Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C26 This Is the Goddess of Light
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C26 This Is the Goddess of Light
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C26 This Is the Goddess of Light

While Lee Qiangdi was still frowning in distress, the man had already carried him into the spacious hall.

"My lord, is it time for dinner?"

"Let's go." Hades placed the slim and soft boy in his arms into a soft chair specially prepared for mermaids. Then, he sat down in the seat of honor and ordered the butler behind him. However, the man's gaze was still on a beautiful young man who was only an arm's length away from him.

Lee Qiangdi was sizing him up.

The surroundings gave off a strong feeling of modernity. It was even too modern, giving him a solemn and hard feeling of metal.

For example, was the chair he was sitting on, the table for eating, and even the one hanging on the opposite wall a light screen? Also, the clothes worn by the man in front of her were very similar to those worn by nobles of some other country. It was impossible to connect them with the clothes worn by ordinary people in his life. Even this house was as big as a palace.

Lee Qiangdi, who was carried along by the man, was rather enlightened.

Hades didn't say anything as he sat there. He just watched the actions of the young man with a gentle gaze.

At this moment, a butler led a group of people and brought in lunch, directing the servants to place the crystal tray Lord Duke had specially prepared for the kitchen on the wide table. Lord Duke himself carefully carried an exquisite plate, and gently placed it in front of the boy who was looking around.

"Ah, thank you." Lee Qiangdi subconsciously thanked him politely. Yet, he didn't expect …

Lee Qiangdi slowly turned his head and saw a tear-stained face reflected on his eyelids. His hands trembled and he was extremely embarrassed.

Which scene was this? For Mao, looking at him with an expression of gratification and excitement mixed with joy and gratitude?

Lee Qiangdi didn't know the gratification in Old Steward's heart at this moment.

Wuu wuu, the Ducal Mansion residence is finally welcoming a beautiful and noble matriarch. He was so happy, Mr. Old Duke. Young Master Hades could finally have an heir. Seeing the rare gentle look in the young master Hades's eyes, his stone-like heart finally opened its mouth. It was truly a matter worth celebrating.

He thought he wouldn't be able to see who Hades likes in his lifetime.

"Ulise, you can leave now."

"Yes, Lord Duke." Old Steward also felt that he should not be standing here right now to disturb Lord Duke's relationship with his future mistress. Hence, he could not conceal the smile on his face as he respectfully bowed and left.

"What is he doing?" Lee Qiangdi was stunned and was unable to understand Old Steward's feelings.

"Ignore him, there's always one every month." The man's reaction was very bland as he continued to eat as if nothing had happened.


It wasn't a woman, he was horrified!

"By the way, where's my clam? You didn't throw it away did you?" The youth asked very carefully. That was his nest, all his possessions. Even if he lost himself, he couldn't lose his shell.

There were many natural seabed pearls and gems hidden inside. Who knew how many years they had been formed? They were definitely priceless. Plus, they were all around his body, more or less tainted by God of the Sea's God Power, which was not something ordinary pearls could compare with.

"The swimming pool." If you want to see it, I'll take you there after dinner, okay? " Seeing that the young man was looking at him nervously, Hades tried his best to control the urge to touch the young man's hair and calmly replied.

Actually, he had asked his people at the institute to analyze that clam before. There was indeed a mysterious power contained within. No wonder he could not open it back then. Especially after he had carried out the boy who had fainted after the uprising, the clam had automatically closed up. Even though his subordinates had used all sorts of methods, it had not moved an inch.

"Alright." Lee Qiangdi finally let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

Luckily, his things were still there. If he returned to the sea next time, his clam would be a submarine already, and it would be a hundred times more convenient to defend than the submarine.

It hurt to lose him!

Once he relaxed, the feeling of hunger became even more apparent. However, why couldn't he recognize what was in front of him? Which country's specialty was this? Lee Qiangdi, who had always been used to eating Chinese food, was deeply depressed.

He didn't know how to eat it. Chopsticks, knives and forks, or a spoon?

"What? Don't you like it?" Seeing the teenager sitting there with a frown and no movement, Hades put down the tableware gracefully and asked in a soft voice.

"No." "I just …" The youth frowned, trying his best to find words to express his embarrassment, hoping that he wouldn't embarrass himself or make the man in front of him mock him.

At this moment, the photon processor on the man's wrist flickered, and a three-dimensional figure appeared.

"Hades, is that mermaid awake?"

Before the man replied, Lee Qiangdi was the first to jump in fright. He stared at the virtual image of the blond man with wide eyes.

"What's that?" It was really, really advanced! Was this still the world he knew?

"My photon processor, Poseidon. You like it? Can I give one to you someday? " Seeing the young man staring at his wrist in a daze, Hades ignored the image Vilar sent him and laughed in a low voice. Finally, he couldn't hold back his hand and touched the young man's beautiful long hair.

photon processor?

Lee Qiangdi finally realized that something was wrong. He raised his head and asked with a stiff, wooden face, unable to remain calm.

"What era is it now?"

"Year 3035, Shen Nuo."

Shen Nuo year 3035?

The stimulation was too strong. Lee Qiangdi, who had experienced too much fright during this period of time, finally couldn't withstand the dual attacks from both his body and mind. His body went limp and he fainted in a gorgeous manner. Fortunately, the man beside him had been paying attention to his expression the entire time so that he could catch the young man's delicate body in time.

The baby is back, huh. Prepare for the race in November, ask for olives, and cry.

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