Raven/C4 Bring me Raven Alive
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Raven/C4 Bring me Raven Alive
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C4 Bring me Raven Alive

By night, the leaves in the forest swept off from the grounds. The night was chilly and very windy. The night hunt was on very early than usual. Although the boss had not given a go ahead for all of them to attack the residents in their home.

They had to settle for the careless of them all. Some of the residents would be arriving home from their work places today and its going to some fresh entertainment.

Soon, a woman and her husband alighted from the taxi. The man tried to help the woman out but something dug into his sides. He yelped and turned around meeting two wolf eyes starring back at him.

Another creature emerged and just when he was about to scared, his wife's blood flowed through from the taxi. The driver was dead and so was his wife.

"Join us for this night" the dirty whisper cursed him to stuck his index fingers into his ears. He was in pain.

He felt his blood been sucked and then life was out of him and something controlled him.

"What did you do to him?" One of them asked approaching them with his. hands all blood stained.

"I turned him into one of us, just for the night. I think the orb is fading so we need to use him for the night" the female voice said.

"Into a zombie? what now? focus on important people not some petty people. I'm out of here to find the fresh blood"

"Luca, I don't think there is a fresh blood even" she tackled.

"Father says she lives in this area. Just fucking close up your dirty mouth" he yelled.

They grabbed two children who were with their parents. They had wanted to hide but was caught quickly.

"Please spare my children" the woman cried. She tried to run back with her children but something swiftly ran towards them.

It was a human and a female one. She was putting on all black and her face was masked.

Luca halted on his tracks. The lady's aura was just double of his. She was seething within.

She flipped out a long stick from no where and swung it on the she-wolf. The girl winced and fell to her knees.

Luca knew the girl was trouble. His dad had warned him about meeting Raven. In fact who was this Raven?

Luca advanced towards her and tried to aim at her with his pistol. He had just his pistol and if that does not do the job of protection, he would use his second option of trying to deceitfully attack from behind.

His pistol bullet went straight to her but she dodged it and ended up knocking it out from his hand. With her boots, she smashed the pistol.

He was shocked but then it was time to go back to their dwelling.

The siren drew their attention and they went back.

Mr Tartal was furious and immediately called out to his men standing.

"Bring me Raven alive" he said as they nodded and left. Who was she to be a total block in his game?

He's been hatching his plans for a long time and could remember how it all started.

It is just gonna be a little while and he would crush Raven to pieces. Raven seemed not to have known he was the mastermind of this alliance.

Raven got to her cottage up the hill in a farther part of the city. removed her mask and the same time the lights went off. Only the moonlight rays could permit her view in the already dark room.

Her men came in all injured. One of them slumped on of the chairs looking very tired. He had a huge bite mark on his arm.

"What happened there Klein?" she asked the one on the chair. He sniffed in the cold air and it hurt his nose abruptly.

"I got bitten by those motherfucker" he gritted his and frowned on the thought of how he yelled like an idiot some hours prior.

Raven took a green bottle and applied some of its contents on the wound. She sensed it was a gang attack on him and he seemed poisoned.

"Why is the light turned off?" She asked them while she tried to stop the wounded guy from screaming his heart out.

"Power outage" one replied. Raven almost thought it was the night beasts at work again but that would be stupid of them. She has gotten no alerts of their movements. Maybe by now the anonymous boss would focus on having her head first. She wiped the blood off the wound and opened another bottle. She poured it out and used it to wash his wound before placing a bandage around it.

"All done" She said and faced the window. The night breeze forced itself in through the window. She asked them to give her privacy while she lit the short candle and scribbled down something on her book. The candle was not giving enough light but she managed.



Carly went clubbing at SHARON. She was all wide and giving off cool vibes. A guy walked towards her and held her by the waist. He was looking handsome and she suddenly liked him. He admired her mini gown and blue scarf around her neck while he kept on staring at her too.

"What have you come for?"

"Nothing you know not of" he said and rubbed her bare shoulder. She felt a tingle and pulled him by the collar immediately.

"Let us just dance" she said about to pull away but he pulled her back. He was licking his lower lip and that got her upset.

One thing she had ever hated was when a guy would end up doing such nonsense as though she's a piece of cake.

She faked a smile and pulled him along to the restroom. He had a grin already and went on to grab her by the top of her gown.

"Clueless" She mumbled. He did not hear that and went on kissing. She reciprocated and then bit his lips hard. He felt a sharp teeth dig into his mouth.

A vampire! his brain ticked. He tried to escape but she grabbed his sides and in a twinkle of an eye, He was now white.

She washed herself and sneaked out with her scarf now on her head.

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