Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C15 Prelude to the Auction
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C15 Prelude to the Auction
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C15 Prelude to the Auction

Chapter Fourteen. Prelude to the Auction

Half a month later …

"As expected of the capital's Rui Les Center. This place is much more lively than our place."

"How can our little place compare to the imperial city? The capital is a gathering place for many great nobles.

"Who says it's not …"

In the center of the central plaza, several young men around the age of seventeen or eighteen were standing in front of a fountain, carrying bags. They were looking left and right in excitement.

"Speaking of which, when will this auction be held at the Rearls Center? I'm here specifically to buy something."

"With your little bit of capital? It was only enough to buy a rank 5 flame stone or something. You can forget about the rest. "

"That's true. No matter how much money you have, you won't be able to compete against those nobles. Moreover, you don't even have that much money …"

Nobility, represented not only a social status, but also a symbol of power.

The sudden end of the human era also heralded the emergence of new technologies and martial arts. After experiencing the great calamity of the human era, those who survived the survival of the fittest more or less all awakened an elemental power. This power also became the symbol of humanity's opening of the Shen Nuo later.

Even now, most people admitted to a military academy had to have a talent.

Human genes were constantly being optimized, and their bodies were evolving towards the most perfect standard. Nobles were the best among them.

They were taught by the most elite, they controlled all aspects of society, they were elegant, they had a wealth of knowledge, and they were more talented than the common people. In terms of power, their bodies were tall and strong, their potential was limitless, and they could control Mecha with ease. In terms of controlling elemental energy, they had a deeper understanding than the middle and lower class commoners.

Strength was something that had been decided since birth. Therefore, many commoners spent countless time and effort in their lives in order to enrol in a military academy. They hoped to obtain the military seal and become nobles by becoming soldiers.

— —

Auction venue background

"Everyone is ready. The auction is about to begin in the afternoon. The auction this time around was the most grand one in the capital in the last three years. Even people from all four domains had come to attend, not to mention those nobles who were rarely seen. So, guys, don't be lazy. Be careful and put everything in the designated area. "

"Director Harley, West First District is ready. We've checked three times to make sure that there won't be any mistakes by then."

"West 2 is also ready!"

"The third region is ready!"

"The second region is ready as well!"


This time, the people in the backstage had been sending over a lot of things from the large towns since half a month ago. However, the people in the auction house had been arranging them in an orderly manner, clearly showing their familiarity with the operation.

Harley walked around the east and west areas, nodding in satisfaction.

"That's right, where is the Ocean Clam that was sent to you a few days ago in the farthest place from the capital, Sea Tomb City? "Although that thing isn't that precious, for those who like the things in the sea, as well as those great nobles who are happy with the fish, it is enough for them to spend a lot of money."

"Sea clams? "Oh, it's that beautiful clam that's the size of several people. It seems to be in the first east district."

"East First Region?" Is the first east region ready? "

"Manager, the first district of the east is already prepared, but …" A youth from the East First District who was called out stood up and hesitated.

"But what? If you have something to say, just say it. " Seeing the young man's expression, Harley's expression immediately darkened.

He had worked at the Rearles Auction House for more than twenty years, and he couldn't afford to ruin his life with a single mistake.

"Manager, the sea clam you mentioned has not been planted for the time being."

"What's going on?"

"We don't know which counter this sea clam is going to be at. The person in charge did not explain it clearly, so we did not move it for the time being. "

"Then where did you put it?" Hearing the words of the people below, Harley's gloomy face finally looked better.

"It's the warehouse behind the first east district."

"Alright, listen carefully. You can send a few people to the warehouse to bring it out. Just place it in light box No. 36 in the first east region." The buyers of the first east district are all nobles with status.

"Yes, Manager."

A few youths from the first east district automatically stepped forward to go to the warehouse at the back.

What he did not know was that not long after he left, the young men came back with the clam. However, accidents always happened in an instant, catching people off guard.

Although the backstage had been cleaned up, there was still something he hadn't taken into account. Because the young men were carrying something, it was unknown what they suddenly kicked at. With a stagger, the thing in their hands fell to the ground with a 'bang', producing a loud sound that made one's heart tremble.

Instantly, their faces turned pale.

If it broke, they wouldn't be able to afford it …


sea mussel

The youth's eyelashes, which had been tightly closed while sleeping, suddenly trembled. There were signs of awakening between his brows.

In the center of the youth's forehead, the crystal frame that was emitting a faint purple glow was gradually calming down. Only Lian Hua's mark on the youth's forehead was becoming more and more enchanting.


Oh, what's going on? It's so noisy outside …

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