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C19 Meet(2)

Chapter Eighteen. Meet (2)


Lee Qiangdi's entire body stiffened when he heard that.

What kind of idiot was that? He actually wanted to pry open Lee Qiangdi's door, did he not want to live anymore? Can anyone pry open Lee Qiangdi's clam shell? If not for the fact that he had never found a chance, how would he have fallen into this predicament?

It was really bad luck for a person to drink cold water and fill their teeth. If he stayed in the sea, then what wicked person had scooped out his clam shell?

The youth, who had expressed his inability to keep his composure, clenched his teeth in anger.

Outside, in an unusually luxurious and spacious indoor swimming pool, two men stood by their respective sides, staring at the beautiful clam.

"Hades, how is it? Open it." After going back and forth a few times, Vilar finally stood still and said with his head turned back, hoping that the world would be in chaos. In any case, his interest had been piqued. If he didn't open it and take a look, he would feel conflicted.

"Vilar, you can leave now." The man's face remained calm, but there was a clear trace of displeasure in his eyes.

"Hades, don't be so heartless. Don't you want to know what's inside the clam? No matter what, it was something you bought. Aren't you curious? You don't want to see it for yourself? "

How could it be possible for him to leave now!

The man thought for a moment and said in a low voice, "Then how do you want to open it?"

"Since it can't even open the laser particle sword, then we should just take the dumbest and most direct method." Even if he had to grind it, he had to grind it away.


"Someone, contact my CEO, Kaiser, and have him bring Hughes to Ducal Mansion. Oh right, remember to remind Kaiser to get Hughes to pack up his tools as well. With a light snap of his fingers, Vilar shook his long golden hair and laughed sinisterly.

At least, Lee Qiangdi, who was stuck in the ocean clams, felt that he really wanted to set off a huge wave and drown that frivolous man.

"Hughes? What's that for? " Hades furrowed his brows. He walked over and gently caressed the jade-like mussel under his finger.

"Him? He was a locksmith. " Now, though, the industry of handmade weapons has gradually declined.


"Hades, don't underestimate him. He is a capable person under my command. He can open any lock, even the heavily encrypted door of the Ocean Prison. He can enter without making any noise. Moreover, I heard that his ancestors made heavy swords especially for soldiers, and his strength was greater than others as well. If it's him, he should be able to open this clam. "

Since it was a clam, there must be a way to open it. It was just that the method was a bit crude.

Vilar said excitedly as he caressed his chin with his fingers.

"Vilar, get out."

"Huh?" What? Just as Vilar was rubbing his hands together in excitement, he was suddenly jolted back to his senses by the man's cold voice. He raised his head and looked at the cold and downcast handsome man in shock, feeling a little confused.

Why did Hades suddenly get angry?

"Casa, invite Lord Vilar out. Recently, my house hasn't been entertaining any members of the O'Diarru Clan."

"Yes, Lord Duke." The young man, who had been standing behind the two of them silently without any feeling of presence, replied respectfully with a bow.

"Ai, wait. Hades, what do you mean by this? If you don't turn hostile, then you're heartless." Did I say something wrong? "Hades …"

"Lord Vilar, please."

"Wait, Casa, I …" He still wanted to stubbornly resist the golden haired aristocrat that refused to leave, but was stopped by the young man in the military uniform. He looked at Alexander with an expressionless face but a determined look.

Hades's tall and straight figure stood still for a second, then suddenly in a spacious empty room, the man suddenly leaned his face close to the snow-white clam, carefully listening to the sound inside.


It was so quiet that he could almost hear the sound of a heartbeat. Beside the man, the clear water of the swimming pool reflected the scene on the shore, unexpectedly harmonious.

After an unknown amount of time, the man suddenly stood up, but his gaze never moved away from the beautiful sea clam.

"Poseidon, connect to 'Ocean Blue'."

"Yes, milord." The photon processor on the man's wrist flashed, and a mechanical voice emotionlessly rang out.

"Hai Lan, do you have any way to open it?"

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