Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C11 Fishing Boat
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C11 Fishing Boat
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C11 Fishing Boat

"Aya, Aya, hurry up …"

"He's here, he's here, father, I'm ready." A youth around the age of seventeen or eighteen ran from the back of the fishing boat with a rope in his hand. He stood beside the sturdy man in front of the board.

"Father, can we go into the sea now?"

"Mm, that's enough. We've been out at sea for five days now, but we've found surprisingly little. If he didn't catch anything this time, he would have to go back. Recently, the weather at the sea has been a bit unusual and we can't stay here for long. " The tanned middle-aged man lifted his head to look at the sky, his expression grave.

The sea was abnormally calm!

"Are you going back? "But father, if we go back empty-handed, our family would already …"

The youth's face was somewhat dejected.

"I know. "So, Aya, we must do our best to catch some supplies this time. I don't know how long we'll have to wait until the next time we head out to sea." Touching the youth's head, the middle-aged man laughed heartily. Despite the bitterness and seriousness in his eyes.

"Father, don't worry. Just watch me." Patting his chest that was not too thick and firm, the young man broke into a grin.

Bending down, the boy tied a fiber-optic rope to his body and tied the other end to the side of the boat. He pulled on the rope and shook it gently to test the depth of the water. Then, he walked to the other side and picked up the fishing net.

"Put a few probing robots into the sea first. You'll follow the signal given by the robots later. Aya, listen to me, this time I have a feeling that something is wrong, something might be wrong in the sea, so this time, Aya, don't act on your feelings anymore, you have to follow the robot closely, okay? "

"Father?" The youth had already entered the sea and half of his body was exposed to the outside. When he heard the man's heavy voice, he couldn't help but raise his head in surprise.

He had never seen his father look so nervous. Father was a good fisherman in their village. When had he ever been afraid of the sea?

"Aya, listen to me, don't stay too long at the bottom of the sea. If there's nothing else today, come up immediately and let's go back. Don't be willful and find out? "

"Mm, got it." Looking at his father's solemn expression, the youth unconsciously nodded his head.

"Go down."

"Mm. Father, I'm going down." Smiling idiotically at the middle-aged man, the youth dived into the blue water.

"Aya …"

Other than the water patterns that slowly calmed down, there was not a single sea bird on the vast sea. It was strangely quiet.

Entering the sea, the teenager named Aya looked up and looked left and right, the electronic board in front of his eyes quickly flashed with rows and rows of data. It was a video from a few separate robotic scouts, allowing him to clearly see several directions on the seabed and see where the most suitable to be salvaged.

He and his father's boat, not only fishing, but sometimes salvaging something that had been deposited at the bottom of the sea.

They might have been valuable antiques left behind by a shipwreck in this area many years ago, or they might have been useless junk. And that would depend on their luck.

This time, he was really unlucky to be able to get out of the sea without being able to find anything. Therefore, whether he could return with a plethora of rewards would depend on how well he would be able to do.

There wasn't much money left at home, and it had been a long time since his grandfather, father, and younger brother had bought a decent new set of clothes. Before long, he would still have to go to the distant and flourishing Aldi Military Academy.

All of this would cost money.

Although Aldi's military academy would be able to get not only free tuition but also a generous amount of scholarships if it achieved outstanding results, thinking about it now was too far away. The most important thing right now was to catch some things and go back to the city to sell to the nobles and the masters, and get some money to subsidize the family.

Every time he and his father went out to sea, they would have to travel this far to come to this region of the sea instead of choosing a place near the village.

As the youth thought this, he did not forget to pay attention to the information that came from the electronic board in front of his eyes.

His eyes were sharp, and his skill in the sea was even more nimble. That was why his father agreed to let him go into the sea after he turned sixteen.


It seemed like what his father said was right. Recently, the sea was indeed a bit strange. This sea was so vast, yet he did not see a school of fish pass by.

How abnormal this used to be!

After searching for two hours at the bottom of the sea, he still could not find anything useful. The youth could not help but feel depressed.

It seemed that Bai Lang had spent a lot of effort to get to sea this time.

Let's go up and see if we can make it out of the sea again in a few days.

The youth stopped his actions and floated into the sea. He raised his hand to push the electronic board in front of his eyes, preparing to retract the probing robots.

These robots were expensive, and he couldn't afford to waste them with his family. Even if he did, he would die of heartache.

Just as the youth was about to surface, a white light seemed to flash at the corner of his eyes.

"Eh? What's that?"

After swimming further down, the youth looked at the giant clam that stood still in the middle of the beautiful coral and felt a burst of astonishment.

"What a big clam …"

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