Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C23 Out of Control
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C23 Out of Control
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C23 Out of Control


Vilar shouted out in shock. It's a Mermaid? It was a Mermaid!

She had a bright silver fish tail, long hair that flowed in the sea, a dress that looked like it was made of muslin, and a few streamlined ribbons that fluttered irregularly behind her.

Just now, what sent Hughes flying was the young man who subconsciously attacked in his panic, those floating ribbons that were as beautiful as flowing water yet as dangerous.

This mermaid's entire body was suffused with a noble and refined aura, an untouchable mystery.

How could this be? How could it be a mermaid?

I'm afraid no one would have thought that the sea clam that was brought from the Ezetrie Sea Area to the capital would hide such a peerlessly beautiful mermaid!

And it was a Mermaid from the sea!

Compared to Vilar's shock and disbelief, Hades, who had a stern expression, became slightly absent-minded when he saw the teenager sitting quietly inside the clam.


Ezetrie Sea Area...

Who is he?

The youth was extremely beautiful. It was a type of beauty that captivated the soul. Even Hades, who always boasted that his control was not inferior to anyone, lost his cool and composure the moment he saw the teenager. However, compared to the youth's beauty, the man was more concerned with the feeling that came from the bottom of his heart.

What was that feeling of palpitation?

Why, the moment he saw that young man, he couldn't help but want to go over and hug him tightly so that no one could see him?

This feeling, half a month ago, when he had returned from the Northern Domain, he had passed through Ezetrie Sea Area and felt that throbbing in his heart for an instant.

Also, a few days ago, when he accidentally found out that his photon processor, Poseidon, had picked up an item from the Ezetrie Sea Area, he accidentally put down all his work and even when he came back to his senses, he was a little puzzled.

His treatment of Ezetrie Sea Area, for some reason, suddenly became fanatical …

The entire swimming pool was silent. Everyone was staring at him in a daze. Even Hughes, who was struggling to get up from the ground, lost his reaction when he saw what it was that sent him flying …

Mermaid …

If it was said that the Mermaid they had seen before was beautiful, a delicate beauty that was transformed due to the Mermaid's genes, an extreme beauty that could be said to be human in nature, then the Mermaid, who had appeared before them now, was filled with a divine radiance.

There was a world of difference between god and man.

"You …" Hades stepped forward unconsciously as if he wanted to carry the mermaid out of the clam.

"Don't come over."

The man was stunned for a moment before regaining his senses. With a low and deep voice, he said with an unimaginable gentleness, "You, don't be afraid. I, won't hurt you."

His voice was pleasant, ethereal and ethereal, like a fairy dancing in the sea. It was the most wonderful voice he had ever heard. It was like a perfect rhythm. And this rhythm, Hades felt a sense of familiarity.

At the same time, Hades noticed that the boy had a pair of beautiful and misty purple eyes the moment he approached.

Just by looking at him silently like this, the man felt a part of his heart suddenly soften.

"What's your name?"

"…" The teenager within the clam didn't say anything. He only glanced at the handsome man who was standing at a distance, then lowered his head once again. He leaned forward onto the soft silk cloth, his hazy eyes deliberately suppressing some anxiety and pain.

The divine power in his body seemed to have gone out of control …

"Then, can I call you Lian Hua?" No name, or...

Noticing the Liu steel-like crystal mark in the center of the youth's forehead, the man spoke gently with a comforting tone. It was as if he wanted to erase the wariness and vigilance in the youth's eyes. Because Lee Qiangdi had lowered his head and his long hair covered the teenager's face, Hades didn't notice the abnormal expression on the teenager's face.

The golden-haired aristocrat woke up at this moment and walked to the man's side, asking curiously.

"Hades, he's a Mermaid, he's actually a Mermaid. He didn't expect that there was a Mermaid hidden in this ocean clam. If he had known back then, he feared that everyone would have gone crazy. "Speaking of which, Hades, didn't you know something back then? Otherwise, why would it be like this …"

"You can go now."

"Eh, Hades?"

"Or do you want to stay?" The man laughed softly. His voice made the golden-haired aristocrat shiver.

How did he forget? Hades was a vengeful person. If anyone offended him, Hades would definitely make that person extremely regretful.

"Haha, about that, I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first. Ha, I'll come back next time when I have time …" Vilar touched his nose and quickly got ready to leave. However, when he glanced at the Mermaid in the pond, he felt slightly regretful in his heart.

He still wanted to stay and see what would happen next. He really wanted to know the background of this Mermaid as well as …

"Ah …" The spinning whirlpool suddenly stirred up layers of high waves. The youth lying on his stomach in the middle of the water suddenly raised his head as a burst of light shot out from his body into the sky.

"Lian Hua!"

— —

Northern Territories

Outside the Li Palace, a man dressed in black suddenly raised his head, his eyes gazing deeply at the eastern horizon.

"This is bad, my lord. The mountain of Kamalonas suddenly howled in anger, as if there was a collapse somewhere …"

Snowy Mountain was the natural barrier of the northern region. If anything abnormal happened to the world of ice and snow, their northern country would suffer.

"Send people to investigate and find the source of the abnormality as soon as possible." The man frowned and looked at the ice and snow of the Northern Kingdom behind him.

He hoped that nothing would happen to him.


There seemed to be something there that resonated with the mountain of Kamalonas …

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