Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C13 Transaction Market
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C13 Transaction Market
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C13 Transaction Market

Chapter XII. Transaction market

"Aya, stay here with your brother for now. I'll go find the person in charge here with your Uncle Arlin and the others. We'll be back soon." Patting his eldest son's shoulders, the middle-aged man looked around at the bustling market before lowering his head to speak to his two sons.

"En, good. Father, go ahead. I will take a good look at our things." As he patted the clam under him, the young man gave a simple and honest smile.

"Alright, then we'll head over first. You guys must not run around, okay? Waiting for us to come back. "

The middle-aged man still didn't feel reassured, especially when he saw his son looking at him with an astonished expression. Thus, he urged him on.

This was the auction market in the center of the city. It was relatively chaotic, and there were people everywhere.

Sometimes, the nobles and nobles would come to pick things they liked. If he accidentally offended them, it would be troublesome.

In the year 3035 of Shen Nuo, after humanity's last calamity, the world reshuffled its cards. The four largest land areas were ruled by the nobles, and there was a huge gap between the lower class and upper class nobles.

"Father, don't worry. I will watch Alun."

Aya finally let out a sigh of relief when he saw the backs of his father and Uncle Arlin disappearing around the corner.

"Wu, my hand hurts." "What kind of ocean clam is this? It's harder than stone, and I wasn't prepared to use too much strength just now. It really hurts!" Lifting up his swollen palms, the youth blew at the air with a face full of patience.

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Finally, he stopped looking around in excitement. The boy who looked similar to Aya raised his head and looked at his brother who was staring at the clam in front of him with his big black eyes. He tilted his head in confusion.

"Nothing. Alun, what were you looking at just now? " Raising his head to look at the bustling market, the youth didn't pay any attention to the shocked gazes of the others as he picked up his nine year old brother and placed him on the snow-white ocean clam before him.

"Big brother, is father going to sell our clams?" Twisting his head uncomfortably, the young boy looked at his brother with a dejected and disappointed expression.

The clams were so beautiful, he liked them very much. His father also liked them very much. He had secretly seen his father lost in thought over the sea mussel, as if he was reluctant to part with the sea mussel.

Abba was a mermaid, the mermaid had an instinctive sense of belonging to the sea. Even though most of the Mermaid species were transformed from human genes, not Mermaid species, he still yearned for the sea.

Otherwise, Father and Father would not have settled down by the sea.

Afraid that his father was worried, Abba didn't show any concern for the clam. However, Alun still secretly saw it that day.

Are they going to sell the sea mussels?

Why not stay home? Abba will be happy to stay at home, their family will also become so beautiful because of the sea mussel.

Alun noticed that last night, after everyone in the house fell asleep, the clams in the sea secretly shined.

So beautiful!

The bright light illuminated the entire room as if it was daytime, like pearls in the night.

On the walls of the house, he seemed to be able to see the ripples on the bottom of the sea.

"Alun …" Aya's eyes were slightly sore. Younger brother likes the clams, but they have to...

"Brother, did Alun say something wrong?" Brother, don't be sad, when Alun grows up, Alun will also go to the ocean to pick up a clam, which is even bigger than this one. At that time, Alun will give it to Abba and we will leave it at home to watch it everyday, okay? "

The youth smiled until his white teeth showed as he gestured the size of a clam.

"En, alright. Brother, just wait. We, Alun, will definitely find a clam bigger than this one. We will leave it at home and watch it every day." The youth embraced his younger brother's chubby body and started laughing.

"Brother, Alun can't bear to part with the clams. Put me down, Alun will carry the clam for the last time. "

"Alright, let's hug for a bit longer."

Aya couldn't help but laugh as he looked at the boy's short arms, which couldn't even hold a quarter of the clam. Aya looked so worried that he scratched his monkey cheeks.

"Big brother …" When he turned around and saw that his older brother was actually laughing at him, the young boy immediately became angry from embarrassment.

"Alright, alright, I won't laugh anymore, I won't laugh anymore …"

"Big brother!"

While the two brothers were laughing and joking, their father and several other young men from the village returned.

"Aya, Alun, what are you two doing?" Seeing his two sons, the middle-aged man walking at the front revealed a smile.

"Father, you're back? Alun was carrying a clam. " Noticing the relaxed expression on his father's face, Aya knew that the matter this time might have succeeded and the family's predicament could be slightly alleviated.

"Really, Alun?" He walked over and picked up his son, then lowered his head and asked with a smile.

"Yes." The little teenager still seemed a little embarrassed. When his father asked him about it, he lowered his head and hugged his father's neck, burying his head in his father's chest, unwilling to raise his head to look at his brother's teasing eyes.

"Hehe, Alun is getting shy …" When the villagers standing behind the middle-aged man saw the youngster's expression, they immediately burst out in laughter, carrying a kind smile on their faces.

"Father!" This time, the young man felt even more embarrassed, and forcefully burrowed his way into the middle-aged man's chest.

"Alright, alright. Ah Lin, stop teasing my son. Alun is too thick-skinned. If you continue talking, Alun might not appear today."

On the other side, the few of them stood together in a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere. Their faces no longer had the solemn and cautious expression they had in the morning. Aya saw the expression on his father's face and finally couldn't hold back his curiosity as he asked.

"Father, how should we deal with this clam? What do the people here say?"

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