Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C10 Divine Fusion
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C10 Divine Fusion
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C10 Divine Fusion

Lee Qiangdi finally breathed out a few mouthfuls of air after returning to his big clam on the seabed …

I hope that the wave he caused just now was only a slight one, don't attack the city on the coastline …


He did not want to see the Indian Ocean tsunami again!

With his entire body and mind relaxed in the comfort shell that belonged to him, the enchantingly beautiful youth slowly fell asleep with his eyes closed.

However, what the sleeping youth did not know was that this was no longer his era. There were advanced technology, and every city had a huge energy shield.

In the silence of the seabed, a school of fish swam across in groups. However, none of them approached the five hundred meter radius of the young man's clam.

One day...

Two days...

Three days …


Five days later, there was no longer any reaction from the giant clam shell. The young man inside hadn't come out for the past few days …

Five hundred meters away, strange looking aquatic creatures slowly gathered in the middle of the blue water. They were quietly conversing with each other in their own language, waiting. Their eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation as they looked towards the center of the coral circle. Occasionally, there would be traces of worry and apprehension mixed within.

When God of the Sea returned, the Water Tribe was naturally the first to feel God of the Sea's might.

"Elder, what should we do? Has God of the Sea fallen asleep again?"

"A few days ago, God of the Sea suddenly became angry. Is he angry that the Water race did not come to meet him?"

"If God of the Sea is really angry, what should we do?"

A group of strange looking aquatic creatures were anxiously running in circles, wishing that they could break a few of their own fish whiskers.

A few water beasts with scales covering their bodies seemed to want to go closer, but their heads bumped into some transparent barrier, preventing them from going further.

This was a safe zone. Just a little more and the God Power that God of the Sea unconsciously emitted would suppress the water tribe's bodies and cause them to be unable to move.

"God of the Sea, please forgive us, we did not mean to offend your divine might. Without God of the Sea's call, how would we, the Water race, dare to come? If we were to disturb God of the Sea's silence, it would be the sin of the Water race. " Thinking that the fury from before was God of the Sea's warning to the Water race, their faces were filled with worry and nervousness.

"Elder, what do you think we should do? "We …"

"Enough, stop arguing. God of the Sea is in closed door cultivation, we'll go back and wait. When God of the Sea comes out, we will come again to pay our respects. " One of them, whose original form could not be seen, had a beard that was two to three meters long. The creature shook its beard that made it feel proud of itself and spoke with a deep and aged voice.

The group of Water race members looked at each other and whispered to each other. In the end, they could only listen to the elder and each of them wandered away.

At the bottom of the sea, tranquility once again returned …

After an unknown amount of time, the coral in this region of the sea became even more crystalline and gorgeous. However, there was no longer any movement from the sea clam lying on the ground.

However, nobody knew that the giant clam was not completely calm at the moment.

In the midst of the clams, the quiet and sleeping youth with an incomparably beautiful and elegant appearance had his eyes tightly closed. The center of the youth's forehead was shining with a crystal prism. In but an instant, the crystal prism that was previously imprinted in the center of the youth's forehead began to slowly separate itself from the youth's forehead, floating directly above it.

A layer of silent light spread out in all directions. With the youth at the center of it all, God of the Sea's godly strength surged …

The fluorescent light lasted for about an hour. The crystal prism floating in the center of the youth's forehead suddenly began to spin like a nebula. Slowly, the appearance of the Big Dipper appeared. When the starlight slightly dimmed, they began to descend and once again reflected on the youth's forehead. However, this time, it was especially clear to him that the imprint was slightly blurry compared to before.

That imprint that was like Lian Hua's, bloomed coquettishly on the youth's forehead.


In the tranquil sea surface, a fishing boat had quietly stopped in this area for some unknown time.

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