Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C25 Eastern Domains
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C25 Eastern Domains
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C25 Eastern Domains

For the first time, Lee Qiangdi hated his height.

After all, he was still 1.76 meters tall. As a true Southerner, although he wasn't considered outstanding amongst the crowd, he was definitely not short. However, at this moment, Lee Qiangdi suddenly hated that man's gentle embrace for his slim and frail body.

It was only after comparing the two that they understood how tall the man in front of them was. He must be at least 1.95 meters and more, right?

Lee Qiangdi finally understood the pain of being too short. It seems like the blonde who stood with this man that day was also very tall? Could it be that he was in the north? In Lee Qiangdi's impression, the men of the north were generally tall and had always been his target of envy.

"How do you feel? Have you been sleeping for three days? As he spoke, the tall man suddenly picked up the youth who was still in a daze and walked towards the four-poster bed in the room.

"Ah, what are you doing?" Suddenly being hugged by an unfamiliar man and princess, Lee Qiangdi was unable to keep his composure.

He's not a woman!

"Your leg?" It wasn't until he picked up the young man that Hades noticed that the girl in his arms had a pair of snow-white long legs, instead of the silver-white fish tail that he saw these days.

Could it be that the person in his arms was actually Natural Mermaid?

"Leg? You saw it? " Hearing the man's slightly surprised words, Lee Qiangdi came back to his senses. He didn't have the time to struggle as he raised his head and looked vigilantly at the man that was hugging him. However, he had been hoping that no one would notice his abnormality.

"I saw it."

"Then you …" Why didn't they lock him up? Or send him to the lab?

"Hungry? I had someone prepare lunch. See if you like it. " Ignoring the vigilance and suspicion in the teenager's eyes, Hades lowered his head and stared at him quietly. His eyes were filled with a rare gentleness.

"What?" The youth was stunned. Why did they suddenly start talking about eating? Even though, as the man mentioned it, he seemed to be really hungry.

"Do you want to eat in your room or in the hall?"

Facing this beautiful young man who looked like a cautious kitten, Hades laughed lightly. His cold voice was hoarse and full of laughter.

"Shall we go to the hall to eat?" Hades suggested as he saw the teenager being curious about the surrounding environment.

Lee Qiangdi naturally would not object to going out. But, sir, can you put me down first? We are both men. I, a young and promising young lad, am not used to being carried by a princess. It looked like he was very weak.

Moreover, the feeling was also very strange.

"Hey, put me down, I can walk by myself." Seeing that the man didn't mind carrying him at all, and just left the room directly towards the outside, Lee Qiangdi shook his body uncomfortably and shouted.

"Hades." As if he hadn't heard the young man's words, the man didn't stop his footsteps.


"Call me Hades."

"Oh." This man's name is Hades, could he be a foreigner? No wonder he was so tall, his physique was strong and sturdy to the point that it made him envious and jealous.

Suddenly, Lee Qiangdi realized a problem and his expression turned bad.

"About that, I would like to ask, where is this place?" Could this be a foreign country? The youth's expression was extremely dejected. He just slept a little bit. When he woke up, not only was he being sold like a commodity, but he was even further away from his hometown.

What kind of sea was the bottom of when he first woke up? If he wanted to return to China now, would this man send him back?

Lee Qiangdi raised his head and sneakily glanced at the man with a serious expression.

He had to go back to China. He still wanted to go back and see if his parents were alright. He wanted to see if they were sad because of his bad news. Even if he became a mermaid now, he could still walk on human legs. It would be more convenient this way, without even the slightest hesitation.

Right now, the only thing he was worried about was whether or not the man in front of him would reveal the secret that he was a mermaid.

Speaking of which, if he were to suddenly attack and wipe the neck of the man who was hugging him, would no one know?

"This is my manor, and from now on, it will be yours."

"Huh?" What do you mean? Lee Qiangdi did not know what to say. Um, I'm asking which country this is in, not your home. "

"Country? This is the East Domain. " With a slight raise of his eyebrows, the man stopped walking and lowered his head to look at the woman in his embrace.

"East?" Wasn't that his ancestral land? However, which part of the east was this place? He felt that this was an unfamiliar place. Especially facing the man in front of him, Lee Qiangdi felt a deep sense of pressure.

I'm going home to take my exams tomorrow, so this is the last chapter.

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