Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C2 Accidental Awakening
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C2 Accidental Awakening
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C2 Accidental Awakening

Chapter I. accidental awakening

3000 years later, the gods began to slowly awaken, and mankind once again began to believe …

— — "God of the Sea's Words of Truth: Qiangdi's Faint"

So warm... So warm...

Where is this?

How could the surroundings be so dark? Why couldn't he stretch his arms and legs? It was as if he was bound to some narrow place and could only roll on his side slightly?

Also, he remembered before …

Oh right, he remembered that shortly before the summer vacation, he, Huang and Yiling had talked about going on a vacation before graduation to look for a place they were more interested in to hike the mountain on foot. After graduation, they might not have the time and energy anymore.

Later, they inadvertently joined a group of mountaineers and went with them.

Only, the mountain they were planning to climb this time was Mount Kaixue.


They met...

Lee Qiangdi suddenly shivered. Perhaps it was due to psychological effects, but his body actually felt a little stiff and cold.

He curled up his body and put his arms around his shoulders, unwilling to recall the fear and despair he felt at that time.

Now, was he saved? In that case, would Huang and Yiling be saved as well?

Also, why is there no light here? Didn't the hospital supply electricity twenty-four hours a day? Where was he sleeping? Why was he so narrow? Could it be that he had been trapped under the snow for so long that he was taken to the intensive care unit as soon as he was rescued?

Lee Qiangdi's helplessness and panic towards the avalanche slowly faded away as he was still in the midst of losing consciousness.

After all, facing the wrath of nature, how insignificant and lowly humans are.


The surroundings were quiet. Why was there no sound of anyone speaking?

After an unknown period of time, Lee Qiangdi's consciousness was still a bit dizzy. Only, he was slightly unable to endure the silence in the surroundings. His fingers moved as he struggled. Then, he slowly opened his eyes. Surprisingly, he found that he was not in the hospital, but lying in a place he could not name.

Raising his head, he looked around curiously.

No wonder he felt like he couldn't stretch his arms and legs. This place was indeed a bit narrow, like a closed shell.

Why was he here?

Who saved him from the avalanche and then mischievously stuffed him into a large clam shell?

Lee Qiangdi frowned slightly.

He tried to prop himself up with his arms, but a soft sensation came from his hands. He could not help but lower his head to look.

The place he was lying on was very soft, covered with layers of something even softer and softer than silk. It was a magnificent and precious piece of silk, something he had never seen before. However, it was indeed very comfortable to the touch. It felt as if it was soaking deep into a person's heart. It felt itchy and brought with it waves of gentle warmth.

Moreover, he was lying on his side surrounded by many beautiful and dazzling East Pearls and exquisite shells, some of which glowed with a soft glow.

This was also the reason why he could see his surroundings clearly.

Presumably, these rare and precious items were priceless treasures. Any one of them could be considered priceless outside.

But why did it appear in front of him? Who was so generous and extravagant as to not care at all about these things outside that could cause people to frantically fight over them? How could he not be worried at all?

Lee Qiangdi thought for a while, but the expression on his face didn't change much. He just looked around with a more serious expression.

The most important thing right now was to figure out where this place was and whether Huang and Yiling were there as well.

Looking around, Lee Qiangdi found a place and lightly knocked on the clam shell that was sealing him, testing it out.

"Is anyone there?"

No one answered.

Bang! Bang! Bang! He knocked again.

After waiting for a long time, there was still no sound. Lee Qiangdi was getting anxious.

He thought, who can open this clam shell for him? He didn't like being in too narrow a space.

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, the clam shell that was sealing him suddenly moved before slowly opening up.

"It's open." However, before Lee Qiangdi could feel happy, the scene that reflected on his eyelids made his face turn pale.

What's going on? Why is it the bottom of the sea?

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