from her mother. They would be returning home in two weeks. She grabbed her packed lunch and called out for the nanny.

Nanny Penelope was to see her off to the bus station. The road was not busy and everywhere looked almost deserted.

Nanny bade her goodbye once she had got into one of the buses. She clutched her bag while the bus driver soon got in and off they went.

The school was very noisy when she arrived. She got to class, dropped her bag and rushed over to the library.

She was still heading to the library but suddenly fell. Something was in the way and she had not seen.

She looked to her front and saw a pair of green sneakers facing her. "Hahahaha" Students around mocked and she felt ashamed for being looked at as a clumsy girl.

She knew she had been tripped purposely. She stood and adjusted her hair but the sight before made her choke on her saliva.

"Hello Mia" he said

She became scared. She had never wanted him to be back. She looked and saw he was still looking at her.

He had gone on a six days trip to Seoul in Korea, for a short movie. He was to actually meet with a lot of people regarding his new movie.

He's been hell for Mia and she detested his face even. He is this kind of a tall guy, red haired and dangerously handsome but behind that face is a demon.

He loves it when you suffer or perhaps have no life in you. Mia had a slight breathing space when he had left, even though his sister "Carly" was there to bully her.

There is no much to expect from twins who behave just identical. You would wonder how their father would be like. Carly Tartal and Luca Tartal!!!

He pulled her by the hair and when they got to the class, he halted and pushed her to a corner in the class.

Carly hissed like a snake and welcomed him with a heavy punch that got his nose oozing blood. He rubbed his nose and wiped the blood off. Carly was actually exerting an older sister's right.

Luca had returned a day previously and had not directly returned home or even contacted anyone.

"heard you came back yesterday morning, never cared to call me huh?" she gushed. He laughed shortly and walked closer to her.

"Are you playing the mom? Mom's dead so hands off my life" he yelled and looked at Mia and then the table beside him.

He groaned and pulled it up and then smashed it on the floor. "Will you fucking let me be?" Everyone moved back knowing he was not in a good mood.

"Just wanted to let you know that I had sold your house out thinking you would never come home again"

He heard this and laughed heading towards Mia who suddenly moved back.

"Carly, I don't care. Just so you know what devil he's gonna see today" He said and pulled Mia back.

"Why are you moving away from me huh? Guys Did I not become much more handsome? A handsome guy like me needs to be seen always and not avoided right?" they nodded and muttered "yes" in chorus.

"You've made me furious you know. I am in a good mood so, I wanna watch you do something for me" he said and signalled to his friends to help him out.

They helped him pull Mia along till they arrived the swimming pool. He opened a box of drinks and picked out one.

"What am I gonna do here?" Mia asked

"Swimming" he mumbled and lit himself a cigarette. He smoked it and widly exhaled its smoke from his nostril.

She felt disgusted and coughed very hard. He knew she could not swim and had specially planned to watch her suffer.

She pleaded to be let off this weird plans of his but he was no human as he planned to enjoy all of her cries.

Her hands were tied together so was her legs too and then she was pushed into the deep pool. She tried to hold her breath and every second she brought out her head from off the water.

She was trying to loosen the rope but kept on getting herself sinking. She yelled for help. No one would even care to help.

Where was Valentino? No one here to help her. She tried to come out of the water but one of his friends pushed her back in.

They watched her in enjoyment while they discussed too.

"What if she drowns?" the youngest of the buds clique asked. The buds clique was actually the name Luca gave his friendship clique. A clique of four; Luca, Mason, Nate and Rex.

They've been friends from grade two and had never parted their friendship till now. Luca feels it's a warm case to have friends who would support him unlike his sister who cares just so much about money.

She has just sold his house and now he has to take it back forcefully. He remembered his own father telling him about the violent taking what belongs to them by force. Funny! he laughed. That was on his twelfth birthday.

Soon, they left the pool with Mia who struggled out and wriggled on the bare floor to catch her breath.

She was still tied up. Valentino ran up to her and loosened her up. He has been standing there for a while showing how fast he had ran up to her.

Mia did not need to blame him. Who would never be scared of Luca?

"I could have helped you but—" he was interrupted immediately by Mia's index finger. She removed her index finger from his lips and stood up.

"You don't need to give an explanation. Argh my back hurts. Let's go back to class or we might miss Chemistry class"

He nodded and off they went. She stopped by the clinic and paid for a pain relief medicine. She was feeling cold. Who swims on a snowy day? Luca must have thought she would be smoked like fish.

She kept coughing and shivering till they got to class. Her dress was still wet and she had no change of clothes either

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