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With all her force, she pushed him then slapped him hard . He didn’t have any choice but to release her.

The nerve! Did he really think that I will just let him kiss me and expect me to enjoy it? She asked herself.

“Baby…?” He sounded a little disoriented because of her hard slap.

“How dared you?! Don’t you ever call me baby since we are not a couple! You broke up with me! Or have you forgotten?” she asked angrily.

Then they heard a man’s voice.


“Eric!” She called him and released her sweetest smile.

His arrival was just perfect. She turned her back at Logan to go to Eric.

“Is there a problem?” He asked with a slight frown as he had his eyes behind her but she didn’t bother to look back at her ex.

Instead, she raised her cheek to him for a peck. Like her ex, Eric was also tall but Logan was probably taller by an inch or two.

“No, nothing. Let’s go to Heide so you can give your gift.” She suggested still smiling sweetly at his handsome face.


Bro stop drinking! We don’t want you causing a scene here you know!” Simon complained as Logan continued to drink as if alcohol had just been invented.

“Well I have to admit that it was our fault that we didn’t tell you that your ex is currently dating someone exclusively.” Noel admitted.

Logan’s hand around the beer bottle tightened as he glowered at Annessa and the man she was with.

“Since when?” he asked in a steely voice.

He was trying to catch her eyes but his Annessa seemed to be intentionally avoiding looking at him. All he could see was her right profile as she happily chatted with her friends while she was sitting next to the man.

Simon sighed before replying. “Close to a month. We didn’t tell you because we thought that you are not interested to know.”

He cursed. Of course I am! Dammit! You should know that I am still very much interested in her. She is mine!” He said through clenched teeth.

He was breathing shallowly as he tried hard to control his anger. He wanted to go to her and talked to her after he punched the man she was with on the face but if course he couldn’t do do any of those. Simon and Heidi’s parents were around so he had to agree with Simon that he couldn’t cause a scene.

“You can’t blame us for thinking that way bro! We noticed that you didn’t seem to talk about her…” Noel was interrupted when he angrily spoke again..

“Because I didn’t want to go back until it was the perfect time that was why I didn’t want to ask or talk about her. I was giving her time to heal and grow up!All those years that I wasn’t with her were pure agony knowing that she was furious with me! Now that I decided to come back for her this happened? She changed a lot and there’s a trash around her! Damn it!”

He couldn’t help being angry though he knew he was at fault. He broke up with Annessa because she didn’t want to have sex with him. That time he let his carnal desire get the best of him. He was shallow, he was admitting that now. But when they broke up and were separated, he soon realized that he was willing to accept her as she was. He could wait until she was ready to give herself to him. But knowing how angry she was when she discovered about him and Kristine, he lost the nerve to talk to her again after their confrontation where he saw how his sweet Annessa could be when provoked.

“He’s not yet her boyfriend bro! You can still do something to get her back.” Noel said to encourage him.

Logan angrily took another gulp while his eyes were never leaving Annessa.

“I will definitely do that! I didn’t come back here for nothing! She was the real reason for my return! She is mine and no trash can take her away from me! “ he hissed before he stood up.

“Bro wait!” Simon called him when he seemed to be walking to Annessa and company’s table.

They got up too to follow him.


“Want some more grapes honey?” Annessa asked Eric.

She was holding a plate with different fruit slices. Heidi and Jill giggled while looking at them. She just shook her head and took a grape.

“Thank you.” Eric said with a grin.

“Heidi!” Called a very cold voice.

The three looked up where the voice came from except her. She could recognize that arctic voice anywhere. That was how he sounded when she told him what she thought of him a few days after he broke up with her. She discovered that he bedded Kristine Salcedo who was the campus’ girlfriend immediately after their break-up.

“Logan!” She heard Heidi called him.

“I thought you want some grapes?” she asked Eric so he transferred his eyes again to her. He was of course looking at her haughty ex when like a king, Logan called her friend. She raised a grape to his mouth and he willingly opened it. She was not aware of the look of shock and worry among the others. She couldn’t see how grim Logan’s expression was as he looked at her and Eric. They also couldn’t see that Noel and Simon were holding his shoulders and arms to stop him from going closer to them. Logan’s face and neck were red from anger.

“We have to go! Happy birthday again sis!” She heard Simon said before they walked away.

A few moments after she heard that she turned her head to her friends.

“Aren’t you going to eat you desserts? “ she asked them with a smile.

She raised her left brow when she saw Jill and Heidi’s expressions. The former’s mouth was gaped open while she looked at her while the latter was shaking her head.

“Geez Anne you really have no idea!” Jill sighed as she took a slice of kiwi.

She just turned back to Eric and gave him a smile.

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