Ravishing My Ex/C5 Chapter 5
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Ravishing My Ex/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

After several seconds she realized something. Her ex had no right to make demands on her. He wasn’t only an annoying playboy, he was really thick-skinned . And now he was calling again. She angrily answered her phone.

“Logan Contrero? Maybe you called a wrong number because we don’t have anything to talk about since…” she began but she flinched when he cursed angrily.

Her eyes narrowed and she was about to hang up on him again when he honked his vehicle's horn repeatedly. She panicked. It was almost 10 p.m. and for sure their neighbors would complain.

“Stop! Don’t do that!” She shrieked.

“You know the magic word baby…” He said while he seemed to be grinning before honking again.

“Okay I will talk to you, you beast!”

“Get down here! I want to see you! “ He demanded.

She sighed in relief when it became quiet again.

“No! We’ll talk tomorrow! !” She yelped when he made some noise with his car’s horn again. “I am going out! You arereally a monster and I hate you!” she furiously said and she heard him chuckle.

“Okay baby. I will wait for you.” He said throatily.

She angrily stomped her foot in annoyance before getting out of her bedroom. Logan was really cunning! He wasn’t able to force her to go all the way with him but the fact remained that they had some heavy petting a lot of times. And now it seemed that he wanted her because he saw how she changed a lot.

Well I will give him a dose of his medicine. He wants a sl*t? I can manage to act like one! She smirked with her thoughts.

She just had to be extra careful though. It might be very easy to seduce him but she had to remember that he had become worse. One proof of that was what he did awhile ago. He had gone bonkers. He was quite possessive in the past and she had a good feeling that he was more possessive now. According to her mom and Logan’s mom, it was difficult to change jealous and possessive men. They knew because they were married to such males. Until now, her dad was still very possessive and jealous and also Logan’s father.

She carefully and quietly opened then closed the entrance door. She was glad that her parents were not home yet. Her eyes turned to slits when she opened the small gate and Logan invited himself inside he then pulled her to him before closing the gate.

“No!” She pushed him but he pinned her hands behind her.

She had her face raised and her back was arched as he looked at her. She couldn’t describe his expression. He looked pissed and at the same time she could see thirst in his dark eyes. He was drinking in the loveliness of her face with them.

“I missed you baby. And seeing you with that dickhead made me see red! Don’t ever see him again if you don’t want me going berserk!” he threatened while gritting his teeth.

Her face distorted a little because his hand on hers tightened. She couldn’t move at all. This close, she realized that he was indeed hunkier. His body was so firm and hard, even his massive thing between them. She gathered all her courage. She had to do something to stop him from behaving this way. He had no right to do all these so she needed to put him in his place.

“I don’t remember being your girlfriend Mr. Darrin Logan Contrero.” she saw his jaw clenched when she said his full name. She knew that he hated it. “You broke up with me remember? And stop using your strength on me! You are acting like a woman…hmp!”

He kissed her. But unlike his kissed at Heidi’s party, his lips were now punishing hers. He was making sure that she got the message. A macho man like him won’t ever tolerate what she had just said. She tried to clump her lips but he held her jaw with his other hand . He pushed his body against hers and she felt his arousal which made her gasp. He took advantage of it so he deepened the kiss more. His tongue worked its way to the sweet recesses of her mouth. He sucked her tongue from time to time . He was kissing her like mad.

“Miss Anne?” The voice separated them.

They were behind her father’s van so one of their helpers didn’t witness what just happened.

“I’m here Rosie.” She responded as she fixed her hair. She darted Logan an angry look. He was poker face.

“Your parents called and they are almost home…sir Logan!” Rosie’s eyes widened which made her look heavenwards and sighed.

Rosie had a big crush on her ex. She was very sad when she and Logan broke up and he stopped going to their house. She was angry with him but she didn’t tell anyone even her parents why they broke up. It was embarrassing on her side. What was worse was he screwed Kristine, a certified slut. Everybody thought that they broke up because Logan didn’t want to be a distraction to her studies. They believed that it was a mutual decision. Another factor that her mom thought was their age difference. He was 6 years older than her. He had already started working at one of his family’s business while she was still in college when they became a couple. She didn’t want to tell anyone that he was the one who broke up with her because she didn’t want to give herself to him. She was lucky that she was firm about not losing her virginity to him because if she did, she would have regretted it big time. He was more interested in whores like Kristine. It was really hurtful discovering that he only pursued her just please his mother. Mrs. Contrero apologized to her when she found out what Logan did. The older woman requested her not to tell her mom. That was the reason why their moms were still friends despite of what happened to them. Anyway she didn’t want them to break their friendship. Logan’s behaviour and actions weren’t his mother’s fault.

