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C18 Meet(1)

Chapter Seventeen. Meeting (1)

Lee Qiangdi raised his eyelids as he slightly turned his body to lie on the soft and smooth silk that looked like flowing water. He couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

What was going on outside?

Why did he hear someone's voice? Wasn't he supposed to be at the deep blue sea bottom?

Could it be that, in the time it took for his divine spark to fuse with, something had happened in the sea that caused him to be brought ashore?

If it was before, Lee Qiangdi would have stood up excitedly and shouted for help if he was able to survive an avalanche like disaster and had lived for a long time by himself before seeing his kind. But now, he didn't want to see anyone else under these circumstances.

As a former human, Lee Qiangdi naturally understood the nature of human plundering.

What should he do now?

Hiding in the ocean, Lee Qiangdi didn't dare to move as he quietly listened to what was happening outside. He couldn't help but start to get anxious.

Outside, there seemed to be intense voices. It sounded like a trade?

No, he could not just sit there and wait for the show that humans would buy him like a piece of goods. He was not a beast who was caught in a cage with its claws pulled out. He would never accept living without any dignity.

Yes, I need to find a chance to hide.

However …

The young man with beautiful features frowned slightly, carrying a trace of indescribable worry in his eyes. He hid away. What should he do with his clams?

For the past few days, he had been living in this clam shell that gave him a place to stay, and Lee Qiangdi had already developed feelings for it. It was just like someone who loved their bed very much, suddenly trapped in the mountains by himself. Before, there was no room in the village, and at night, there were even howls of wild wolves outside. He was filled with fear, and only that soft and warm bed gave him a deep sense of security, allowing him to not panic and despair.

If he were to lose his safe house now, Lee Qiangdi definitely wouldn't be able to do it.

How could he survive on shore without the clams?

What should he do?

The youth lightly bit his lips and frowned. Subconsciously, Lee Qiangdi's hand touched the necklace on his neck.

The necklace was very beautiful. It was made from a rare purple crystal. On both sides of the necklace, there were several crystal clear blue pearls hanging from the bottom of the sea. However, the middle part of the pearls on the left and right side seemed to be missing something, making it look a bit out of sync.

Lee Qiangdi had observed it carefully in the mirror before. This necklace was indeed breathtakingly beautiful. It was priceless and gorgeous.

and so on...


The teenager quickly lowered his head as he gently lifted the drop off the necklace. Wouldn't the missing part be a beautiful gemstone or a crystal clear seashell?

"Understood." Now he could hide his own bed.

After the initial fusion of the divine sparks, Lee Qiangdi understood that the clam he was hiding in was his defensive magic tool. Its outer shell was extremely hard and could allow him to hide in it when he was in danger at the bottom of the sea.

When he talked about fusing with a divine spark, Lee Qiangdi felt a little regretful.

This time, he hadn't completely fused with his divine spark; he had only gone through the initial stages. The time was too short. He was suddenly startled awake, and the fusion of his divine spark naturally came to a halt as well.

Touching the light purple crystal in the middle of his forehead, Lee Qiangdi rested his chin on his hands as he thought about his future life with hazy eyes.

"Hades, what is your motive for buying this clam? I might as well donate it to the Institute of Paleontology. They might be grateful for your kindness. "

Walking around the clams parked by the swimming pool, Vilar said while clicking his tongue and touching his chin with two fingers.

He didn't know why Hades suddenly went crazy and was so concerned about this thing. Not only was the slave not allowed to touch it, even the clam was transported back to his Ducal Mansion residence. Hades stood on the side and watched the entire process. He was so nervous that he almost thought he was seeing things.

Speaking of which, Vilar's jaw dropped when Vilar found out that this sea clam was able to make a workaholic man put down everything he had and specifically go to the auction to buy it.

He was really, really, too surprised.

Having known Hades for so many years, he had never seen him so nervous about anything.

"Oh yeah, I heard this clam couldn't be opened. Hades, how about I find something to try?"


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