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C27 Future Era

In the era of Shen Nuo, what kind of thing was that? It was already a tragedy for him to wake up from the seabed and turn into a mermaid.

His family, his friends, even everything he knew, were all gone …

How could he live?

When he woke up from that luxurious bed, Lee Qiangdi shut his eyes tightly, unwilling to open it. The sadness in his heart had turned into a river. He bit on the blanket tightly and tore at it with his pair of white and glossy claws. His teeth almost wanted to tear a hole through the blanket.

This hopeless life was really depressing.

He wanted to go home at once, he wanted to drink the chicken soup his mother had cooked for him, he wanted to walk out onto the road with his friends, he wanted to be married and have children on land instead of sleeping in the cold sea and facing the great white shark alone.

He wanted to watch others, not be watched by others! He did not wish for the day that he woke up in the future where his Ocean Museum was locked in place and someone was pointing fingers at him. He only wished to be an ordinary person and live his life!

Heavens, you still haven't woken up from your slumber yet, and you actually made me into this kind of state. Not only that, you have also extinguished the hope in my heart.

Where should he go in this strange age?

"Still not awake?" While he was feeling sad, Lee Qiangdi suddenly felt that someone was stroking his face with the fingers of a cocoon.

Black Thread, he was eating tofu in broad daylight. He had fainted before, but he was still conscious now. You want to take advantage of me?

No wonder Lee Qiangdi was so angry. His current appearance was like that of a god angering all humans. Even he himself couldn't help but want to pinch him, let alone other people.

Lee Qiangdi suddenly opened his eyes and glared at the handsome man on the bed. However, when he raised his head, his heart was filled with grief.

Wuu wuu, this was too high. He had to look up.

"Lian Hua, you're awake?" Seeing that the youth had woken up, Hades's worried expression clearly relaxed.

"You called me just now?" Lee Qiangdi was stunned and a little confused. Lian Hua? Whose name was that? It wasn't Lee Qiangdi's anyways.

"Have you forgotten? "Lian Hua is your name!" Giving an ownerless object a name meant that the person would be imprinted with a special mark that belonged to him, Hades.

This was a rule that everyone agreed to in all four areas.

Hades did not explain, but looked at the young man seriously.

"Ugh …" Hey hey, can you not give others random names? Since when did he, Lee Qiangdi, change his name to Lian Hua?

Suddenly thinking back to how he hadn't introduced himself, the man in front of him thought he knew nothing at all about what he fished out from the seabed, so it was understandable that he gave him a name for the time being. After thinking it through, Lee Qiangdi smiled towards the tall and big man that he envied, showing his friendliness.

"Lee Qiangdi!"


"I'm Lee Qiangdi, just call me Lee Qiangdi from now on." As long as you didn't call him Lian Hua, he felt awkward.

This feeling of detest was exactly the same as his best friend, Yiling, who felt like a woman.

In any case, the man in front of him had bought him and his clams back. He had wasted so much money, yet he didn't get anything in return. He felt a little embarrassed. Moreover, this person was so hospitable, so friendly with him.

"Qiangdi?" It seemed to be an ancient musical instrument? The human era ended too suddenly. Many ancient things were lost. It had to be said that this was a kind of regret.

"Yes, Lee Qiangdi." Indeed, he was a good person!

He did not know if he could ask him to temporarily shelter him when he was homeless for a period of time, until he familiarized himself with the world, so that he wouldn't wander around in this unaccompanied era.

Lee Qiangdi's eyes flashed. He had an idea to shamelessly stay here for a while, and at the same time, ask this man to introduce him to the current situation and to the history before Shen Nuo.

Even if he wanted to leave, without the order of the man in front of him, it was impossible for him to walk out of the labyrinth of Ducal Mansion.


Woo woo, it's time for the competition. Bite the handkerchief for support …

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