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C5 The dare

As son as she left the restroom, a man yelled. She giggled and made haste out of there.

Everyone panicked. Were they gonna be attacked in broad day now? They may all die soon.

Mr Tartal heard the news and went bizarre over it. His daughter had done her own wish neglecting what he had stated out.

She came home abruptly and made to walk past him like a sly fox. He halted her quickly.

"What have you done?" he asked, standing to his feet with his left hand on his tinted brown goatee rubbing it with his thoughts running crazy.

"I just walked in here" she said and had her two hands into her coat pocket. He grabbed her by the neck while she struggled for breath.

"Who gave you the order?" he asked her. She yelped and managed to say a word: "please" He let go of her and she ended up falling to the floor.

"He pissed me off and I couldn't help it" She said coughing deeply. Luca walked in with some books in his hands. He feigned ignorance to what was amiss and continued climbing the stairs.

It was no new thing seeing the two of them in a heated spot like that. Carly felt her tears trick down her face.

"Dad, your blood runs in my vein but not tolerance. I can't tolerate the humans at all" she said as he melted.

"I know that too my dear" he said and cuddled her. She grinned unknown to him and rubbed her tears off. He disengaged from the hug and walked over to the lounge to relax his head.

Carly turned sharply and watched him till his back could not be seen anymore.

"Don't worry father, the humans are going to hear from me soon. They are not just a threat but my successor key" she grinned and grabbed the glass of orangeade in the tray which the maid was holding. She was going to serve it to Luca.

"Serve him another one and stop giving me that look" Carly yelled at her as she flinched.

In school, Luca's friends were gathered at their usual. They cheered on immediately he had come over there with his laptop along.

Normally, his friends know him for his obsession for that laptop.

"Its game time man! Drop the laptop" Mason said arranging the empty bottles of alcohol which they had just drank at a corner.

"Who is hosting today's game?"Luca asked, dropping the laptop with him.

"A game of bottle flipping" Mason said

"The game's old fashioned already" Luca frowned. Mason ignored him and set the bottles aside.

"In this game, we would flip the bottles like we usually do in bottle flipping but whoever loses in any round gets an unsatisfying dare"

"What's the dare Mason?" Rex asked. He rubbed his nose, his hands itching him to play. He was expecting a dare that involves girls since he's a Casanova.

"A dare to make ugly Mia fall in love with you" Mason said

"Why her? Is there no better lady?" Rex groaned.

"She's the ugly one that I could think of. Besides it could be much fun if Luca loses and earns the dare. I will go first" Mason giggled.

He won and yelled in joy. Others did and it got to Luca's turn. He lost and out of shock, he smashed his laptop to the ground.

"No way! I'm the best in this game. On a first round...What happened?" He asked. They knew he hated losing and today luck was away from him.

"The dare..." Mason was about to say when Nate picked the bottle.

He flipped his and lost immediately.

"To make Mia fall in love with me? She's too fragile. She would succumb to me easily" Nate said with full confidence that he could make Mia fall for him.

Luca realized he was looking like the coward there. He picked his half broken laptop and banged his hand on the ground where they sat in the garden.

"The dare thing...I will do it " Luca said and sat back down. It would be easy. He could just force her.

"No threatening allowed"

"Wait is there another motive behind this dare?" Luca asks while Mason and Rex laughed and left there. Luca felt his throat dry. He was hungry and thirsty the same time. Nate picked up a bottle of alcohol and they both sighed together and drank the remaining content of the bottles of alcohol there. They got drunk and kept mumbling nonsense.

Mia ran to the garden as Valentino was chasing after her. She stopped and began panting.

"OK, fine, come have it" She said stretching her hand for him to take the ice lolly pack from her.

"But at least promise to give me some" she said. He smiled and collected it. Just when he wanted to give her out of it, a hand grabbed Mia.

"Ha! Let me go"Mia yelled and finally struggled out of the person's hold. It was Luca. She moved away from him.

"Val, why is he looking at me like that?" Mia asked and looked around not finding Valentino around.

She panicked and moved back since he had this aura that surrounded him so much that it made him look scary.


She quickly ran off but he held her back. She was baffled. Did he run so fast to have caught up with her? She panicked the more.

"Please let me go" She pleaded. She was having dirty thoughts already. What if he wants to rape her?

She began to cry. Her friend had just left her and no one was here to save her.

"Don't do this please" she pleaded. He planted kisses on her neck and it made her flinch. Her mind went numb immediately. She suddenly felt something sharp graze her skin. She gasped and tried to free herself from him. Her skin was hurting her and that thing was sharp as a blade.


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