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C22 Power Riots

A long ray of light slowly pushed through the opening and closing gaps of the clam with great difficulty. Hughes's hand constantly flashed with curse marks. As time passed, he increased the input of his power, causing the young man's forehead to be covered in layers of sweat.

At the edge of the pond, the nobleman gradually became more nervous from having a bad taste. His expression became more serious.

Just a bit more …

"What are you doing?"

In the dead silence of the night, the door was suddenly opened. A tall and straight man stood there, his dark eyes containing the icy coldness of the wind and snow.

Oh god, oh god, it's Duke Hades!

Hughes was so shocked that his hands started to tremble and his legs almost buckled down to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Fortunately, he wasn't too far away from the shore. He stretched out his hand and steadied his body. The blonde noble standing on the shore couldn't help but feel guilty.

Who would have thought that Hades would come here in the middle of the night? Could it be that the allure of this clam to Hades was that strong?

Thinking about that, Vilar's gaze towards the clam on the water became more and more curious.

What could have befallen Hades, a man who was cold except for his work, to waste his time and energy on a mussel that was not surprising?

"Lord Vilar, what should we do? If we are discovered, Lord Hades will kill me." "Oh god, sorry …"

"Don't stop, continue!"

"What?" Hughes did not expect Lord Vilar to not give up even under this situation. He raised his head in astonishment, looking at the excited face of the golden-haired aristocrat in disbelief.

Did Lord Vilar have a stroke? Didn't he see the face of Lord Duke Hades at the door that was so dark that it could freeze one to death? Did he still want him to continue?

"If you don't want to be cut into pieces by Hades right away, then continue." "Maybe Hades will be grateful to you when we open this big clam." Since he had already done so, there was no point in speaking any further. It would be better to do it in one go.

What kind of nonsense was that? How could Lord Duke be grateful to him? Don't throw him into a pack of ferocious beasts. He'll be lucky if he gets dismembered.

"Hurry up, don't dilly-dally. I'll stop Hades first. The rest is up to you." "Hughes, your little life is in your own hands." If Hades also really wanted to know the peculiarity of this sea clam, then as long as the result was good, Hades might forget about what happened to him today just because he was happy.

That way, he wouldn't have to suffer Hades's anger anymore.

To be honest, although he had a good relationship with Hades, he was still quite scared when that man got angry.

"Lord Vilar!" The young man wanted to cry but had no tears.

"Vilar, who let you in!" The man at the door walked step by step with a cold face. He was so imposing that he forced the noble to take a few steps back. He didn't dare to face Hades's cold face directly.

"Cough cough, that Hades, I …"

"Scram, stay away from it." Without even looking at the blond noble, the man pushed away the young man who was blocking his path. He stared at Hughes, who was running a curse in the pool and was trying to pry open the clam with a low voice that was filled with anger.

"Hades, don't be so angry. Let Hughes try it out. He can definitely open it. You …" Taking a few steps forward and once again blocking the man's path, Vilar's shoulders immediately shrunk when the man looked at him, and his smile became stiff.

Oh my god, this time something big has happened. Hades is really angry.

"Out of the way!" He didn't want to say anything more. Everyone could feel the cold aura exuding from the man's body. It was an extremely oppressive, baleful aura.

"Lord Duke, I …"

No one would have thought that at this very moment, an accident would suddenly happen.

The pool that had originally been calm suddenly went berserk, and the water in it swirled faster and faster, forming an intense whirlpool, which surrounded the clam in the center.

What power is there to hustle and bustle...

No one noticed that the clam had lightly opened its mouth. A few beams of light suddenly lashed towards Hughes, who was the closest to the clam. Caught off guard, the youth did not even have the time to raise his defenses before he was sent flying by the ribbons of light, falling onto a sturdy wall more than ten meters away.


Astonished, the golden-haired aristocrat and the expressionless Hades looked towards the pond at the other side at the same time.

At the calmest part of the whirlpool, the beautiful jade-like clam was slowly opening its shell.

First reflected in the eyelid is...

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