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C20 Meet(3)

"Hai Lan, what method do you have to open it? Of course, the prerequisite is that it cannot be harmed. "

"Please wait a moment, Your Grace." Following that, columns of data flashed across the photon processor.


"My apologies, Your Grace. I am unable to identify the specific components of the object before me, nor am I able to communicate with the life inside. If you want to not hurt it, you have to open it voluntarily. "

"Unable to communicate?" The man was stunned. His tone was a bit downcast. Although he also felt that it was strange that he would have such a sudden sensation in his heart when he saw this clam, he did care about it. Somehow, he paid close attention to the aura that came from the clams.

Ever since he came back from the Ezetrie Sea Area, something wasn't right.

The man outside, who is he talking to...

Lee Qiangdi wanted to open the clam to see what was going on outside, but he stopped in the end as he moved his finger.

No, I can't open it. With a sullen face, the youth was slightly nervous.

"Milord." A shrewd old man who looked like a butler suddenly opened the door and walked in, standing behind the man.

"Butler, give the order to dig a lake in the yard closest to my dorm and plant lotus flowers there."

"Lake?" "Yes, milord." Although he felt that the order from the man was a little abrupt, it was not that Lord Duke had never liked the place he lived in to be too luxurious and beautiful, even the luxurious and beautiful ancient building at Ducal Mansion Residence was constructed by the order of Sir Old Duke.

Even though he was surprised, Old Steward still did his duty and never hesitated when it came to His Highness' orders.


"Then, my lord, what should we do with this clam?" Old Steward looked at the huge swimming pool beside him, then looked at the clams by the swimming pool and asked.

"I'll leave it at the bottom of the lake for now."

"I'll send someone over right away."

"No need. "Butler, go down. I will do it myself." The man's eyes dimmed, then he suddenly stretched out his hands.

A flash of light spread out from the man's hand and spread into a huge ring of light. It gently lifted up the clams on the shore that needed several people to carry before carefully moving them to the bottom of the pool.


"Let's go." Hades lowered his head and looked at the big clam, which still didn't move at all, then turned around and walked out.

As a noble of East Domain, Hades's mansion didn't have the extravagance and waste of a noble. Instead, it gave off the aura of a soldier. His mansion was a large one, and the layout of the place was that of a retro century-old building.

Towers and pavilions, fake mountains and flowing water, everything was ready. However, the man who was so engrossed in his work did not notice it at all.

Old Steward followed behind the tall and handsome man and looked at the tall and straight figure in front. He couldn't help but sigh numerous times in his heart.

When had his young master's rock-hard and resolute heart become so gentle? When would this Ducal Mansion residence that was brimming with a cold and solemn aura receive its mistress?

Sigh …


The bright moonlight shone into the dark room. On the spacious bed, the man who had his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes.

Hades lifted up the blanket on him and walked to the window to look at the moonlight outside.

Today was about the full moon. The moon in the sky still hung high in the sky. Even after the end of the human era, the millions of stars in the universe never vanished. She was still as beautiful and mysterious as ever.

He grabbed a shirt that was hanging casually on the seat beside him and put it on. The man kept buttoning the shirt on his chest as he walked out.

At this moment, in the swimming pool.

It was so quiet outside! How much time had passed? He was just sleeping because he was too bored. It seemed like it was already midnight outside.

No wonder it was so quiet.

Lee Qiangdi opened the clam shell a tiny crack and looked outside through the gap.

Noticing that it was so empty that there was not even a shadow of a person, the handsome young man became excited.

A good chance! Right now, there was no one around, so he could take advantage of this opportunity to leave.

Time does not wait for me, now does not want to leave when? Lee Qiangdi immediately opened the clam shell and prepared to come up from the bottom of the lake. But the youth's body suddenly stiffened.

Wait, footsteps?

Because the baby had to do another one and the civil servant exam was about to arrive, the baby was considering whether he should stop this article first and make a final attempt.

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