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Her friend Jill is talking to her but Annessa’s mind seemed to have shut off.

Hmm.. so he is really back… She told herself before heaving a sigh and removed her eyes from him.

That Logan Contrero didn’t deserve her attention. She had cried buckets of tears because of him already. She mustn’t waste even a single tear for that cunning man anymore.

“Goodness Anne! Look at him! I didn’t have any clue that your super hot but Casanova ex will be here!” Did you know that he was coming?!” Jill asked with her eyes wide.

“Oh please Jill! Do you really think that I would go if I knew he would be here?” She rolled her eyes and started to look for the birthday girl, Heidi.

“Bestie he is looking this way! Gosh! Logan aka hot Contrero is hotter and hunkier!!” Jill said giddy as a school gilr.

Annessa’s eyes narrowed when she remembered why her friends called her ex, hot Contrero. But right now she would rather forget what happened in the past.

“Will you stop looking at him! Oh there’s Heidi!” She said with a sigh of relief while she walked to the direction of the celebrant.

“Annessa! You are here! Thank goodness! I thought you will not come!” Heidi said as they kissed each other’s cheek.

“Why didn’t you inform us that hot Contrero will be here homegirl?! Is this a surprise for Anne?” Jill was beaming which made Heidi grin too but Annessa frowned.

“Nope! I thought his arrival will be in two days. Maybe he wanted to attend my party so he came back earlier?” Heidi said with a wink.

Annessa knew that Heidi used to have a crush on Logan. But she didn’t make a big deal out of that. Their friendship was more important for her than that her ex. She couldn’t blame her friend or any woman for that matter to find Logan attractive. She hated him but she couldn’t deny the fact that he was really hot. His features was to die for and his hunky body would make any woman swoon. Anyway Heidi confessed that she had a crush on him after their break-up so the more that she didn’t care. But fortunately, her friend got over her feelings for Logan since she now had a boyfriend. Heidi still admired her playboy ex but not as serious as before which Annessa thought was good for her friend.

“I think he can’t wait to see you up-close. Brace yourself…” Heide warned her with a grin.

Annessa had a pretty good idea who was behind her. She didn’t need to turn to check. Jill poked her with a finger before she heard a man cleared his throat which made her smile a little.

“Hi gorgeous women!” Simon greeted them.

Jill and Heidi greeted him back happily while she on the other hand, slowly turned with a sweet smile on her pretty face. She raised her left brow a little when their eyes met. Seeing her ex again face to face brought her back to the past when she had the misfortune to meet him…


She and her mom just got inside her university’s cafe.

“Mommy, I don’t want to meet your friend’s son. Besides I have to go to our classroom now.” She said as they approach her mother’s new friend who was introduced to her by her gay friend, Ola.

“Honey why not? You haven’t had any boyfriend though you are so pretty! It’s high time that you meet Belle’s son. I saw his pictures and I you are a good match. He is so good-looking. For sure if you become a couple, you would flaunt your natural beauty instead of hiding it! “ Her mother Lexi Quintero said.

Annessa just rolled her eyes. Many of their friends said that she was as pretty as her mom but she chose to be simple. Her mother was very fashionable and still looked sexy even if she was in her fifties. That was why her dad was still very much crazy about her and the feeling was mutual. Their family owned a lot of cosmetic surgery clinics since her dad was a well-known cosmetic surgeon but her mom never had any cosmetic surgery. She was naturally gorgeous. It just ran in the family. She was lucky that her parents got good genes. She was toning down her looks since she knew that a lot of men were only after outside appearances. She didn’t like their kind. She wanted to be liked or admired for being her. The whole her, inside and out.

She couldn’t do anything anymore when they were just a few meters away from a beautiful woman who was probably the same age as her mom. The woman arose from the chair and smiled at them.

“Lexi!” She excitedly greeted her mom and the two kissed each other on the cheek.

“Belle, I am so happy to see you. By the way this is my daughter Dianne Alessandara or Annessa for short.”

Isabelle Contrero smiled wider and she opened her arms to her.

“Wow! What a coincidence! My sister-in-law’s name is Dianne too? She is the older sister of my husband. Well nice to meet you Annessa! Finally! I think I met the woman who will make my son change his ways.”

The older woman hugged and kissed her cheeks. Her mom and Mrs. Contrero chatted while she just tried to pretend to be listening to them. Her bored expression disappeared when she saw her mother’s new friend’s son.

(End of flashback)

She blinked. Someone said something or was it her ex who called her name and murmured some words that she didn’t catch? She almost scolded herself. She spaced out since she was thinking of the past. She looked around and saw Jill, Simon and Heidi walking away. Unluckily, she was alone with him and he was talking to her.

“You look… different…” Logan said as he ran his eyes on her face and now on what she was wearing. He was slightly frowning. She could say the same about him. He changed too but she almost grunted in disgust because it was so unfair. It would have been better if he changed for the worse. But sadly for her, Logan became more attractive. He was sizzling hot! He was now sporting a stubble and a goatie which added to his sexiness. And his chest seemed to be bigger and his shoulders even broader. She couldn’t get over how short and delicate she was when she was next to him. He was well over six feet while she was only around 5 feet and 3 inches tall. She stepped back from him a little because it was hard tilting her head just to look at his face but he moved forward and held her arm to stop her.

“Baby…” He huskily called her while looking at her with longing.

She threw a glare on his hand which was on her arm before transferring her eyes at his. She gritted her teeth.

“Remove your hand!” She said quietly but through gritted teeth.

She saw his Adam’s apple moved but he didn’t let go.


The beast kissed her!

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