His baritone voice brought her back to the present.

“Your parents are here baby..” he told her while Rosie was opening the gate. He held her by the elbow so they could move to the side of the garage. She pulled her arm back and looked daggers at him.

“Stop touching me!” She said through gritted teeth she tried not to let anger show on her face.

Her dad’s car just got inside the garage.

“Get used to it baby. We lost three years already.” He said with a small frown on his face.

He flashed a smile on his handsome face before facing where her father’s car was. He was going to put on a show.


She is pissed. Big time!

Logan acted as if he didn’t do anything wrong in the past. He talked to her mom and dad as if they were really close. She was tempted to tell her parents the whole truth a lot of times but she didn’t. His parents and sibling were good people. She didn’t want to tarnish his family’s image to her parents. If she didn’t know they were triplets, she would think that Logan was adopted. His older siblings, Danica and Dylan were so nice and respectful. The exact opposite of her ex.

She was in the balcony of her room as she thought of ways on how to avoid him. Now that her mom knew he was back, she would try to be a matchmaker again. She was the saddest when they broke up and she offered to change her image, thinking that Logan would go back to her.

“He is used to dating alluring women honey so we should do something to let your naturally beauty out! “ her mother said that time.

She chewed the inside of her cheek. She didn’t want to burst her bubbles so she couldn’t tell her the truth . She shouldn’t see them together so she would stop hoping they would be a couple again. She had to do her best so their paths won’t cross again.

“Annessa?” It was her dad’s voice.

She turned to him and kissed him on the cheek. He was about to go to bed too because he was in his usual pajamas.

“Daddy..” She smiled at his still handsome face.

“Is something troubling you honey? You seemed to have been quiet. Is it because of Logan?” he asked.

She sighed then looked down. She had her eyes on the pool. Her dad pulled her to him. She rested the right side of her head on his chest. Like her mom, she was so petite next to him.

“You can tell me honey. “ Drake Quintero said gently .

“Daddy, did you like him for me? Please just tell me the truth.”

Her father inhaled deeply. “I know your mom likes him for you. I don’t have anything bad to say about his family. You know Luke and I play golf together sometimes. But if you ask me, I don’t want you to get married.” He joked.

Her father being protective and her mother’s lenient quality were a good combination. Her mom could balance her dad’s strictness when it comes to her. Lexi Bustamante could make her husband say yes even against his will. Until now, her dad was so much in-love with her and he would do anything to make her happy. But when her father gets jealous, her mom panicked. How she wished that she would find a man like her father.

That will never be Logan Contrero. She reminded herself.

“Do you still love him? Even if you haven’t talked about what really happened between the two of you, I felt your pain. But from what I saw while he was here tonight, I felt that he wants to mend your relationship.”

“Once you lose something, it’s difficult to get it back.” She said.

He held her chin to tilt it. “Your mom may not like it but you got my support. We both know that she wants you to be with Logan again. But do what you feel is right, not what your mom likes.”

She nodded when he released her chin. “How about Eric dad? Do you like him for me?”

He thought for a few seconds before he nodded. “He is also a nice guy.”

She smiled slightly. “He is coming tomorrow night. He will ask your permission to allow me to go with his family and him to celebrate his mom’s birthday in a private resort. Heidi and Jill will be there too. Can I go?”

She felt that she had to say it to him in advance so he would allow her. He was overprotective but when they have a heart-to-heart talk like this, she knew that he would say yes to anything. All he wanted was for her to be happy.

“Do you want to go?”

She nodded.

“Then we’ll wait for your mom’s answer.”

She smiled. At least she just had to worry about her mom. Everything was okay with her dad.

“Okay daddy, thank you. By the way, please don’t tell mom yet. I will say yes to becoming Eric’s girlfriend.” She said all of a sudden.

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