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C14 Sea Blue

"Father, how should we deal with this clam? What do the people here say?"

"Mm, don't worry. An Yue is already quite familiar with us. He just told us that there will be a grand auction in half a month's time in the capital city. At that time, all of the noble aristocrats in the upper echelons of the imperial city will attend. "If we are lucky, this clam might become our …"

"Father!" Even if his father didn't say anything, Aya could still imagine what would happen next.

This sea clam...

The youth looked at the beautiful clams by his side without the slightest movement, and the expectations in his eyes grew even more.


On the other side, while the youth and his father were standing in the center of the bustling market, discussing the Imperial City Auction half a month later, on the far side of the capital, in a grand and magnificent building, two people were also discussing the Imperial City Auction.

No, it could be said that there was only one person who was looking forward to the arrival of this auction. The other handsome and frosty man strode forward, completely ignoring the golden-haired man who was jabbering on behind him.

"Hey, Hades, listen to me, just for a little while …"


"Don't go so fast. "Hades, let me tell you, the auction that is going to be held at the Race's Center will not be in vain. When the time comes, you should also go. You might be able to buy unexpected treasures."


"Hades, did you really listen to me?"

Seeing that the tall man didn't even pause, Vilar, who was standing behind him, couldn't help but feel a bit depressed.

Speaking of which, Hades, what are you interested in? Can you not be so strict and cold? It's no fun for you, but no mermaid will like you.

"Hades, your life is too self-disciplined. The nobles who look up to you from below will cry."

"Vilar, if there's nothing else, don't disturb my time. "I still have things to do, the door is over there, farewell." The expression on the black-haired man's face didn't even change as he left in large strides.

"Truly heartless." Vilar shrugged disinterestedly as he watched the man leave.

Never mind, Hades wouldn't listen to anything he said now. He would come over to pull Hades over on the day the auction started.

After thinking it through, Vilar was quite carefree. After patting his gorgeous overcoat, he turned around and left.

On the other side, Hades, who was cold a moment ago, turned a few corners and arrived in front of a black door.

After a series of complex eye film fingerprints and other verification procedures, the black door finally opened.

The man went in.

"Lord Duke!"

"Lord Duke, you came!"

"Lord Duke …"

Ignoring the people who bowed to him respectfully along the way, Hades walked into the innermost room with pursed lips.

"Lord Duke?"

"How is it? Did you detect anything?" Hades asked in a deep voice as he walked behind a middle-aged man with glasses.

"I'm sorry, Your Royal Highness, we did not find out the reason. The recent data from the Ezetrie Sea Area indicated that everything was normal and there were no signs of a tsunami. "Your Highness, do you think …" The middle-aged man raised his hand to prop up a pair of specially made glasses on his nose as he spoke with a regretful tone.

"Is that so?"

"Your Highness, do you want us to specially send someone to take a look at the Ezetrie Sea Area? "Perhaps …"

"…" The man lowered his eyes and didn't speak.

"His Royal Highness?"

"I have my own opinions on this matter, so you don't need to worry about it." Raising his head, the man looked at the brain, which was constantly flashing with numbers, with a calm expression.


He turned around and left the room. When the door closed behind him, the man suddenly stopped after a few steps.

Raising his hand, the man looked at the photon processor on his wrist and ordered in a low voice, "Poseidon, connect to 'Ocean Blue' now. I want to check some information." About Ezetrie Sea Area... "

"Yes, my lord!"

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