Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C17 Sea Area Rare and Precious
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C17 Sea Area Rare and Precious
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C17 Sea Area Rare and Precious

The auction had begun …

The first thing that came up was nine Level 7 Flamecloud gems. Its appearance was as gorgeous as fire, and even though there was a light box between them, one could almost feel its scorching energy.

In the year 3035 of Shen Nuo, what replaced the energy of the human era were these crystals with beautiful appearances.

Not only could these crystals be used as the source of many technologies, they could also be used as an amplification device for humans to cultivate and replace the huge amounts of energy that had been polluted in the old era.

In the Shen Nuo Era, whether it was people of nobility or commoners, the elemental energy in their bodies had to be increased through cultivation. Even if they were weak mermaids, as long as they possessed an elemental energy, their status would be vastly different.

Of course, most of them would go to the Mermaid Operation to become a Mermaid. Most of them would be civilians who lacked the power to fight in desperate situations.

Mermaids, in any case, were too weak and could not withstand the impact of the energy.

This is the price of human transformation into fish.

It was because of this that Mermaid had become extremely precious, attracting many people to chase after it.

To be honest, many people did not expect that the auction would start with such a pure crystal.

Although flame stones weren't rare, a rank 7 flame stone was already quite rare. Many people were moved.

Hades stayed still in the box on the third floor of the hall. He didn't even have the interest to look at the firestones in the light box.

He was waiting.

As the auction continued, the nine Level 7 Flaming Stones were eventually won by a seemingly capable looking middle-aged man in the hall below. The nobles didn't think much of these, but those with relatively low statuses and money didn't care about money.

Perhaps because the atmosphere at the beginning was better, the following items were all precious, and the auction price was higher than the first. The atmosphere was stirred up, and many things, even the nobles, were moved when they saw it. Only Hades remained expressionless. Neither his interest in anything nor his departure.

"I say, my Lord Duke, what exactly did you come here for? The auction is already halfway through and we can't see what you want to buy."

Up until now, the box of light on the stage had already reached number 30. During this period, Vilar had his eyes on a few pretty good items. He bought them all and prepared to bring them back to store.

The man pursed his lips and didn't say anything.



"Next, sample No. 36. Someone, bring the light box here. "

As Number 36 was rather large and not light at all, a few tall men were sweating as they carried the items up.

They didn't know if it was just an illusion, but they felt that the 36th light box seemed to be even heavier than before. The last time they moved Number 36, it looked a little large, but it wasn't that heavy when they lifted it up.

Under the dazzling light, the snow-white clam shell on the stage became even more beautiful.

"Wow, what a big clam!"

"Is he still alive? "Where did you get this? Look at the shell, I've never seen a mussel with such a beautiful shell."

"Big brother, I want that big clam. Can we buy it home?"


"As you can see, this is a treasure that was produced by the Ezetrie Sea Area. It is something that the fishermen in a small fishing village closest to the sea have fished out."

"Wait, Ezetrie Sea Area? "Hades, you …" After choking out a mouthful of red wine, Vilar looked at the man who was staring at the auction stage with a deep expression and was a bit surprised.

In this period of time, Hades had paid a lot of attention to Ezetrie Sea Area. Could it be that Hades came here for this? that sea mussel was fished out from the Ezetrie Sea Area?

Is there anything special about it?

The blond youth couldn't help but look down at the auction platform.

"According to what the machine has detected, this ocean clam has a history of at least three thousand years. Not to mention that it might be an ancient artifact that has existed since ancient times, its actual value in terms of research is not inferior to the crystal core of a pearl. In addition, its unique feature was that its outer shell was extremely hard. We tried to pry the clam apart with our laser particle swords, but there was nothing we could do. "

"Are you for real?" It's just a clam, how could it not be damaged by a laser particle sword? "

"Is it harder than fine iron?"

Seeing the intense reaction from the hall below, the black robed host on stage chuckled and continued.

"The density of its outer shell," the man paused, "The current technology is still a mystery." This was the most eye-catching aspect of it. He believed that everyone present would understand that he hadn't finished his words.

"Now, let the bidding begin!"

With that said, everyone's interest was piqued. It might not be a rare treasure that could make people go crazy for it, but it definitely had an alluring charm.

Within the room, a man with a stern expression suddenly stood up. His gaze was as serious as it had ever been.

"I want it. "Casa!"

"Yes, Lord Duke!" Taking a step forward, a young man in a black uniform walked towards the bidding board.

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