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(Three years ago)

“That was great again lover boy. “ Kristine one of Logan’s bedwarmers said huskily.

He was zipping up his pants and she was buttoning her top when they heard knocks. His forehead creased. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing such things at his office but he was a virile man. Kristine came to his office in her usual revealing clothes and the rest was history. What he liked about her was she wasn’t only sexy, she knew how to make him happy in bed. She wasn’t that pretty but that wasn’t so important to him. If she satisfied his needs, then that was it.

“Hurry up! Get inside the toilet! Don’t come out unless I say so!” He demanded when he heard a female voice then several knocks.

“Darrin Logan! Open this door!” His mother’s voice sounded annoyed.

He couldn’t help saying a bad word as he urged Kristine to get into the toilet. He was going to be in trouble for sure once his mother found out what they have been doing. With a heavy sigh, he straightened his tie and flexed his shoulder muscles then opened his office’s door.

His mother’s pretty face was frowning heavily and she was looking at him with eyes like half-slits.

“Ma! What a pleasant surprise! Why didn’t you call me to say that you are coming today?” He asked with a smile before kissing her on the cheek.

He had to lower his head and bend forward so his lips would land on his mother’s cheek. She had to tilt her face a bit too. Like his father, he was very tall. He was well over six feet while his mother was petite. His mother’s eyes roamed the room.

“Have you been working hard Darrin? I hope you weren’t doing things which you are not supposed to and you know what I mean right?” Isabelle asked with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

He raked his fingers through his hair and tried to sound normal. His mother’s tongue could be very sharp when she was annoyed. Isabelle Contrero was like food which was a mixture of sweet and sour. Even his father just keep silent when she was mad. She faced him with her slim arms folded on her chest. She had one brow raised as she glared at him

He cleared his throat. “Ma, I have to check some documents for the presentation later but I can spare time to take you out to an early lunch. “ he said in his coaxing sexy voice.

Most of the time his charms worked since he was the youngest among his two other siblings. They were triplets. He was hoping that she would say yes so they can leave because he didn’t trust Kristine a bit. He was afraid that she would come out from the toilet and show herself. His mother’s eyes were now slits and she didn’t answer him. Instead, she walked to his desk and got a pen, She then bent forward to get something on the floor. He couldn’t help uttering a bad word.

“ Are you checking some documents or some female?” She asked angrily as she dangled Kristine’s bikini with his pen.


“That’s it Darrin Logan Contrero! I really don’t understand why you let go of Annessa! She is intelligent and so sweet! She is way better than your other women! You ruined your chance to be with a decent and beautiful woman! I don’t know what is running in your head! Your father and I always do our best to guide you and your siblings especially you since you are the youngest! You are really a disappointment! From now on your older brother Dylan will manage the new resort instead of you! You are irresponsible and I don’t want to trust you with it! Go take a long vacation before you ruin our business!”

(At the present time)

“Hey bro! What are you thinking! You have been quiet! When you become silent we do worry that you are up to something!” Simon one of his best buddies joked.

Logan just grinned and drank more booze. They were at Simon’s sister Heidi’s party. He just got back from the States. He stayed there for three years as a part of his rehabilitation. That was the term his mother used. He could say that for the past three years he had changed a lot. As a part of his punishment, he helped his grandfather on his mother side ran his business. His mother’s father had spas and restaurants in California which he managed with his wife Mary Dury so they appreciated him helping them.

But he was the one who decided to come back to his home country not his mother or his grandparents. It was time to go back since he knew that he really changed for the better. Gone was the happy-go-lucky Darrin Logan Contrero. His mother won’t call him irresponsible now. He was more serious in everything, work-related or not. He had learned a lot from his rehabilitation. His brother Dylan couldn’t manage their resorts and hotels now since he and his wife opened a start-up business abroad. Their father retired already and just wanted to spend most of his time with their mother so he was just their adviser now. His elder sister Danica wasn’t interested in any of their family businesses. She was more into baking and she opened bake shops which were doing well. So his family had no other choice but him. He was confident that he wouldn’t disappoint them this time. He had a lot of reasons for coming back but the most important was because of one woman. His Annessa. It was high time he went back for her. He had given her enough years to mature and now he had to take what was his.

“Hey bro! You got to see this! “ Simon said as he nudged his side with his elbow.

Frowning, he turned to what he was looking at. He couldn’t help muttering a bad word with who he saw.


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