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They were in front of her parents’ house. Eric opened the door for her and helped her to get off his car.

“Thank you Eric”

“No need to say thank you honey. You know how I like doing things for you.” He said with that cute smile of his.

They were walking to the gate of their house. She noticed that her dad’s car wasn’t yet in the garage. Her parents went out on a date. She smiled to herself. They still go on dates a few days in a week which she thought was so sweet.

“You always make me feel so special. Anyway don’t you want to go inside? We can have coffee or tea.” She offered to Eric.

“Maybe next time. I know you have to be at the clinic early tomorrow.” he said gently and she just nodded.

He had a lot of qualities which women would find nice. He was good-looking and had a stable job. He helped his father ran their business. They export bags and shoes for men and women. She hid a wide smile when he pocketed his hands in his jeans and adjusted his eyeglasses. He looked so cute when he did that. She knew he seemed nervous. He was probably going to say something. His glasses added to his appeal. He looked smart and conservative. She didn’t have any idea why he liked her. She was now the exact opposite of her old self. She stopped dressing in simple clothes. After her bad experience with Logan, she asked her mother’s advice to improve herself physically. She was naturally beautiful but she had to change the way she dressed and all. With the help of her mom, she changed her fashion style. She was more like her now. Sexy but still sophisticated. She wasn’t wearing thick glasses anymore because she had lasik eye treatment. She also started putting on make-up and her long hair which went below her shoulder blades was dark brown which emphasized her beautiful features more. If Logan liked women like Kristine, well she feels sorry for him. Dianne Annessa Quintero was a goddess not a whore. And she might be very pretty and sexy now but men were only allowed to look. No touch. She only let Eric get close to her since she had proven that he wasn’t like her ex. The first thing that Logan looked at a woman was her behind and breasts. She was thankful that Eric wasn’t like that. Though she sometimes dressed in sexy clothes, he saw past her looks.

“What is it Eric? Do you want to tell me something?” She asked in her sweet voice.

He rubbed his nape with his hand and said, “It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow. She wants to celebrate in an island resort for two days during the weekends. Do you think your parents will allow you to go? I asked them if it’s okay but they said I should ask you instead. Jill and Heidi are going too. If you like you can stay for one day. All I want is to be with you. I will pick you up and…”

“Sure. If my parents will say yes, then I will go.” She said which made him adjust his glasses again.

“R-Really?” He sounded as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yes.” She said with her beautiful smile. “You go ahead. It’s getting late. Let’s talk tomorrow.” She added in her sweet voice which was typical of her.

“Okay. Tomorrow I will personally ask your parents again. Can I pick you up in the morning?”

“That will be too early. Can you just come tomorrow night instead?”

He nodded with a beaming smile. He then gave her a peck on the cheek. She smiled. She allowed him to kiss her cheeks once in a while or hold her hand. That was all. It was okay for her if he called her honey. He said he was just practicing. Besides she found it sweet actually. He could kiss her but she never did. They had a deal that if she kissed him on the cheek or any part of his face, that meant she was his official girlfriend already.

“Get inside the house honey before I go.”

“Okay. Drive carefully.” She reminded him.


She was about to go to bed when she heard her message alert tone. She got her phone. She smiled when she saw Eric’s text.

Sweet dreams honey. See you tomorrow night. I forgot to ask you what you want me to bring you.

She sighed. He was really so sweet and thoughtful.. She sat up on the bed in a cross-legged position before replying to him.

Nothing. Just think carefully what you will say to my parents especially my dad if you want me to go to you mom's birthday celebration. =) Goodnight and see you tomorrow

With a smile and a shake of her head, she sent the message. She was sure that he would call her in a bit. After sending the message she reached for her magazine which was on her bed. She would leaf through it. She looked at her old eyeglasses which were on the table near her bed. She wasn’t wearing them anymore but she liked seeing them. They reminded her of the old days. But she trained herself not to think about the bitter past. She still had her eyeglasses to remind herself that she had changed a lot physically. People don’t consider her ugly anymore. She smiled again then her phone started ringing. Her smile widened. Eric would call as she predicted. While her eyes were on the magazine, she took the call.

“Eric I already said goodnight and I will see you tomorrow, right?” She asked with a light laugh before lying on her back.

“I swear that I will do something bad to that asshole one of these days…” said a very cold voice which made her gasp and sit again.

She checked the number. It was unregistered.

“Don’t you dare hang up on me baby unless you want me to create a lot of noise. I am in front of your house. Check the dark blue SUV.” Logan said in a very cold voice. He sounded as if he was controlling his anger. He was not shouting but his words were like icicles.

She got up from the bed and peeked through the window. She saw the vehicle he mentioned.

“I will pick you up at the clinic tomorrow so we can talk.”

“We don’t have anything to talk about!” She said irritably moved away from the window.

She sat on the edge of her bed while she massaged her right temple with her other hand.

“I beg to disagree baby…”

“Stop calling me baby! We are not a couple!” she said through clenched teeth. Her hand on her cellphone tightened.

“We have a lot of things we need to talk about. I will be at the clinic around 10 a.m. We will talk.”

She angrily rose again. “ I don’t want to talk to you! Not now or ever! “ she said angrily then she hung up.

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